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With 19 years in database development and 11 years in HR automation, ScienceSoft provides comprehensive consulting services on employee database software.

Custom Employee Database Software - ScienceSoft
Custom Employee Database Software - ScienceSoft

Employee Database Software: the Gist

Employee database software offers various capabilities, such as a directory of employee profiles, an organizational chart, a self-service portal, and more. Such HR software streamlines employee management and helps HR teams ensure structured and secure storage of employee data and handle data like personal information, qualifications, skills, leaves, etc.

Employee Database Software: Key Features

The features of employee database software ScienceSoft delivers differ from customer to customer. Here, we've outlined the key functionality requested by our customers.

Employee database administration

  • Employee records.
  • Advanced employee search and search results filtering.
  • Notifications (e.g., job contract expiration).
  • Ability to attach documents to the records (e.g., job offer letters, job applications, certificates).
  • Custom reports (e.g., on turnover, performance).

Organizational chart

  • Employee hierarchy.
  • Automated updating based on employee status changes (due to promotion, transfer, etc.).
  • Tracking training needs.
  • Displaying vacant positions.
  • Tracking qualifications and skills required for a position.

Employee self-service

  • Viewing employee goals, leave balance, salary reviews, and more.
  • Updating personal data like address and bank details.
  • Submitting requests (e.g., a vacation request).
  • Recording absences (e.g., sickness, annual leave, study or parental leave).

Security and compliance

  • Employee data encryption.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Retention and deletion policies.
  • Permission levels for accessing and editing sensitive employee data.
  • Compliance with internal and external (e.g., SOX, PCI DSS, GDPR) information security regulations.

Want to Avoid Errors in Managing Employee Data?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to create a robust employee database solution that will help you streamline employee management.

Facilitate Employee Management with Employee Database Software

Search engine with metadata querying

Linking documents to related employee records

Customizable employee turnover reports

Employee hierarchy chart with automated status updates

Self-service request placing for employees

Recommended Integrations for Employee Database Software

ScienceSoft recommends integrating employee database software with relevant corporate software to avoid errors in employee data and streamline employee onboarding, learning management, payroll management, and other processes.

Recommended integrations for employee database software - ScienceSoft

  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) - to avoid errors when entering employee data into an employee’s record as a candidate becomes a new hire.
  • Learning management system (LMS) - to automatically assign onboarding training to new hires and update employee records based on training passed and certifications achieved.
  • Workforce management software - to enable access to employee scheduling, performance management and labor tracking right from employee database software.
  • Payroll software - to sync employee information critical to payroll management, such as overtime, leaves and absences.

Success Factors for Employee Database Software

With 11-year experience in delivering HR solutions, ScienceSoft has defined the key factors, which if covered, help get maximize ROI of employee database software.

Powerful search engine for quick employee search based on various filters (e.g., skills, competencies, organizational units).

Strong security features to protect sensitive employee data and comply with relevant corporate and government regulations.

Consistency of employee data across all records.

User-friendliness for HR teams and other employees to easily input, update, or complement data as well as quickly create and submit requests.

HR-Related Projects by ScienceSoft

SharePoint-Based HR Portal Development for a Construction Company

SharePoint-Based HR Portal Development for a Construction Company

  • Homepage with payroll and recruitment details, employee handbook, insurance forms and plans, corporate policies, etc.
  • Staff directory with employee search by various parameters (e.g., Manager, Hire Date, Availability).
  • Rich social features (e.g., birthday and work anniversary boards, discounts, classifieds), social media integration.
Development of a SaaS Platform for Labor Market Analytics

Development of a SaaS Platform for Labor Market Analytics

  • Serverless backend of the platform based on AWS Lambda. 
  • Using GraphQL for the platform’s API, which enables efficient processing big loads of data.
  • Personalized dashboards with data segmented and correlated by market, industry or specific jobs.
Development of an HR Management System Based on SharePoint

Development of an HR Management System Based on SharePoint

  • The solution enables storing, tracking and exchanging employee-related data, including vacations, leaves, tasks, and assets.
  • Automation of basic HR processes like approving leave requests, registering travel expenses, and more.
  • A complex security model based on .NET Assembly Connector.
Recruitment Management Application Development

Recruitment Management Application Development

  • Code refactoring in multiple app functionality blocks (e.g., authorization, profiles, search, job application).
  • Development of new features and UI elements to help the Customer stand out on the market.
  • Fast and accurate search results for job offerings or candidates’ CVs due to using Elasticsearch.

Key Financial Outcomes

  • Increased productivity of HR teams due to powerful employee search and employee self-service.
  • Reduced administrative costs due automation of employee information management.
  • Reduced compliance costs due to granular permissions and other security measures that help protect sensitive employee data.

When You Should Choose Custom Employee Database Software

Custom employee database - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft recommends building a custom employee database solution if your organization has unique organizational models or sophisticated competency management. Also, a custom employee database solution is your best choice when if you want to ensure smooth integration with third-party systems and tools, for example, enterprise systems like ERP, a financial management system and a document management system.

Implementation of Employee Database Software with ScienceSoft

Having ample expertise in database development, ScienceSoft offers comprehensive services to help you obtain a robust employee database solution.


  • Analyzing employee data management needs.
  • Selecting optimal functionality for employee database software.
  • Deciding upon relevant integrations.
  • Choosing a suitable platform or a tech stack.
  • Drawing a project plan.
  • Elaborating on logical UX and user-friendly UI.
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  • Business analysis.
  • End-to-end software development.
  • Data migration.
  • Integrations.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Post-implementation support.
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Hint: Using low-code platforms can substantially reduce development costs of employee database software. For example, software development costs are 74% lower with Microsoft Power Apps.

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