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24/7 White-Label L1 Support for Delap LLP

24/7 White-Label L1 Support for Delap LLP

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For nine months, ScienceSoft has provided white-label help desk services to Delap, an MSP and an established financial firm with 90 years in the market. By letting ScienceSoft handle 24/7 L1 support for five of its clients, Delap freed up its in-house L2 and L3 support teams without compromising its high customer support standards.

About Delap

Delap is a US-based financial services company whose history dates back to 1933. Today, it helps businesses deal with the intricacies of accounting, assurance, and taxation and provides wealth and business advisory services. In parallel, Delap offers managed IT services to help drive its clients' digital transformation and guarantee the stability of their business operations.

Delap's clientele keeps expanding rapidly, as does the number of Tier 1 support requests. In fall 2022, Delap involved ScienceSoft as an experienced L1 help desk provider to aid its in-house L2 and L3 support engineers.

24/7 White-Label Support for Five End Clients

ScienceSoft's nine L1 engineers and a team lead started working under Delap's brand within two weeks after the initial request. Delap assigned our team to resolve L1 tickets from five of its clients. ScienceSoft provides 24/7 support via Zendesk, covering the following tasks via email and calls:

  • Software and hardware troubleshooting.
  • Distribution list handling (creating/deleting distribution lists, adding/removing members, troubleshooting access issues, etc.).
  • User onboarding (account creation) and offboarding (account deactivation, data backup/transfer, mailbox archiving, revoking access to databases and distribution lists, etc.).
  • Handling spam emails (e.g., investigating false positives/negatives, blocking phishing websites).
  • Escalating more complex cases to Delap’s L2 and L3 teams.

ScienceSoft's L1 team lead holds weekly meetings with Delap's L2 and L3 team leads to coordinate IT support strategy and maintain collaboration transparency. Also, Delap receives from us monthly SLA reports covering the total number of cases, the number of cases escalated to the next support level, the first response time, and other pre-agreed KPIs. Over the course of our cooperation, ScienceSoft’s team reached a 7-minute FRT for a monthly average of 122 tickets.

Handling Email Forwarding and Password Reset Issues

With time, ScienceSoft's team spotted an opportunity to further reduce the workload of Delap's L2 engineers. We determined that 30% of incoming tickets concerned email forwarding. According to the established workflow, our engineers had to escalate such tickets to Delap's L2 team. Having assessed our skills and resources, ScienceSoft's team lead offered to handle email forwarding on our end, and Delap agreed to the shift.

Satisfied with ScienceSoft's performance, Delap also allocated password reset tasks to us. Initially, Delap gave us access to password resets for only one client but later extended the scope to include three clients in total.

Delap shared positive feedback about ScienceSoft's L1 support quality.

Joe Summers, Cyber Manager at Delap LLP, says:

To alleviate some of the burden on our in-house engineers and allow them to focus on more complex tasks, we sought out a professional team of Tier 1 support staff with a technical background. After careful consideration, we partnered with ScienceSoft, and it turned out to be an excellent match. Within just two weeks, their Tier 1 support agents seamlessly integrated into our processes and became an invaluable asset to our team. Thanks to their assistance, we can now process any Tier 1 issue within 15 minutes. ScienceSoft has proven to be an exceptional partner for white-label help desk services.

Key Outcomes for the Customer

By entrusting five of its clients to ScienceSoft, Delap reduced the workload of its in-house IT engineers while providing 24/7 white-label L1 support in line with its high IT service standards. ScienceSoft's help desk team reports the following results:

  • 60% of all incoming tickets are resolved at L1 without involving Delap’s in-house specialists.
  • The average first response time is 7 minutes.
  • <15 minutes to process an L1 case.
  • The average call completion rate is 82.5%.

Tools and Technology

Zendesk, Atera, Splashtop, Microsoft 365 Admin, Okta, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator.

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