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Call Center Consulting Services

ScienceSoft helps companies build from scratch or redesign existing automated call center process to optimize call center efforts and achieve higher agents’ productivity, while minimizing the risks related call center implementation or its digital transformation.

Digital Call Center Consulting Services - ScienceSoft
Digital Call Center Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Call center consulting services help build or improve the efficiency of a call center by leveraging call center automation technology. ScienceSoft’s call center consulting may cover extended call centers, i.e. contact centers, involving multiple communication channels (phone, social media, live chat, etc.).

Why Opt for Call Center Consulting

You’ll benefit from call center consulting services if you experience one or several of these challenges:

For companies who plan to build automated call center processes from the grounds up

  • Insufficient customer satisfaction with how after-purchase issues are handled.
  • Insufficient customer loyalty
  • High attrition rates.
  • The need to switch to digital communication channels, e.g., due to the COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Manual calls management is a bottleneck in increasing the frequency of contact.

For companies who need to optimize/revamp their existing call center

  • Low call center efficiency.
  • Low agents' productivity.
  • Agents are overloaded with calls, which leads to contact and client loss.
  • No unified working toolset for agents.
  • Lack of visibility into call center activities, performance, and customer feedback.
  • Failures to follow the call center regulatory compliance and privacy rules.

What You Get with Call Center Consulting Services


Analysis of current call center processes, if any


Analysis of existing software supporting call center and related activities, if any


Design or redesign of automated call center processes


Call center solution implementation strategy based on a business case


Call center solution design or redesign based on the chosen implementation option



Consulting support during implementation

Our Hallmark Call Center Projects

Development of a Call Center Plug-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365

ScienceSoft’s team created a plug-in to integrate the contact center management application, which is used by more than 15,000 call center specialists globally, with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Development of Call Record Extraction and Conversion Software for a Call Center

ScienceSoft built a solution, which enables the extraction of call records from a database, converting them to convenient WMA, mp3, and Ogg formats, and playing them back using a web browser.

Cloud CRM Customization to Drive Sales of Accounting SaaS with 35K+ Subscribed SMEs

ScienceSoft delivered a customized cloud-based CRM solution and integrated it with the company’s website and call center for end-to-end sales optimization.

Why Choose ScienceSoft for Call Center Consulting

  • 35 years in software development.
  • 11 years in customer service automation.
  • 16 years in CRM consulting and solution implementation.
  • 16 years of experience in ITIL-compliant IT service management.
  • Experience in 30+ industries, including manufacturing, retail, professional services, healthcare, logistics, banking, telecoms, etc.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Benefits of Call Center Consulting by ScienceSoft

Technology-driven consulting

To achieve effort optimization through call center processes automation and from modern technologies, e.g., chatbots, AI-driven recommendations for agents, embedded agent performance analytics, etc.

Choosing technology-related consulting over process-related consulting only, you can gain:

  • 30-50% call center implementation cost reduction.
  • Minimization of implementation risks for a complex call center solution.
  • 20-80% faster call center launch.

ROI-based implementation

ScienceSoft will plan your call center implementation based on a business case, which includes:

  • Expected call center TCO.
  • Expected call center ROI, NPV.

We also offer a cost optimization plan.

Choose Your Call Center Consulting Service Option

Call center implementation consulting

ScienceSoft will:

  • Analyze your business needs and call center processes.
  • Plan the implementation of custom or platform-based call center software or ready-to-use call center software.

Timeline: 4-8 weeks

Go for consulting

Call center optimization consulting

ScienceSoft will:

  • Revamp your entire call center solution, or
  • improve certain call center processes, e.g., calls processing, workforce management, employee recruiting and training.

Timeline: 2-6 weeks

Go for optimization

Get Fitting Call Center Software for Your Business

  • 95%

    CSAT score due to highly personalized interactions

  • 1.5-3x

    times increased call center productivity due to call center automation

  • 50%

    faster response for emergency customer service due to automated notifications and alerts for call center agents

  • Wide

    customer service channel coverage: phone, email, web forms, social media.

Don’t Miss Digital Call Center Benefits!

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