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Follow a physician using a sample telehealth app with remote patient monitoring (RPM) functionality and explore the features that facilitate remote patient treatment and improve care outcomes.

Up-To-Date Patient Information

All necessary patient data can be accessed in the app due to integration with relevant software systems (LIS, RIS, EHR, etc.) and smart connected devices (e.g., watch, scales, thermometer, blood pressure monitor). On patient dashboards, health parameters are color-coded to highlight the abnormal parameters and alert a physician to take action.

Appointment Scheduling

Patients can request appointments with their doctors to get a medical consultation in the comfort of their homes. The application shows notifications on appointment requests and upcoming telemedicine consultations to help the physician comply with the schedule. Depending on a patient’s condition and symptoms, the patient-doctor interaction may happen via text messaging, audio or video call.

Treatment Plan Management

Following up the appointment, the physician creates a treatment plan (from scratch or using a template) noting down the patient’s symptoms, diagnosis, recovery recommendations, and a medication intake plan. The physician can also set up a personalized patient questionnaire aimed at symptoms tracking. The doctor receives notifications on patient health state changes registered by the connected devices (e.g., body temperature back to normal, high blood pressure) and can track the patient’s recovery progress.

Disease Prevention

Remote patient monitoring technology helps spot concerning symptoms in advance. The AI-powered system analyzes a set of parameters (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose) and identifies the patterns of the developing disease. Such predictions are especially effective in managing chronic diseases (diabetes, COPD, etc.) as they help prevent complications.


Want to Leverage Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring?

Being ISO 13485-certified to design and develop medical software according to the requirements of the FDA and the Council of the European Union, ScienceSoft can help you bring the idea of your telemedicine app with remote monitoring capabilities to life.