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Rapid Front-End Development for a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Rapid Front-End Development for a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

BFSI, Software products, Payments
Cordova, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), Blockchain


The Customer is a US fintech company that builds user-centric software products.


The Customer wanted to develop a mobile banking app that would allow clients with either Android or iOS devices to manage their cryptocurrency easily. They already had a Cordova-based blockchain wallet app developed by a third party, but its JavaScript code needed a lot of rework and modification to work properly. The Customer assembled an in-house team to carry out rework and searched for front-end development competencies to complete the team and start the project.


The Customer turned to ScienceSoft, requesting team augmentation with a JavaScript developer. In 5 days after the initial request and a scheduled interview, ScienceSoft’s senior front-end developer joined the Customer’s team that consisted of a PM, a BA, a UI designer, a DevOps engineer, a QA expert, and a .NET developer.

In 4 days, ScienceSoft’s JavaScript developer fully adjusted to the Customer’s Scrum sprints and analyzed the existing JavaScript code base of the Cordova blockchain app. Working in close collaboration with the rest of the Customer’s team for over 2 months, our expert modified the app’s JavaScript code according to the Customer’s requirements and helped create a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet.


Thanks to ScienceSoft’s front-end development services, the Customer reached their key objective and launched a stable mobile wallet app to help clients manage bitcoins. The project has a long release roadmap, and cooperation with ScienceSoft under the team augmentation model continues.

Technologies and Tools

JavaScript, Cordova, BitcoinJS, CxJS.

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