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Remote Managed Services

We Keep Your IT Environment Reliable, Flexible, and Secure

An MSP with 34 years in IT, ScienceSoft provides remote IT management services to help businesses enhance IT infrastructure performance, keep it ever-ready to support digital transformation initiatives, and optimize maintenance costs.

Remote Managed Services - ScienceSoft
Remote Managed Services - ScienceSoft


Remote managed services (RMS) imply managing the IT infrastructure, applications, and users to keep the IT environment scalable, ensure stability, and reduce IT management costs twice.

We at ScienceSoft believe that truly effective managed services go beyond simply following prescribed SOPs. Our proactive team can optimize, secure, and evolve your IT environment to ensure it is ready to handle even the most ambitious digital initiatives.

IT Components Covered by Our Remote Managed Services

IT Components Covered by Remote Managed Services - ScienceSoft

A Closer Look at Our Remote Managed IT Services

We provide a flexible package of managed IT services, which can be tailored specifically to the needs of our customers.

Infrastructure revamp

We analyze your IT infrastructure and applications, define the weak spots, and suggest improvements.

We can design new infrastructure components and develop processes and policies for its management.

Continuous monitoring and troubleshooting

We proactively monitor your IT infrastructure to quickly detect and fix operational, performance, and security issues of any complexity

IT infrastructure administration

We handle the administration of networks, data centers, cloud services, and users. In particular, we set up servers and workstations, configure networks, manage user permissions, help optimize storage capacity, and more.

We plan and implement the migration of any workload to the cloud environment (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP-based) to increase its flexibility and scalability and optimize maintenance costs.

We continuously monitor apps' performance, security, and resource consumption. We also provide troubleshooting, analyze root causes of sub-standard performance, and recommend improvements.

Moreover, we help our clients plan and implement changes and expansions in their applications.

Security and compliance

We monitor the security of the IT environment 365 days a year and notify you of potential incidents. Besides, we offer regular vulnerability and pentesting of infrastructure and applications.

We can also help you improve your resilience to cyberthreats by developing and implementing security programs.

We handle issues related to users' everyday work with the IT environment, issues with performance and connectivity, as well as server-side issues requiring deep technical expertise.

Our Selected Projects

What Our Customers Say

Due to our business growth, we decided to outsource the continuous development, support and maintenance of our proprietary internal systems. ScienceSoft coordinated knowledge transfer, discovery of our internal systems, then transitioned into supporting those systems and taking on projects to evolve their functionality. We recommend ScienceSoft as a trustworthy partner with skilled technical specialists on board.

ScienceSoft has been vital to our company’s growth in ecommerce over the last 3 years. We rely on the team for a variety of Magento support tasks, and they always deal with our problems fast. They are a very versatile company in terms of the number of services they provide. With their help, we’ve successfully upgraded our platform, improved our front-end UI, and developed a more efficient internal workflow to support our customers.

ScienceSoft has been providing an excellent level of service maintaining our application’s AWS infrastructure, as well as deploying and configuring new Linux-based virtual machines and AWS cloud services. During our cooperation, ScienceSoft’s team has built a fault-tolerant and highly available application infrastructure with automatic crash recovery capabilities, which makes our web application stable and high-performing. We would certainly recommend ScienceSoft as a reliable managed infrastructure service provider.

Deliverables We Provide

We provide a clear overview of your entire IT infrastructure and remote management processes through ScienceSoft's transparent reporting, which includes:

  • SOP documentation (service process descriptions; standards for ticket resolution; roadmaps to cloud infrastructure, CI/CD, IaC).
  • Knowledge base articles, FAQs, and user guides.
  • Regular SLA reports.
  • Regulatory compliance reports.
  • Health check and security audit reports.
  • Incident reports with root cause analysis.
  • Quarterly maintenance reports (performance, security, capacity, issues, patches, backups).

Why Entrust Your IT Management to ScienceSoft?

  • In IT since 1989.
  • 15 years implementing best ITSM practices.
  • 10 years in DevOps.
  • 750+ IT specialists, including Microsoft Certified Professionals, AWS Certified Solutions Architects, AWS Certified SysOps Administrators, AWS Technical Professionals, and Red Hat Certified System Administrators.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, proving our commitment to high service quality and our client's data security.
  • AWS, Microsoft and ServiceNow partners.
  • Global presence: the US, the Gulf, and Europe.
  • For the second straight year, ScienceSoft USA Corporation is listed among The Americas' Fastest-Growing Companies by the Financial Times.

Pricing Models We Offer

Fixed monthly fee

Recommended for: Security management and L3 support.

You pay in advance at a reduced rate for the estimated number of hours, according to the estimated service scope.


Recommended for: L1, L2 support.

You pay for the agreed monthly package of tickets. Extra tickets are paid separately. The price depends on the number of tickets in the package and the time coverage.

Time and Material (with a cap)

Recommended for: Evolution of applications and IT infrastructure components.

Billing for the services is calculated monthly based on the hours spent.

Mixed model (e.g., fixed monthly fee+ T&M)

Recommended for: Long-term cooperation involving miscellaneous services.

You can combine several pricing models that align perfectly with the specific activities included in your service package.

Our Tech Stack for Remote Managed Services

Our Cooperation Models

Co-managed support

We align our efforts with your in-house IT team or a third-party vendor. Among possible collaboration scenarios:

  • We manage virtual and cloud infrastructure, while the in-house team supports physical infrastructure components.
  • We manage infrastructure and apps within the agreed hours (e.g., at night).
  • We handle a certain infrastructure management aspect, e.g., L1 and L2 support, escalating L3 issues to an in-house or vendor team.
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Fully-managed support

We take full responsibility for keeping your IT infrastructure reliable, flexible, and secure. We also evolve your IT environment to ensure it’s ready to support your digital initiatives.

You can rely on ScienceSoft team's considerable expertise in managing cloud and hybrid environments, ITSM, help desk, cybersecurity, and more.

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Benefits You'll Never Miss with ScienceSoft

  • Up to -50% costs

    of infrastructure management compared to keeping the in-house team

  • 10% fewer issues

    in the applications thanks to improved configuration and stability of the infrastructure

  • -7–20%

    cloud costs through cloud consumption optimization

  • 90%+

    customer/user satisfaction core

  • 100%

    regulatory compliance of IT infrastructure

We'd love to help you with your IT management tasks!

Each IT environment is unique, with its challenges and growth opportunities. We will be happy to help you keep yours running like clockwork.