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Performance Testing of Corporate Applications for a Wood Product Manufacturer

Performance Testing of Corporate Applications for a Wood Product Manufacturer



The Customer is a group of leading European companies, a manufacturer of fresh fiber cardboards, the world’s leading manufacturer of white top kraftliners, and a major paper supplier.


The Customer needed to test performance of the Customer’s solutions, check the system’s behavior under stress load and detect its bottlenecks.


ScienceSoft’s specialists carried out robust and deep performance testing for three new corporate sites using the Silk Performer tool and provided hardware monitoring for all Customer’s servers via Performance Monitor. During testing, ScienceSoft’s specialists performed the following tasks:

  • Found the maximum number of simultaneous users that can be handled by the sites.
  • Checked if the corporate applications under testing can handle 3000 users per hour.
  • Checked stability of the apps under load.
  • Compared performance of applications for different hardware/software configurations.
  • Detected system bottlenecks.
  • Assisted the development team in determining performance characteristics for various configurations.


Upon comprehensive performance testing, the Customer received a complete report from ScienceSoft’s team that revealed the following problems:

  • Network bottleneck resulting from uncompressed traffic.
  • Inefficient refreshment cache policy on the server led to periodical spikes in apps’ response time.
  • Several problems at the applications’ level.

All corporate applications have been launched in time after implementation of performance testing recommendations. After the launch, there were no complaints on apps’ performance and stability from the Customer.

Technologies and Tools

Silk Performer, Performance Monitor

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