Recruitment Database Software: Features and Benefits

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With 17 years in database development and 9 years in HR automation, ScienceSoft provides in-depth consulting on recruitment database software.

Recruitment Database Software in a Nutshell

Recruitment database software helps streamline the staffing process via organized storing of information on job openings and candidates, resumé parsing and automated resumé matching with the jobs, and more.

Recruitment Database Software: Key Features

Resumé management

  • Multi-format resumé support.
  • Resumé uploading and downloading.
  • Resumé parsing (automated keyword-based analysis to enable resumé sorting and search).
  • Resumé classification and tagging.
  • Resumé screening and matching with job openings based on NLP and semantic similarity.

Recruiting information management

  • Job and skill libraries.
  • Creating a talent pool of applicants, sourced and referred candidates, and more.
  • Viewing and editing candidate records (skills, job records, contacts, etc.).
  • Possibility to attach files to the records (e.g., certificates).
  • Centralized storage of all communication with candidates.
  • Reporting and analytics (e.g., dashboards on applicants by job roles, age, location, experience).

Intelligent search for candidate data

  • Search across integrated systems (e.g., ATS, HRMS).
  • Search by keywords (skills, location, etc.) and full text (e.g., resumé ).
  • Search filters (positions, skills, experience, geographical areas).
  • Search results ranking.
  • Custom and configurable candidate list views.
  • Saving favorite searches to get regular updates on them.

Security and compliance

  • Candidate data encryption.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Candidate data retention and deletion policies.
  • Granular permissions for accessing and editing candidates’ data.
  • GDPR compliance.

Want to Streamline Candidate Matching?

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to build a tailored recruitment database solution for your recruiters to make data-driven hiring decisions and improve recruters’ performance.

Examples of Key Recruitment Database Software Functionality

Enable candidate segmentation via resume tagging

Get instant access to a list of fitting candidates due to automated candidate matching

Facilitate candidate search due to various search filters

Save groups of search parameters to enable continuous searches

Keep track of all communications with a candidate

Get full visibility into the results of recruiting activities

Set up access rules for efficient access management

Key Integrations for Recruitment Database Software

Key integrations for recruitment database software

  • HRIS/HRMS - to transfer the info about new hires automatically from a recruitment database into HRIS/HRMS and adding the info on new openings from HRIS/HRMS to a recruitment database.
  • Applicant tracking system - to add candidates into a recruitment life cycle that includes such steps as application approval, candidate shortlisting, interview scheduling, assessment, and a possible job offer. Also, job postings in the database get automatically updated after a candidate gets a job.
  • Personal and professional social networks - e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. To share job openings across social media and automatically update candidate records after changes in their SN profiles (e.g., employment status, qualifications, certificates).

Success Factors for Recruitment Database Software

High-level automation

E.g., AI-driven resumé parsing and matching. To streamline recruiters’ routine tasks and improve productivity.

Powerful search engine

To provide quick and detailed candidate search and determine the best prospects for jobs.

Advanced security features

To ensure the safety of candidate information and GDPR compliance.

Key Financial Outcomes

Benefits - UX

More accurate candidate matching due to relying on AI.

Benefits - UX

Faster time-to-hire and reduced administrative costs due to improved efficiency of the hiring process.

Benefits - UX

Reduced compliance costs due to granular permissions and other security features that help protect sensitive personal data of candidates and avoid compliance violations.

When a Custom Recruitment Database Solution Is the Right Choice

We recommend you to choose custom database development in the following cases:

  • The majority of your recruiting workflows are non-linear and multistep.
  • You need unique integrations, for example, with custom interactive chatbots to enable talent sourcing across social networks, including resumé collecting and giving meaningful answers to potential candidates’ questions.
  • You want to reflect your company’s brand in recruitment database software and make the solution’s look and feel consistent with your company’s website, intranet, HR tools, and more.

Implementation of Recruitment Database Software with ScienceSoft

With 32 years in software development, ScienceSoft offers consultancy at each stage of your recruitment database project and assistance in building effective recruitment database solutions.

Recruitment database software consulting

  • Analyzing recruiting needs and prioritizing features for recruitment database software.
  • Eliciting technical requirements and choosing a suitable tech stack.
  • Choosing an implementation methodology and drawing a project plan.
  • Suggesting a custom branding concept.
  • Advising on reducing implementation and maintenance costs.

Recruitment database software implementation

  • Eliciting technical requirements and choosing a suitable tech stack.
  • Recruitment database architecture design.
  • UX and UI design and branding.
  • Web and mobile development of recruitment database software.
  • Integration with ready-made and custom software, including ATS, HR systems, and more.
  • Quality assurance (regression, integration and user acceptance testing).
  • User adoption and training.
  • Post-implementation support and evolution.

Hint: Using low-code platforms can substantially reduce development costs of recruitment database software. For example, applying Microsoft Power Apps can reduce average software development costs by 74%.


ScienceSoft is a global IT consulting and IT services company headquartered in McKinney, TX, US. We assist businesses in building robust recruitment database software with consultancy and implementation services. If you are interested in implementing recruitment database software, feel free to check our database development offer.