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3 Signs You Need A Corporate Website Redesign

Web and Mobile Researcher, ScienceSoft

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Editor’s note: Anastasia goes over the proven indicators of the need for a corporate website redesign. And if you are in search of a vendor who can revamp your corporate website, consider checking out ScienceSoft’s website redesign offer.

Deciding to opt for a website redesign is often more difficult than to launch website development from scratch. Having no website at all gives you a sense of emergency and determination that you simply don’t feel with an already designed website. I’ve seen customers with the most poorly designed first versions of their websites to hesitate whether their investment in a new design would indeed make sense.

Talking about corporate website designs particularly, I list 3 signs that point at the need for a design revamp and explain how your choice to redesign or not will affect your business.

corporate website redesign

Your website hasn’t seen any major updates in over 5 years

The state of technology is being redefined each year, so the website’s age alone can be a convincing reason for a redesign. A corporate website that hasn’t seen any significant updates in the last 5 years is already outdated and casts a shadow of a doubt on your brand when assessed by your potential partners. Moreover, it significantly weakens your image in the eyes of competitors.

Your website limits your business growth

It goes without saying that your corporate website should reflect the up-to-date state of your business and present all the relevant information. But your business is always evolving and, at a certain point, simply updating the information on your website isn’t enough anymore.

Ask yourself whether your business feels stifled by the capabilities of your existing website. Perhaps, you now have so many products or brands that your current website menu is too cluttered to navigate. No reorganization seems to help, and you have no choice but to refrain from adding more information, keeping entire chapters of your business out of the public’s eye.

Your corporate website should adapt to your business – not the other way round. A redesign can help you turn the tables and transform your website into a powerful tool for executing your business strategy.

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You get a lot of common questions from your visitors

Your corporate website is your main communication channel with potential employees, partners and shareholders, so it should answer all the questions these people may have in mind during a visit.

If you keep getting emails with the questions that your company can – but your website does notanswer, you may be fine with just updating the pages. But in case the website does give the answers that your visitors can’t seem to find, you definitely need a UX audit and a redesign to ensure more transparent navigation.

Otherwise, you don’t only increase the workload and costs of your public communication department but also silently agree that it’s fine to have website visitors who leave after not finding the information they wanted and making no attempt to contact you.

Stay in the race with up-to-date website design

When you invest in something, you usually want it to last. Sadly, this does not apply to website designs. Being able to understand and admit that your old website design no longer works for your business is vital. If any of the signs listed above sound familiar to you, and you’re considering a redesign, reach out to ScienceSoft to learn your next steps.

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