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Anastasia Yaskevich

When ScienceSoft adopts a technology, I explore its application and design a marketing strategy.
Web and Mobile Researcher,

In 2013, Anastasia started out in IT with exploring cloud computing and UX and UI design. A dynamic and creative thinker, she found her true vocation in researching new domains and contributed much to nurturing the ScienceSoft’s service portfolio. As the area of interest grew, so did the expertise scope.

As one of the most notable achievements, Anastasia has created an environment for ScienceSoft’s business growth in the area of mobile development. Being technology-wise and a true problem-solver, she is adept at designing concepts of mobile solutions for different business goals. Anastasia shares her findings and global mobile trends in the Mobile app development blog.

Over the years, ScienceSoft expanded professional competencies, so Anastasia was tasked to dive quickly and foster new domains. Her areas of responsibility extended to new industries – healthcare and ecommerce, technologies – Augmented Reality (AR), and processes – software product development. Her role consists in shaping the core of ScienceSoft’s service offerings, representing them to the public and providing for the topic coverage on the corporate website. Among her most significant contributions are the study on the AR application in warehousing, comprehensive overviews of the web application framework and architecture, and expert opinion on Apache Cordova. ScienceSoft owes to Anastasia much of the increased interest in the services on relevant business directions.

Once a luxury option, a company’s mobile presence is now turning into a customer’s basic expectation, if not a demand.

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