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Blockchain Security Services

In cybersecurity since 2003 and in blockchain development since 2020, ScienceSoft examines the security controls of blockchain infrastructures, Web3 apps, and smart contracts. We provide comprehensive reports with actionable remediation recommendations and can fix the detected issues.

Blockchain Security Services - ScienceSoft
Blockchain Security Services - ScienceSoft

Blockchain security services are aimed to identify security gaps in on-chain and off-chain code, consensus protocols, miner nodes, and other components of a blockchain-based solution. ScienceSoft's team relies on its compliance expertise and experience in blockchain development and cybersecurity services to anticipate risks to centralized and decentralized systems, verify their cyber defense, and suggest remediation.

Blockchain Solutions and Components We Examine

Blockchain networks

Blockchain platforms and marketplaces

Decentralized apps

Crypto wallets

Cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens

Tokenized assets

Smart contracts

Consensus algorithms

Blockchain protocols

Miner nodes

Cross-chain bridges


Services We Offer to Verify Blockchain Security

Our blockchain security team is proficient in various types of blockchain auditing and security testing methods, tools, and authoritative frameworks (NIST, OWASP, PTES) to deliver:

Automated scanning and manual assessment to identify, analyze, and prioritize security flaws in blockchain nodes and Web3 apps.

Real-world attack simulation to detect vulnerabilities and assess their potential impact. External pentesting verifies the first line of cyber defense of network nodes and integrations with oracles, wallets, etc. Internal pentesting focuses on internal security controls protecting crypto assets and sensitive data.

Verifying the adherence of blockchain applications and assets to relevant global, country- and industry-specific standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, KYC/AML, SEC, FINRA, NYDFS, SAMA, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Architecture and logic assessment

Identifying weaknesses in the design of a blockchain-based solution and discrepancies between business logic and its implementation in smart contracts and applications.

Finding security flaws in the source code of dApps and smart contracts. We conduct thorough manual reviews complemented by automated testing with SAST and DAST tools.

Simulation of social engineering techniques (phishing, pretexting, tech support scams, etc.) that real-world adversaries use to steal or corrupt sensitive data and crypto assets.

Security Services Tailored to Your Blockchain Solution

At ScienceSoft, we analyze each client's security needs, compliance requirements, and industry specifics to define an optimal scope of security services.

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Blockchain Security Companies

  • In cybersecurity since 2003.
  • Security engineers proficient in NIST, CIS, PTES, and OWASP methodologies and leading blockchain testing tools: Mythrill, Slither, MythX, Contract-Library, and more.
  • A portfolio of projects in building and verifying secure blockchain-based solutions since 2020.
  • Expertise in highly regulated industries, including finance.
  • Compliance consultants proficient in PCI DSS, SEC, GLBA, SOX, NYDFS, SAMA, SOC 2, GDPR, HIPAA, and other standards and regulations.
  • Certified Ethical Hackers.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Their team provided penetration testing in a timely and professional manner and gave us valuable recommendations on improving the security of our web apps and the external IP address.



Rostyslav-Pavlo Shemeliak, Vice-President at Stobox, a tokenization services company

Deliverables of Our Blockchain Security Services

Exhaustive reports on the results of the delivered services containing:

Project summary, including testing targets and utilized tools, techniques, and methodologies.

General conclusion on the security level of a blockchain-based solution.

Found vulnerabilities prioritized based on their severity.

Remediation recommendations. Detailed corrective measures for security issues we detect.

Additionally, we provide the following activities upon the client's request:

Implementation of the recommended corrective measures.

Consulting and training of the client's employees.

All-Round Blockchain Security: Brief Sample of Issues We Spot


The design doesn't address the security of cross-chain interactions (asset transfers and data exchange) and integrations with external systems (SCM software, crypto wallets, etc.).

The design doesn't provide scalability solutions to mitigate network congestion caused by DDoS attacks, Sybil attacks, and eclipse attacks.

Blockchain design doesn't meet the resilience requirements for stable operation, high availability of applications and networks, and prompt incident recovery.

Blockchain Network

Transaction validation and the consensus protocol are vulnerable to malicious manipulation (e.g., Finney hack, race attack, and 51% attack).

Unlimited P2P or remote connections to a single node which makes it vulnerable to attacks that overwhelm the network with excessive traffic.

Weak encryption and hash protocols that expose the network to traffic interception (e.g., man-in-the-middle attack and eavesdropping attack).

Smart Contracts

Reentrancy vulnerability: before the contract concludes the initial call, an attacker can repeatedly call the function (reenter the contract) to withdraw funds.

Frontrunning vulnerability: the course of a transaction execution can be manipulated to profit from higher gas fees.

Oracle manipulation vulnerability: an attacker can tamper with the data feed provided by an oracle.

Applications and Interfaces

Weak authentication and authorization mechanisms allowing attackers to brute force into user accounts and gain privileged rights and permissions.

Private keys, seed phrases, and passwords are not properly protected, e.g., poorly encrypted or hard-coded into the app.

Poor input validation and sanitization that exposes the app to common web vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS, and buffer overflow.

Internal Infrastructure and Personnel Resilience

Secure development process is not established or neglected (e.g., poorly documented code, lack of regular vulnerability assessment).

Internal processes and policies to protect blockchain systems and on-chain and off-chain data don't comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Employees lack cyber awareness and may fall for phishing scams, tech support scams, and other social engineering attacks.

Techs & Tools We Use to Verify Blockchain Security

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Choose Your Service Option

Targeted security checkup

We can verify the security of potentially vulnerable solution components or against specific vulnerabilities.

Key benefit: Focused view on the risks of a particular attack vector faster and at a lower cost.

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Full security assessment

ScienceSoft can examine the entire blockchain-based solution from its architecture design to source code.

Key benefit: 360-degree view of your solution's cyber resilience.

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Security checkup and remediation

Along with a security checkup of a blockchain solution, we can implement the corrective measures.

Key benefit: Detected issues fixed by our team.

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FAQ About Blockchain Security Services, Answered

How to optimize security testing time and cost?

Here are a few recommendations:

  • Take a step-by-step approach and start with a targeted security checkup of a particular component. Prioritize testing targets based on compliance requirements and potential impact on your business continuity.
  • Build a long-term cybersecurity partnership with a trustworthy firm: the acquired knowledge of your infrastructure will help your security partner complete the work faster and optimize expenses on investigation.

How can we be sure that our data and assets will remain safe during ethical hacking or other testing activities?

  • An ISO 27001-certified company, ScienceSoft guarantees complete security of the data and assets entrusted to us for the blockchain security project.
  • Our team strictly follows established practices (PTES, NIST, OWASP) and conducts testing in a secure and controlled environment.
  • We can sign an NDA already before the introductory call.

What preventive measures do you recommend against blockchain attacks?

In our security assessment reports, ScienceSoft's experts provide detailed recommendations to remediate the revealed vulnerabilities. Below are general recommendations to enhance blockchain's cyber protection:

  • Implement Layer-2 or off-chain scaling and network segmentation in your blockchain system.
  • Integrate data and wallet backups.
  • Encrypt communications between network nodes using strong encryption protocols.
  • Apply smart contract best practices like the checks-effects-interactions pattern (e.g., defer external calls until after the contract resolves its state).
  • Set price range limits, temporarily hide transactions, and process transactions in batches to protect against frontrunning attacks.
  • To minimize the risk of oracles reporting inaccurate or stale information, use decentralized oracles or multiple oracles (e.g. dual-oracle systems) and verify incoming data.
  • Implement input validation and sanitization on all levels that process external data (smart contracts, API Gateways, and applications).

What are the security risk mitigation measures for a blockchain solution?

To minimize the potential harm that cyber incidents may cause to your data, funds, and reputation, you can implement security measures at the smart contract level such as:

  • The pause function that pauses either the whole smart contract or individual functions.
  • The allowlisting function to restrict access to a trusted set of contract addresses. Make sure it can only be called by the contract owner.
  • Rate limiting, particularly withdrawal rate limiting, to minimize the amount of funds that an attacker can withdraw over a certain time period.
  • Functions to modify asset price feeds and limits on asset supply or borrows in case of a security event (e.g., infinite mint attack and price oracle manipulation).

Ward Off Blockchain Security Breaches with a Reliable Cybersecurity Vendor

An ISO 27001- and ISO 9001-certified vendor, ScienceSoft guarantees high-quality blockchain security services and full security of your data and assets.