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Custom Investor Portal Software

Features, Development Steps, Costs

ScienceSoft applies 19 years of experience in financial IT and web portal development to build reliable, secure, and user-friendly investor portals.

Custom Investor Portal Software - ScienceSoft
Custom Investor Portal Software - ScienceSoft

Investor Portal: Key Aspects

An investor portal is needed to streamline investor onboarding, establish consistent and transparent investor communication, and securely share investment data and paperwork.

Such solutions allow investors to conveniently manage investment transaction requests and inspect their portfolio performance. Portals integrate with investment companies’ business-critical systems to enable seamless automation of recordkeeping and data sharing tasks.

  • Companies that may benefit from investor portal software:
    • Open-end (mutual) funds, including hedge funds.
    • Closed-end funds.
    • Unit investment trusts.
    • Investment management companies, including private equity funds.
  • Key integrations: CRM, investment management software, an accounting system, a BI solution, and more.
  • Implementation time: 3–6 months on average.
  • Development costs: $40,000–$300,000+, depending on the solution complexity and the chosen development approach. Use our free calculator to estimate the cost for your case.
  • Key financial outcomes: improved employee productivity, reduced operational costs, and increased revenue.

Key Features of an Investor Portal

ScienceSoft creates investor portal solutions with unique functionality bound to the specific needs of each of our clients. Below, we share a comprehensive list of features that lay the foundation for an effective investment portal.

General functionality

Investor communication and support

  • Instant messaging for investors, investment managers, and portal admins.
  • An AI-powered virtual assistant to help investors solve technical, transactional, and other issues.
  • A self-help knowledge base and a Q&A forum for investors.
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Investment product catalog

  • Configurable catalogs of investment products and wealth management services.
  • Automatically adding and updating catalog items.
  • A search engine with filtering and metadata querying to navigate the catalog.
  • Comparing investment product items across multiple catalogs by user-defined parameters, such as min investment amount, duration, projected ROI or IRR.
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Payment processing

  • Automated processing of investor payments via the connected payment gateways.
  • Support for multiple payment methods (bank transfer, card, e-wallet, etc.) and payment currencies, including cryptocurrencies.
  • Customizable management, performance, and portal service fees.
  • Automated generation of invoices on due payment amounts and receipts on received payments.
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Security and compliance

  • Multi-factor authentication, including biometric authentication (e.g., facial or fingerprint recognition).
  • Role-based access control.
  • AI-based fraud detection.
  • Data encryption in transit and rest.
  • Scheduled deletion of investor data.
  • Compliance with FINRA, GLBA, SEC, SOX, SOC1 and SOC2, PCI DSS, FISMA (for the US), GDPR and PSD2 (for the EU), other relevant global and country-specific standards and regulations.
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Investor features

Account management

  • Configurable self-registration forms for private and institutional investors.
  • Adding and updating account information: personal/business data, billing details, TIN, payment method, etc.
  • Setting up a preferred communication method: in-app messaging, email, phone, a third-party messaging app.
  • An end-to-end audit trail of investor account activities.
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Investment transaction management

  • Template-based creation of requests for opening, confirmation, renewal, and closing of investment transactions, including asset purchasing, selling, reinvestment, switch, split, STP, SWP transactions.
  • Transacting across multiple asset classes: stocks, bonds, cash equivalents (loans, marketable securities, etc.), alternative assets (e.g., real estate, commodities, derivatives).
  • Automated payment of investment amounts and service fees via a selected payment method.
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Investment portfolio management

  • Template-based creation of investment portfolios with user-defined structure and hierarchies.
  • Real-time monitoring of investment positions across various portfolios and asset classes.
  • Interactive dashboards providing full view of portfolio performance metrics: capital gains and losses, accrued interest, average daily balance, maturity dates, weighted yields, total return, paid and due fees, and more.
  • Rule-based or AI-powered forecasting of financial gains per investment portfolio.
  • Real-time calculation of investment portfolio risks, including loss risks for each deal.
  • AI-based recommendations on investment portfolio optimization.
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Investment document management

  • Real-time access to the available investment documents, including:
    • Investment agreements.
    • Payment invoices and receipts.
    • Capital call notices.
    • Distribution notices.
    • Investment summaries.
    • K-1 tax forms.
    • Personalized investment offerings.
  • Notifications on the received investment offerings, documents, and reports.
  • E-signing the investment documents.
  • Scheduled and ad hoc generation of portfolio performance statements.
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Admin features

Investor pre-qualification

  • Setting up investor requirements, e.g., location, minimal monthly income, minimal age (for individual investors).
  • Rule-based or AI-supported validation of investor data: identity, TIN, bank account information, etc.
  • Automated routing of nonstandard and contradictory investor data for manual check.
  • Automated investor pre-qualification against the pre-defined requirements.
  • Geography-based AML/OFAC and KYC verification for investors.
  • Rule-based approval of valid investor accounts.
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Portal analytics

  • ​​​​​Calculating and tracking essential portal KPIs (by period, location, investor segment, etc.), such as the number of new investors, the total volume of investment deals, total revenue generated, and more.
  • Scheduled and ad hoc reports on the selected metrics.
  • Configurable dashboards providing real-time insight into investor account activities.
  • Trend-based or AI-powered forecasting of investor demand.
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Get Your Tailored Investor Portal

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to build a sleek and efficient investment portal to help your company increase business efficiency and introduce a unique digital experience for investors.

Important Integrations for an Investor Portal

Integrations for an Investor Portal


To access the available investor data when planning investor communication, investment product lifecycle, and marketing activities in CRM.

Investment management software

  • To plan investment activities based on investor preferences and available funds.
  • To automatically insert investor data when generating investment agreements and reports.

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  • To instantly share data on investment deals and portfolio performance with investors, streamline investment document submission and reporting.
  • To keep investors up to date about new investment opportunities and automatically send personalized investment offerings.
  • To automatically add new investment products to the client-facing catalogs.


  • To accurately record data on the investment amounts and service fees received from investors in the general ledger.
  • To ensure timely distribution and redemption payments to investors.

For instant processing and real-time tracking of investor payments.

To provide investment companies with comprehensive portfolio performance analytics and advanced visualization of investment reports.

Treasury software of institutional investors

  • To enable investors to automatically input the available investment data and documents to their treasury systems for streamlined treasury planning.
  • To make investment transactions easier and faster for investors.

Factors that Drive ROI for an Investment Portal

Below, ScienceSoft lists the essential factors that help ensure high investor portal value for end users and increase payback.

Convenient UX and UI

A sleek and user-friendly design ensures a seamless digital experience for investors and drives high portal adoption.

Rich self-service capabilities

Providing investors with self-service options helps free the internal teams from routine investor onboarding, investment-related data sharing, and support tasks.

Mobile access

Easy portal navigation from a mobile device enables investors to track portfolio performance and quickly access the required data and documents on the go.

Advanced security

Next-gen cybersecurity mechanisms help protect your IT system and the sensitive data it stores from malicious user activities and external cyber threats.

ScienceSoft’s Senior Business Analyst and Financial and Banking IT Consultant

Introducing an AI-powered financial advisor can boost the portal attractiveness for investors and significantly improve operational efficiency for investment companies. An intelligent assistant can effectively handle basic advisory tasks and provide investors with data-driven recommendations on the proper actions to optimize their portfolio and minimize risks.

When a Custom Investor Portal is Your Best Choice

There are a large number of white-label investor portals on the market, which differ in terms of functionality, pricing, security level, and integration options. However, they often lack specialized capabilities and perform sub-optimally in real-life scenarios. ScienceSoft’s experience shows that custom investor portal software can bring higher ROI in the following cases:

You need a solution that provides specialized features: for example, automated transactions across alternative asset classes, investment-related payments in local currencies, or AI-based investor assistance.

You want to introduce a user-centered UX and premium portal design that represents your brand values.

You want smooth and cost-effective portal integration with your corporate systems, including legacy tools.

You want to leverage advanced security mechanisms, e.g., biometric authentication or intelligent fraud detection.

You need a solution that complies with all required legal regulations, including local ones.

You need a flexible portal that can be easily upgraded with new capabilities as needed.

You’re involved in crypto investment activities and want the portal to operate within your blockchain-based investment system.

Custom Investor Portal Development

Custom investor portal development is a way for investment companies to get a tailored solution built to increase investor satisfaction, improve employee productivity, and minimize security risks.

ScienceSoft takes the following steps to deliver top-notch insurance portals:


Discovery phase

Our investment IT consultants analyze your needs to ensure the portal we deliver fully covers your unique requirements and brings max value to your clients and employees. We also take into account the relevant legal requirements to guarantee full compliance with the regulatory framework.




Investor portal design

We design the optimal feature set for the portal and suggest the value-adding features (e.g., AI-based trading automation) that could increase the solution’s ROI. We architect the portal with scalability, security, and easy evolution in mind. Our UX/UI designers map out investor journeys and create a modern, user-centered UI/UX of the portal.




Choosing an optimal tech stack

ScienceSoft’s pragmatic approach to the development toolkit selection brings more than 3x reduction in the project cost. To optimize project duration and budget, we rely on low-code platforms, cross-platform mobile techs, open-source APIs, and other ready-to-use components wherever possible.




Investor portal development

ScienceSoft’s mature Agile culture is what makes us stand out among the competitors. We can deliver an MVP of your investor portal in just 1–2 months and promptly evolve it into a fully-functional solution with major releases every 2–3 weeks. We run all necessary quality assurance procedures in parallel with development to make sure no code issues and vulnerabilities reach production.





We connect the portal to your investment IT infrastructure and all required third-party services to enable fully automated data sharing between your employees and investors.




Establishing portal security

We understand that data security is a major concern in the highly regulated investment domain. We establish compliance procedures to meet required regulations and implement advanced cybersecurity mechanisms (multi-level data encryption, biometric authentication, intelligent fraud detection, complex DDoS protection algorithms, etc.) to protect your investor portal and the data stored there.



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Investor Portal Implementation Costs

Pricing Information

From ScienceSoft’s experience, building a custom investor portal may cost around $40,000–$300,000+, depending on the scope and complexity of the portal’s capabilities, the number of integrations, and the requirements for the UX and UI.

Want to understand the cost of your custom investor portal?

Calculate the cost

ScienceSoft’s best practice: In our investor portal projects, we often suggest using platform-based development rather than creating the solution from scratch. Building a portal on the Microsoft Power Apps or SharePoint platform can be feasible for small to midsize investment companies that need basic client-facing functionality and non-specific UX and UI. This option helps reduce the development cost by up to 70%.

Build Your Own Investor Portal Solution with ScienceSoft

Custom investor portal consulting

We analyze your business and investor needs and suggest the optimal feature set, UX and UI design, and toolkit for the portal. You also get expert advice on security and compliance and a detailed project plan with cost & time estimates.

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End-to-end investor portal development

We design and develop the portal, integrate the solution with the required systems, and provide after-launch support. You get a secure, highly efficient portal with tailored functionality and excellent UX/UI launched within 4 months.

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About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a global IT consulting and software development company headquartered in McKinney, Texas. Since 2005, we help businesses in the investment domain design and build robust web portals for their clients. Being ISO 9001- and ISO 27001-certified, we apply a mature quality management system and guarantee that cooperation with us does not pose any risks to our customers’ data security. ScienceSoft's top priority is driving development project success despite time and budget constraints and changing requirements.