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CRM consulting services can help you fight scattered customer data, poor lead conversion and low sales rates. For more than 11 years, ScienceSoft has been helping B2C and B2B companies advance in customer acquisition, conversion, retention and get a tangible revenue increase with the power of leading CRMs: Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Don’t Let Your CRM Be a Hurdle to Effective Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

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What You’ll Get with CRM Consulting from ScienceSoft

CRM consulting services help companies to improve their business outcomes in the following ways:

Without CRM Consulting You May Have

CRM Consulting Brings You

  • Patchy and incomplete customer info
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Low performers
  • Increased productivity of sales, marketing and customer service employees
  • Ineffective cross-departmental collaboration due to the lack of CRM integration with other enterprise systems
  • Efficient cross-departmental collaboration due to integrated systems and joint workflows
  • Decreased customer loyalty due to bad customer experience
  • Better customer satisfaction and retention
  • CRM investments that do not pay off
  • High ROI of your CRM investment
  • Hampered decision- making due to poor data quality and, as a result, inaccurate reports
  • Improved decision-making based on reliable reporting and forecasting


Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your CRM Consulting Provider

ScienceSoft as a Gold Microsoft Partner and Salesforce Partner

  • 11+ years in CRM consulting and CRM development.
  • Extensive industry expertise in manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, banking, telecoms, etc.
  • Partnerships with leading CRM vendors: Microsoft Gold Partner and Salesforce Consulting Partner.
  • Ample portfolio of CRM consulting projects for enterprise customers.

Delusions about CRM Consulting that Make You Lose Your Revenue

Solving business issues with technology - ScienceSoft

Delusion#1: Thinking that business issues can’t be solved with technology.

If you tend to think that getting impressive outcomes in sales, customer service and marketing is possible with process changes only, and technical measures have nothing to do with your business success, look what benefits your rivals already get with CRM-enabled business process automation:

  • A 23-30% increase in marketing ROI.
  • A 30-45% increase in sales revenue.
  • A 90-98% CSAT score.

Helping handle process changes - ScienceSoft

Delusion#2: Thinking that in-house marketing, sales and customer service managers can handle successful process change alone.

No doubt, nobody knows your sales, customer service and marketing processes better than your in-house managers do. However, applying the technology to get the max business value may still be a blind spot. ScienceSoft’s CRM consultants use their mastery of technology to provide you with such business benefits as better customer acquisition, conversion and substantial revenue increase.

Want to See Your Business Goals Achieved with CRM-Enabled Business Process Automation?

Let our experts examine your business processes and trigger their revamp with CRM technology.

How a Happy Customer Sounds

“ScienceSoft has done an amazing job of making our internal processes more efficient, implementing changes without causing any interruptions to the business. The changes their consultants made within Salesforce are reliable and functional.”

The National Manager of a US-based Roofing Company

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Choose your CRM consulting option

ScienceSoft’s ample CRM experience allows responding to your business challenges with the following variations of CRM consulting service delivered by our firm:

Improvement consulting

Improvement consulting for B2B and B2C businesses

To help your CRM support your business objectives or keep up with your business process change.

What our CRM consultants do:

  • Inspect your current results of CRM use from the financial perspective, spot the inefficiencies and suggest technical and process improvements to achieve a high ROI.
  • Create a comprehensive CRM strategy that guides you on the way to your CRM evolution.
  • Suggest CRM configurations, customizations and integrations.

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Migration consulting

Migration consulting for B2B and B2C businesses

To help you change your current CRM platform, or make a shift to the cloud.

What our CRM consultants do:

  • Advise on CRM platform selection with a view to your current business needs.
  • Elaborate a CRM implementation strategy that implies picking CRM with the strong sides of your legacy CRM, and enriching it with the features that the previous system lacked.
  • Plan the migration process to make the transition smooth.

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Consolidation consulting

Consolidation consulting for B2B businesses

To help you bring several CRMs under one roof.

What our CRM consultants do:

  • Define your business challenges and elaborate the solutions to them backed by CRM functionality.
  • Perform financial benefit analysis to check your consolidated CRM from the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) perspective.
  • Plan the implementation of consolidated CRM.

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Why Delaying Your CRM Consulting Decision is Dangerous

You know for sure, there’re other players on your market. Thus, when you postpone your CRM consulting decision, you deprive yourself of business value your rivals may gain with CRM, namely:


increase in lead volume


increase in lead conversion rate


increase in number of deals and deal size


increase in win rate


increase in sales cross sell/up sell revenue


increase in customer retention

Don’t Let Your Rivals Take on Your CRM Benefits!

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