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SIEM Materials to Download

Improving operability & performance of SIEM solutions: the case of QLEAN for IBM® Security Qradar® SIEM

A white paper introduces QLEAN – a new automated health monitoring tool for IBM Security QRadar SIEM. This document explains how QLEAN makes QRadar maintenance significantly easier, helps to improve data quality and enables operation teams to troubleshoot multiple performance issues.

IBM TSIEM to QRadar transition guide

A guide that provides a basic overview of the data migration capabilities, data storage principles and describes procedure for transition from Tivoli Security Information & Event Manager to QRadar. This document provides a high level description of how to perform the actual transition.

ScienceSoft QRadar Expertise: Custom QRadar Applications

This guide describes a set of custom solutions created within last 15+ years for IBM SIEM QRadar by ScienceSoft. The list includes, but is not limited to, such applications as QLEAN for QRadar Health Assessment, QRadar Session Manager (QSM), WinCollect Deploy Assistant, MS Exchange Integration (Audit), Log Sources Management, and many others. If you cannot find anything you are looking for, please feel to reach out to qlean@scnsoft.com and share your requirements. The ScienceSoft expert-level SIEM team is always ready to create a custom solution for YOU.

Supporting New Data Sources in SIEM Solutions: Key Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Lack of connectivity with the log data sources is one of the key impediments to successful implementation of SIEM as well as a significant cost driver. This white paper identifies key challenges in the development of solutions for data sources and provides insights into how to deal with them.