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QOR Offense Reporter

QOR Offense Reporter for IBM Security QRadar SIEM is an application that generates periodical offense reports in Excel format and sends them by email.

Offense Reports are:

  • configurable;
  • report data is separated by domains;
  • include all offenses (active, inactive, closed);
  • include a closing date, reason, notes, closed-by-user, etc.;
  • presented in MS Excel format that allows users to easily sort and filter the data.


QRadar Native Alternatives

QRadar reports allow exporting offenses to CSV format which is not quite convenient for analysis and reporting. QOR report also contains unique information that is not available in standard exported data, e.g. notes, closing reasons, offense rule name, etc.


Open Source / Apache 2.

IBM App Exchange

Available as a complimentary app within a commercial tool purchase.