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August 1, 2019: ScienceSoft releases the new QLEAN version 1.3.4.

QLEAN - IBM validated solutionIt’s official: ScienceSoft has just released the new QLEAN version 1.3.4! QLEAN enables the most advanced QRadar performance assessment, optimizes EPS utilization and data quality, and makes it easy to investigate security threats & offenses.

A product of multiple man-years of ScienceSoft’s SIEM development expertise, QLEAN 1.3.4 is fully validated and available on IBM App Exchange.

By making very complex things very simple, QLEAN makes QRadar maintenance easy and transparent, and frees up to 30% of admin time per year. Its unique functionality and metrics include Data Quality, Raw EPS and FPI, Rules Performance, SOC KPIs, Fine Tuning, etc.


  • New: JSON export added.
  • New: QRadar 7.3.2 support added.
  • New: Offense Analysis by Network metric added.
  • New: Rule Actions and Responses metric added.
  • Improved: All metrics available in UI.
  • Improved: QLEAN tab now available for non-admin QRadar users.
  • Improved: Drill-down capabilities.
  • Improved: Seamless connection restoring after HA failover.
  • Improved: QLEAN data backup process.
  • Improved: Additional configuration parameters.
  • Fixed: Multiple UI and processing issues.
  • Removed: Separate server installation option.

IBM and Business Partner Applications


If you are interested in trying out a full featured enterprise QLEAN license and need help with your QRadar QLEAN deployment, please email us at: qlean@scnsoft.com.



QRadar Session Manager (QSM)

Designed to manage user sessions and investigate security events using session information, even when no user account information is available in a log message.

WinCollect Deploy Assistant

Console utility created to automate unattended deployment and configuration of IBM WinCollect Agent on the MS Windows systems (unmanaged mode).

MS Exchange Integration (Audit)

Aimed to forward Admin Audit and Mailbox Audit log entries to QRadar via syslog. No need to buy overpriced third-party solutions.

Log Sources Management

Set of tools designed to automate event source management, i.e. event source creation, modification, and removal. Particularly valuable when thousands of changes need to be made in event source configurations.

And more...

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