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Vulnerability Management Services

Long-Term Protection of Your IT Ecosystem

With 35 years in IT and 21 years in cybersecurity, ScienceSoft offers end-to-end vulnerability management services. We help midsize and large organizations in 30+ industries keep their IT environments free of security and compliance gaps.

Managed Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation - ScienceSoft
Managed Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation - ScienceSoft

Vulnerability management services represent a continuous process of identification, analysis, prioritization, and remediation of security weaknesses in a company's IT infrastructure and software. This proactive and consistent approach helps reliably protect an ever-changing IT environment.

Do you need vulnerability management services?

While consistent vulnerability management is part and parcel of any mature security program, it can be a lot to handle on your own. Vulnerability management will likely be a wise investment if:

  • Your IT environment is growing bigger and more complicated, with the tech stack getting more diverse.
  • Your company experiences regular intrusion attempts.
  • Your company operates in a highly regulated field and needs to protect sensitive data.

4 Key Fields We Take Care Of

Internal procedures

  • Policies: incident response plan, access control policy, remote access policy, change management policy, and more, depending on your business specifics and IT environment.
  • Cybersecurity awareness among your employees.

Network defense

  • Endpoints: PCs, laptops, mobile devices.
  • Email services.
  • Preventive and detective tools: firewalls, IDS/IPS, network access controls, DLP systems, VPNs, SIEM, IAM.

Application protection

  • Web apps.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Desktop apps.

Data safety

  • Data repositories.
  • Data encryption.
  • Data backup.
  • Data transfer.

Dmitry Kurskov, Head of Information Security Department at ScienceSoft, says:

Applying cybersecurity measures once and forgetting about them forever is not a viable strategy. A corporate security system should be regularly monitored, assessed, tested, and improved.

Step-by-Step Vulnerability Management at ScienceSoft

Vulnerability Management Process













Cyber Threats We Keep Away

Viruses, worms, and trojans


DoS attacks


Code injections

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Spyware and keyloggers

Advanced persistent threats

Identity theft

Unauthorized access

Insider attacks

Compliance breaches

Tried and True Approaches We Are Confident In

Internal and external network vulnerability scanning

  • Creating a comprehensive list of network targets to assess: e.g., servers, workstations, connecting devices, firewalls, etc.
  • Configuring a vulnerability scanning tool: enlisting the target IP addresses, setting up the aggressiveness level of the scan, its duration, and completeness notifications.
  • Scanning the network.
  • Analyzing the scan results and filtering false positives.
  • Compiling a report on the discovered vulnerabilities and the needed corrective measures.
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SAST – automated source code review

  • Analysis of the apps’ tech stack.
  • Manual configuration and running of automated code scanning.
  • Manual validation of the findings to remove false positives.
  • Providing a report on the detected flaws and a remediation plan.
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  • Defining the testing scope and approach (black, gray, white box).
  • Investigating the ways for a potential attacker to break into the system.
  • Documenting the discovered vulnerabilities and assessing the potential damage they may cause.
  • Reporting on the findings and providing a remediation plan.
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  • Collecting the data about the company and the targeted employees from publicly available sources: e.g., online publications, social media.
  • Preparing the content for phishing messages.
  • Attempting phishing attacks at the target employees.
  • Reporting on the results and outlining the necessary measures (e.g., training) to enhance cyber resilience among employees.
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Database security assessment

  • Assessing data sensitivity and criticality to define the potential data risks.
  • Evaluating the database security controls: user access and privileges, data encryption, database configurations, etc.
  • Reviewing the database procedures: e.g., database activity monitoring, data backup, data masking.
  • Reporting on the detected issues and suggesting the needed remediation measures.
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  • Reviewing the established compliance-related policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing the IT infrastructure, IT operations, and software that may affect compliance.
  • Performing compliance gap analysis and reporting on the detected issues.
  • Defining and prioritizing the remediation steps needed to achieve compliance.
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Security policy review

  • Detecting the missing or insufficient policies.
  • Improving your existing policies or designing new ones from scratch to fully cover the measures needed to keep your IT infrastructure protected.
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Haven’t Found the Answer to Your Security Needs?

Tell us more about your case, and ScienceSoft’s experts will get back to you with a plan on how to make your security system run like clockwork.

ScienceSoft as a Vulnerability Management Service Provider

  • 21 years in information security, a solid portfolio of completed projects.
  • A structured approach to managed security services based on 16 years of ITSM experience.
  • 62% of our revenue comes from long-term customers that stay with us for 2+ years.
  • Experienced security engineers, compliance consultants, and Certified Ethical Hackers on board.
  • ScienceSoft’s QLEAN App Suite is a finalist of the 2021 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Security Solution.
  • A mature quality management system and full safety of data entrusted to us are proven by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Join Our Happy Customers

Star Star Star Star Star

Thanks to ScienceSoft’s quality testing efforts, we were able to ensure a higher level of protection of our cloud application and the sensitive customer data stored in it. ScienceSoft has proved to be a competent cybersecurity partner who can deliver high-quality testing services within the deadlines provided. We consider ScienceSoft a trusted business partner and plan to continue our working relationship with them.

We hired ScienceSoft’s cybersecurity team to validate the security of our corporate networks and our cloud AWS services. They were very responsive and helpful in planning of penetration tests. We were very satisfied with the professional, timely, and friendly service and we greatly appreciate their help in securing our networks.

Thanks to ScienceSoft's high-quality services, we were able to locate and neutralize vulnerabilities and ensure the security of our customers' personal data. We were very pleased to see such a comprehensive approach. During our cooperation, ScienceSoft's team showed deep cybersecurity expertise as well as excellent communication skills, quickly addressing any of our questions and concerns.

Common Questions About Vulnerability Management Services

How do vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management differ?

Vulnerability assessment identifies security flaws in software and IT infrastructure components at a specific point in time. It is part of a comprehensive and continuous vulnerability management process that includes analyzing, prioritizing, remedying, and monitoring emerging vulnerabilities to ensure sustained security.

How much does vulnerability management as a service (VMaaS) cost?

While VMaaS pricing varies significantly depending on the size and complexity of the IT environment and a company's specific security requirements, a typical package that includes vulnerability management with regular scans costs around $30,000 – $200,000 annually. To get a precise service cost estimate, you can request tailored quotes from VMaaS providers.

What if a fixed team that provides managed vulnerability scanning service will overlook the same vulnerabilities over and over?

We use advanced automated tools and thoroughly analyze the findings, so the situation where a vulnerability gets repeatedly overlooked is highly unlikely.

Won’t the vendor get lazy and approach vulnerability management formally, thus reducing their efforts and exposing us to new threats?

We rely on a mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate – it enables us to consistently deliver high-quality service. We know how to work as a part of our customers’ teams and have a proven record of long-term cooperation: check out our projects that have lasted 10+ years, 10 years, 5+ years.

Success Stories

AWS Cloud Security Assessment and Recurring Infrastructure Pentesting for a US Insurance Company

AWS Cloud Security Assessment and Recurring Infrastructure Pentesting for a US Insurance Company

As a part of a long-term cybersecurity partnership with a US insurance company, ScienceSoft performed two annual penetration tests of its IT infrastructure and checked its AWS cloud assets. Following ScienceSoft’s guidance, the Customer was able to significantly enhance their cyber defense.

Network Vulnerability Assessment for a US Mobile Services Provider

Network Vulnerability Assessment for a US Mobile Services Provider

As a result of a network vulnerability assessment for a US mobile services provider, ScienceSoft revealed over 300 weaknesses, including critical ones that could lead to the disclosure of sensitive data. Following ScienceSoft’s remediation guidance, the Customer was able to fix the detected flaws and prepare for PCI DSS validation.

IT Infrastructure Security Testing for an Asian Retail Bank

IT Infrastructure Security Testing for a Gulf-Based Retail Bank

ScienceSoft provided threat and vulnerability management services for a Gulf-based bank with 550 branches. Our team performed vulnerability scanning, network pentesting, a phishing campaign and cyber risk assessment of the client digital channels.

API Security Testing for a European Bank

API Penetration Testing for a European Bank

As part of regular penetration testing services provided to a European bank with 100+ branches, ScienceSoft checked the protection of a newly launched API and provided detailed guidance on how to remediate the found vulnerabilities according to best practices.

Penetration Testing of the Network and Web Applications for a Mobile Operator

Penetration Testing of the Network and Web Applications for a Mobile Operator

ScienceSoft tested 5 web applications and the external network of a mobile operator and delivered a remediation plan to eliminate the revealed issues. We also designed a set of strategic measures to secure the Customer’s IT assets and the sensitive data of its clients in the long run.

Stronger Together: How We Make an Invincible Team



Choose the Pricing Model that Works Best for You

Fixed price

You pay for a specified number of vulnerability management cycles a year.

Best for: Companies with well-established IT environments that want to test their cyber defense against emerging threats and reinforce their reputation as a secure business by undergoing regular checkups.


The frequency and scope of vulnerability management cycles are agreed on individually.

Best for: Companies with dynamically changing IT environments that are experiencing rapid expansion or digital transformation.

Why Does Your Business Need Consistent Vulnerability Management?

According to Redscan research:

  • 50+

    new common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) per day were registered in 2021

  • 90%

    of all CVEs detected in 2021 could be exploited by attackers with little technical skills

Team Up with ScienceSoft to Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers

Focus on your core business priorities and let us take care of your cyber defense. Equipped with advanced tools, multi-industry experience, and security best practices, we are ready to handle any known vulnerabilities and promptly react to new threats as soon as they emerge.