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Secure Software for Automated Loan Document Intake from nCino

Secure Software for Automated Loan Document Intake from nCino

BFSI, Banking, Lending


The Customer is a commercial real estate loan provider.


The Customer commissioned ScienceSoft to develop a tool for migration of the loan documents from nCino (a bank operating system for Salesforce Financial Services Cloud) to Perceptive Content (their internal content management system). The Customer’s employees used nCino every day to create loan documents, which should be transferred to Perceptive Content for further work and secure storage. Thus, the Customer needed to set up the process of automatic daily migration of the loan documents to it, according to the preset schedule. The Customer also required continuous reporting about the migrated documents.


To automatically connect the nCino application in a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud-based solution with the on-premises Perceptive Content system, ScienceSoft’s team installed the console application on the Customer’s server and launched it with the Windows Task Scheduler.

To ensure loan documents’ migration from Salesforce into Perceptive Content, ScienceSoft’s team developed a tool using .NET libraries. The process of loan document migration was set up to include the following steps:

  • The list of the companies, which got the loans from the Customer, is received from the Salesforce database, where the nCino documents are stored, with a Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) query.
  • Upon getting this list, a SOQL query sorts out the previous day’s loans.
  • Each of the previous day’s loans is matched with the list of financial documents related to a borrowing company.
  • A SOQL query is executed to the REST API web service, which saves the previous day’s loan documents in the Perceptive Content system’s database. These documents are sorted out and stored in different folders in Perceptive Content, and each of them contains info about one borrowing company.

Loan documents were transferred using standard API web service.

To give better transparency to the process, the tool for loan documents’ migration automatically generated Excel reports containing the list of the loan documents transferred to Perceptive Content. The migration process was designed to take place every day at the Customer’s preferred time (needed to be scheduled in advance).


The Customer has got a tool connecting the nCino app and Perceptive Content, which performs one-way migration of loan documents from nCino to Perceptive Content on the Customer’s preset schedule.

Technologies and Tools

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, SOQL, .NET C#, REST API.

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