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Managed IT Services for Healthcare

Responsible, Compliant, and Cost-Effective ITSM

With 15 years in IT service management and 18 years in healthcare IT, ScienceSoft is ready to ensure high reliability, security, and full regulatory compliance of healthcare apps and IT infrastructures.

Managed IT Services for Healthcare - ScienceSoft
Managed IT Services for Healthcare - ScienceSoft

Managed IT services help healthcare organizations keep their IT infrastructures and medical software stable, secure, and fully compliant with the domain regulations and standards.

Healthcare IT Infrastructure Components We Support

Healthcare IT Infrastructure Components - ScienceSoft

  • Networks.
  • On-premises data centers.
  • Data management and storage (databases, data warehouses, data lakes).
  • Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  • Application development infrastructure (CI/CD, development and testing environments).
  • Messaging and data transfer systems.
  • Cybersecurity tools (e.g., SIEM, IAM, firewalls).
  • Medical applications and their integrations (EHR, HIS, practice management, telemedicine apps, patient apps and portals, hospital apps, biosensor cloud applications, physician portals, digital workplaces, and more).
  • Devices: desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Medical device infrastructure.
  • IoT devices (smart wearables and stationary medical devices).

Full Scope of Our Managed IT Services for Healthcare

  • Infrastructure monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting.
  • User administration (e.g., for patient portals, appointment management systems, telehealth apps).
  • Medical and administrative software configuration, regular updates.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Updating infrastructure management policies and processes according to the ITIL 4 practices and HIPAA.
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On a 24/7 basis, ScienceSoft supports both healthcare-related administrative systems (e.g., appointment scheduling) as well as specialized medical solutions. In particular, we:

  • Resolve incidents on L1 (basic user issues), L2 (infrastructure issues), and L3 (advanced support, code changes) levels of support.
  • Detect and analyze root causes of the problems.
  • Prepare and maintain knowledge base articles and user guides.
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Relying on 10+ years of experience with cloud, ScienceSoft ensures:

  • Proactive management of AWS, Azure, Google or multi-cloud infrastructures.
  • Swift deployment of cloud infrastructures.
  • Smooth and reliable migration of apps and data (including PHI) to a HIPAA-compliant cloud without any unplanned business disruptions.
  • Proactive cloud monitoring and cloud resources optimization.
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  • Proactive monitoring of administrative and medical apps to ensure 99.99% availability.
  • Planning and implementing changes preserving interoperability with other systems and medical devices, security and compliance.
  • Deployment of automated CI/CD pipeline to speed up application modernization and evolution.
  • Advising on application regulatory compliance (with HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, etc.) as well as app security within the SecOps approach.
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  • Building and managing IT security infrastructure, configuring security tools (e.g., firewalls, SIEM, IPS/IDS, web filtering/SWG, DDoS protection solutions, email security systems, antivirus, endpoint protection systems).
  • Regular security audits and penetration testing.
  • Managed vulnerability assessments of network, servers, databases, and applications.
  • Security incident detection and elimination of threats.
  • Compliance program planning and regular infrastructure compliance review.
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Why Entrust Your IT Infrastructure to ScienceSoft?

  • 34 years in IT services and 18 years in IT for the healthcare industry.
  • 15 years in ITIL-compliant IT service management.
  • Practical experience with HIPAA/GDPR requirements, healthcare data exchange standards (HL7, ICD-10, CPT, XDS/XDS-I), and FDA/CE registration.
  • Ready to sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.
  • Skilled security and compliance experts, Doctor of Medicine consultants on board.
  • Partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, and Oracle.
  • A quality management system for medical devices and SaMD confirmed by ISO 13485 certification.
  • ISO 27001-certified information security management system that relies on mature processes, advanced technology, and skilled experts.
  • A mature quality management system proved by ISO 9001 certification.
  • ScienceSoft received the 2023 North American Enabling Technology Leadership Award in the medical devices connectivity industry from Frost & Sullivan.

Three Service Plans to Cover All Your Needs

Basic plan

Operation & optimization

We proactively monitor and manage your entire IT infrastructure (or the required segment). Our engineers provide L1-L2 support, covering user, administrative, and infrastructure issues.

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Extended plan

Basic plan + planning & design

We also plan application changes, design new infrastructures, review and adjust policies and processes, and advise on application and infrastructure security within the SecOps approach.

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Advanced plan

Extended plan + app modernization

We help you migrate apps, databases, or servers, implement code changes to your software (L3 support), and set up highly automated CI/CD pipelines.

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ScienceSoft's Managed IT Projects for Healthcare

What Customers Say about Our Services

ScienceSoft has been providing an excellent level of service maintaining our application’s AWS infrastructure, as well as deploying and configuring new Linux-based virtual machines and AWS cloud services. During our cooperation, ScienceSoft’s team has built a fault-tolerant and highly available application infrastructure with automatic crash recovery capabilities, which makes our web application stable and high-performing. We would certainly recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable managed infrastructure service provider.

In addition to the solid technical expertise shown by ScienceSoft, its developers demonstrated a profound understanding of laboratory software specifics and integrations. I am particularly impressed by the cooperative nature of ScienceSoft’s team. Our project required coordination with multiple companies and individuals. ScienceSoft worked well with everyone. They are reliable, thorough, smart, available, extremely good communicators and very friendly. We would recommend hiring ScienceSoft to anyone looking for a highly productive and solution-driven team. We look forward to working with them over the long-term.

HealthPoint Plus

Todd Nilson


Star Star Star Star Star

We are thankful for the meticulous and value-driven approach of ScienceSoft’s team. They created comprehensive project documentation, feature lists, and worked out thorough recommendations to help us improve the stability and performance of our solution. ScienceSoft’s project manager, business analyst, QA and software engineers were always friendly and ready to answer our questions or solve any ad-hoc issues. ScienceSoft proved to be a reliable vendor with a solid healthcare background, and we recommend them to everyone looking for a telehealth software development partner.

What You Gain with Healthcare Managed Services by ScienceSoft

No more frustrated users, compliance issues, or high IT infrastructure maintenance costs. When ScienceSoft’s team gets to work, you should expect:

Reliable and compliant IT

  • Up to 3x fewer app and infrastructure failures thanks to preventive monitoring, well-tuned infrastructure configuration, and enhanced system stability.
  • 99.99% application availability.
  • Zero compliance breaches thanks to 100% regulatory compliance of IT infrastructure, proactive security monitoring, and adherence to a mature Prevent–Detect–Respond security model.

Satisfied users

  • >90% user satisfaction thanks to prompt issue resolution and improved stability of healthcare systems and apps.
  • Up to 70% fewer support requests and user errors due to clear user guides and FAQs significantly improving the users’ knowledge of the IT systems.
  • Up to a 5% increase in staff productivity thanks to the reduced number of issues and fast ticket resolution.

Reduced IT costs

  • Up to a 40% reduction in IT support costs due to optimal resource utilization, mature ITSM processes, feasible process automation, and more.
  • Up to a 20% reduction in cloud costs due to adequate cloud consumption optimization.
  • No vendor lock-in. We are ready to share responsibilities with another vendor or your in-house IT specialists. We also meticulously document our ITSM activities to ensure smooth knowledge transfer to another team if need be.

Benefit from Flexible Pricing for Healthcare Managed IT Services

Time & Material

We charge you at the end of the month for the hours or efforts reported during that period.

Best for: apps or IT infrastructure components evolution (implementing major changes or new functionality).

Fixed monthly fee

You pay in advance for a fixed number of hours at a reduced hourly rate.

Best for: L3 support, security management, continuous IT support with a defined scope.

Per ticket pricing

You are charged monthly based on the number of incidents resolved by the agents and the time coverage type.

Best for: L1-L2 support, security management.

Techs We Employ to Maintain Your Apps & Infrastructure

Deliverables of Our Managed Services for Healthcare

Naturally, we define the specific set of deliverables depending on the service scope, infrastructure components covered, cooperation model, and other factors. But one thing is constant: we always commit to the service quality and transparency. To make sure you receive comprehensive reporting and documentation, we deliver:

  • Regular service level reports.
  • Compliance reports.
  • Quarterly app and infrastructure maintenance reports (performance, security, capacity, issues detected and resolved, patching, backups).
  • Regular health check reports with insights for improving systems performance.
  • Regular security audit reports with recommendations for improving infrastructure security.
  • Incident reports with root cause analysis.
  • SOP documentation.
  • Description of required policies and procedures (e.g., for change management, for improving compliance with the required standards and regulations).
  • New infrastructure design (e.g., in case of migration to a HIPAA-compliant cloud).
  • Knowledge base articles, FAQs and user guides.

Focus on Saving Lives. We Will Handle the IT

We understand the challenges, level of responsibility, and cost of a single error in the healthcare field. ScienceSoft is here to share this responsibility with you — while you are busy taking care of your patients, we will make sure your IT infrastructure and software never let you down.