Patient Portals: An Overview for Healthcare Providers

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With 16-year experience in the healthcare industry, ScienceSoft provides consultancy on patient portal implementation.

Patient Portals: the Essence

Healthcare organizations use portals to provide patients with convenient and secure 24/7 access to their personal health information (PHI), medical advice and assistance. A patient-facing self-service portal optimizes communication with a healthcare provider and increases patient engagement in the treatment process which results in improved clinical outcomes.

Patient access to personal health information

  • Encrypted and password-protected login to a personal profile
  • Health history, diagnoses, allergies, and chronic conditions view
  • Lab test results, discharge summaries view and download
  • Treatment, procedures, and medication plan view
  • Personalized after-treatment lifestyle recommendations and educational materials

Doctor visit arrangement

  • Scheduling appointments online
  • Upcoming appointments view and ability to re-schedule visits
  • Detailed visit history view
  • Online filling-in of pre-visit forms
  • Automated appointment reminders for patients (via text messages or portal notifications)

Secure patient-doctor communication

  • Messaging between a doctor and a patient
  • Video consultations
  • After-visit patient surveys

Payment and insurance management for patients

  • Access to bills and explanations of benefits
  • Online bill payment
  • Insurance coverage cases list

Online patient requests

  • Prescription refills requests
  • Medical procedure requests
  • Contact information, billing information, and health records update requests

Portal administration

  • Granting portal access to new users
  • Patients’ health and contact information editing
  • Upload of a user’s clinical documents obtained from other healthcare providers

Examples of Patient Portal Functionality

An after visit summary featuring patient symptoms, diagnosis, recommendations, and a medication plan

Access to a personal medical history featuring recent diagnoses, chronic diseases, allergies, a medication plan, etc.

Online healthcare service selection and visit scheduling

A pre-visit survey to provide a doctor with patient symptoms and general health information in advance

Automated patient notifications on upcoming appointments, medication intake, etc.

An integrated view of recent conversations with patients to track their recovery progress

Convenient patient-doctor audiovisual communication, messaging, and file sharing

Transparent feedback about appointments via patient surveys

Access to healthcare services invoices and easy online bill payment

Online prescription renewal that can be sent to the selected pharmacy nearby

Make Patients Active Participants in Healthcare!

ScienceSoft is ready to help you deliver an intuitive portal that allows patients to securely access their health information, schedule visits and communicate with doctors.

Important Integrations

Patient portal integration with EHR/EMR and CRM enables healthcare providers to avoid repetitive patient data entry into different systems and have a holistic patient health history view. Such integrations allow healthcare providers to prevent the storage of fragmented or duplicated information and reduce patient data management costs.

Important integrations for a patient portal - ScienceSoft

EHR / EMR (Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Records)

– to share patients’ health history, treatment plans, and billing history in their personal portal accounts and pull patient-driven information (pre-visit information, payment updates, etc.) from the portal.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

or Call Center software, Practice Management System – to accumulate a patient’s visit history, health support requests and messaging history and provide personalized care approach and service offerings.

Intuitive portal navigation

so that the portal can be used by expert and novice users alike.

Mobile optimization

to make sure patients can access the portal from various devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs) both at home and on-the-go.

Promotion of the portal

among patients as a central communication tool to take the load off a call center.

When a Custom Patient Portal Is Your Best Choice

Healthcare providers should opt for custom patient portals when they want to:

  • Integrate the portal with multiple systems (EHR/EMR, CRM, hospital department systems such as RIS (Radiology Imaging System), marketing automation software, etc.) and especially with legacy solutions.
  • Provide branded UI that can be difficult or impossible to configure with out-of-the-box software capabilities.
  • Leverage advanced patient engagement techniques (e.g., gamification elements, such as achievements, social media sharing options).
  • Add telehealth functionality to take care of the patients remotely, including e-visits.

For example, in one of our projects, ScienceSoft developed a custom health portal, where patients could consult with experts, contribute to debates with other users and enjoy a variety of diet recommendations and healthy initiatives.

Patient Portal Implementation

Thanks to our 16-year experience in web portals development, ScienceSoft knows how to make an efficient patient portal.


Patient portal consulting

Our healthcare IT consultants:

  • Analyze your patient interaction workflows.
  • Define a portal’s features and tech stack.
  • Develop a business case.
  • Design a secure portal architecture and define necessary integrations.
  • Deliver UX and UI mock-ups.
  • Provide project pricing and timing estimation.
  • Help comply with relevant regulations (HIPAA, HITECH, FDA, etc.).

Patient portal development

We provide:

  • Portal consulting, design, and project planning.
  • Patient portal development and quality assurance.
  • Portal compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Integration with your EHR, CRM, Call center software, Practice Management System.
  • User training.
  • Continuous patient portal support and maintenance.

About ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is an international IT consulting and software development vendor headquartered in Texas, US. Experienced in healthcare solutions, ScienceSoft advises on patient portal implementation and develops custom patient portals that bring value to healthcare providers and patients alike. We hold ISO 13485 certification proving we design and develop medical software according to the requirements of the FDA and the Council of the European Union. Discuss patient portal consultancy and development services with our healthcare team.