Patient-Centered Care with a Telehealth App

A telehealth app enables patients to:

  • Keep track of personal health records: diagnoses, allergies, vital signs, immunizations, lab tests, medications, etc.
  • Find a doctor based on a patient’s symptoms and after viewing the doctor’s competencies, education, reviews, and availability.

    Book an appointment with the doctor online.

  • Get a consultation via video chat and access the recorded video later.

  • View a personal care plan and track medication doses, as well as sign up for relevant tests online.

  • Get reminders to take the prescribed medication.

  • Monitor vitals and message a doctor for advice if the parameters exceed the norm.

  • Get prescriptions refills online and send them via the app to a conveniently located pharmacy.

  • Ask for first aid instructions in case of emergency.

Benefits a Telehealth App Brings a Healthcare Organization

  • Increased patient engagement thanks to accessible medical support, and personal health information at patient’s fingertips.
  • Fewer missed appointments due to regular appointment reminders and remote access to health professionals’ services.
  • Improved health outcomes due to simplified treatment adherence ensured by an in-app care plan, medication intake notifications, and patient-doctor messaging.
  • Reduced care delivery costs thanks to increased doctors’ efficiency and a patient’s active role in the treatment process.
  • Trusted relationships between doctors and patients based on consistent communication and personalized approach.


Develop a High-Quality Telehealth App. Fast

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