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Web and Mobile Banking Software for a Bank with 3M+ Customers

Web and Mobile Banking Software for a Bank with 3M+ Customers

BFSI, Banking
Android, Frontend (JS, HTML, CSS), iOS, Mobile


The Customer is a renowned bank with 90+ branches and more than 3 mln customers across the country. In 2016, the Customer’s revenue reached $1.7 bn.


The Customer had been running outdated online and mobile banking solutions with basic functionality that didn’t meet customers’ needs. Therefore, the bank decided to completely revamp the existing services and introduce new online and mobile banking solutions that would enhance customer experience and loyalty.


With a 12-year experience in developing custom banking software and consulting financial services industry, ScienceSoft’s team has thoroughly examined the bank’s needs to develop online banking as well as a mobile banking application for iOS and Android. The functional scope is identical across the two applications and includes both basic and advanced features.

online and mobile banking for an asian bank three devices

The basic functionality covered the following:

  • Information on the user’s checking, savings and credit accounts
  • Account management: checking account balances and transaction history
  • Payments
  • Money transfers
  • Display of the current exchange rates
  • Location of the nearest physical branches and ATMs
  • Information on the bank and its products
  • The bank’s latest news

Money transfers

Since the Customer paid considerable attention to money transfers, ScienceSoft’s team has provided the bank’s customers with a number of possibilities to transfer funds between a customer’s own accounts, between the accounts and cards issued by the bank, and to an account or a card of any other bank in the country. ScienceSoft has also enabled international money transfers through the local payment system. Apart from these possibilities, ScienceSoft introduced more sophisticated money management features, such as money transfers to friends and split payments.

Transfers to friends

The bank’s clients can transfer money to a friend just knowing the friend’s phone number. ScienceSoft’s developers also added sms notifications that remind to receive the money in 24 hours using a unique generated code shared by the money sender.

Split payments

ScienceSoft’s team has also added a feature that allows dividing the full amount of payment in two or more simultaneous transactions made by different people.  When using split payments, the bank’s customers can choose the currency, add comments and attach photos, hide/show information about other contributors, send reminders about due payments as well as track the status of payments. In case a person is not the bank’s customer, there’s a possibility to install the application, add the card of any other bank and then transfer money to cover a split payment.

Value-added functionality

ScienceSoft’s team has ensured users can set up limits for their cards, be it cash withdrawals from ATMs, purchases via POS terminals or online transactions. The users can also create virtual cards for various purposes, for example a vacation abroad or online purchases. This feature adds to the bank customers’ security as well as allows setting up limits attached to the amount of either money or transactions.

Other features include the ability to request bank statements or other applicable documents (e.g., for public authorities) online, request a contact from the bank as well as to contact the bank’s representatives via social networks, e-mail or live chat.


As an experienced custom software developer for the banking and financial services industry, ScienceSoft helped the Customer to develop online and mobile banking applications to replace their legacy systems. The bank has modernized its services by implementing online and mobile banking solutions with rich functionality, such as account management, payments, money transfers, and more. Now it can engage more customers, win their loyalty and gain leadership on the financial services market.

Technologies and tools

Android: Java 8, Android SDK, RxAndroid, Dagger 2, Retrofit 2, JSON, GreenDao 3, ButterKnife, Support-v4, MaterialDialogs, MPAndroidChart, Glide, Timber, Play Services, MVP.

iOS: Swift 3, UIKit, Foundation, Cocoapods, GoogleMapsAPI, PureLayout, PromiseKit, TRON, CardIO, Alamofire, AlamofireImage, SwiftyJSON, JSON, MVVM.

Web: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript 6, AngularJS, WebKit, JSON, MVVM

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