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Enterprise Applications Testing Services

Enterprise Software Testing by ScienceSoft Testing Teams

-20-40% testing costs via flexible pricing policy

Flexible testing engagements from 3 months

Experience in testing complex enterprise apps: 300+ web forms, 500+ workflows, 1,000+ business rules

Project onboarding within 1-3 days

Get Enterprise Solution Tested by High-Performing Teams!

To test business-critical apps cost- and time-effectively, ScienceSoft is ready to provide from 1 to 10 self-managed testing teams to cover each software module – up to 50 testing professionals and more.

Our Customers Say

We started working with ScienceSoft in early 2011 testing our core application called Careware. The application is quite complex and has many ERP and mobile elements in it.

We have worked with the team in very close cooperation ever since and value the professional as well as flexible attitude towards testing. Since starting our cooperation the testing team has changed in size and people, with one test engineer remaining with us for already 2 years now! We currently have a team of 3 very enthusiastic and good test engineers with whom we are very happy.”

Roderick Schipper, CTO helpLine B.V.

Enterprise Systems We Test

ScienceSoft testing teams provide expert testing of:

  • Entire enterprise IT ecosystems.
  • Complex multi-module solutions automating specific enterprise workflows.
  • Following enterprise applications:

Testing Types Comprising Our Enterprise Software Testing

Functional testing (API & UI)

We prepare user stories, develop and run test cases to ensure each functional requirement is met. Then, we prioritize the test cases to facilitate the found defects’ re-testing and future regression testing.

We check communication and data sharing between software components and with other enterprise systems to ensure flawless digital workflows and business data consistency.

Compatibility testing

We validate software compatibility with its target environment: devices and OSs, browsers and their versions, relevant hardware and network conditions.

Exploratory testing

The most experienced ScienceSoft’s test engineers perform ad-hoc testing activities emulating user behavior to validate unexpected user journeys.

ScienceSoft’s test engineers run a test suite comprising critical path test cases and the ones often running into defects, to ensure the app’s smooth functioning after any introduced changes.

Testing of new functionality

During the enterprise system’s evolution, ScienceSoft’s test engineers validate the newly introduced features with the focus on uninterrupted system’s functioning.

Note: Separate ScienceSoft testing teams can perform automated UI and API testing, if feasible for your enterprise solution’s testing project.

Note: If required by your enterprise solution’s test strategy, we also provide:

  • Security testing.
  • Performance testing.
  • Usability testing.

Our Testing Projects

Our Enterprise Software Testing Deliverables







Benefits of Enterprise Software Testing with ScienceSoft

Controllable testing costs

You can scale the number of testing teams and their members up and down depending on your current needs. Thus, you can always keep track of the involved QA resources and better control the testing budget.

High-performing testing teams

ScienceSoft’s testing team leads have 8-15 years of managerial experience in complex enterprise software testing projects and are responsible for consistently high testing teams’ performance. Our quality management system is confirmed by ISO 9001 certification. Besides, ScienceSoft’s Testing Center of Excellence accumulates QA and testing best practices, representative testing quality metrics, unified testing and defects’ description guidelines.

Result-oriented collaboration with in-house QA and development teams

ScienceSoft testing teams can be fully self-managed or accountable to your in-house QA manager. This way, our testing team leads will provide test execution reports to the QA manager. ScienceSoft’s test engineers are trained to establish effective communication with the in-house development team to ensure relevant test cases’ prioritization, efficient defects management and regression testing.

Find Your Enterprise Testing Service Option

One-time enterprise software testing

ScienceSoft testing teams deliver single-round set of manual testing activities to ensure your enterprise solution fully complies with its functional and compatibility requirements.

Go for one-time testing

Continuous testing during enterprise software development

ScienceSoft testing teams perform functional, integration, compatibility, and exploratory testing in parallel with the enterprise solution’s development.

Go for continuous testing

Long-term testing during enterprise software support

ScienceSoft testing teams carry out exploratory, regression, and release testing to support your app’s smooth evolution, as well as regular security and compliance testing performed by specialized testing professionals.

Go for long-term testing

If required, ScienceSoft experts can introduce UI and API automated testing; perform security, performance, and usability testing.

Reach Out for Enterprise Software Testing Now

Entrust your enterprise software testing to ScienceSoft to get:

  • Zero

    severe defects in production due to efficient design and prioritization of test cases.

  • -20-40%

    testing costs due to a flexible pricing policy and testing teams’ quick scaling up and down.

  • -18%

    testing time due to optimal testing resources allocation and testing teams’ self-management.

  • -15-20%

    enterprise solution’s maintenance costs due to defect detection before software release and proactive exploratory, regression, and performance testing.

Don’t Let These Benefits Slip Past Your Testing Project!

ScienceSoft’s scalable high-performing testing teams can promptly get into your project specifics (within 1-3 days) and deliver testing services within optimized testing budget and time.