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Software Performance Testing Services

With 35 years of experience in software testing and 23 years in test automation, ScienceSoft can define if your app meets speed, stability, and scalability requirements.

Software Performance Testing Services - ScienceSoft
Software Performance Testing Services - ScienceSoft

Software performance testing services help ensure the system’s stability and proper functioning under expected, continuous, and stress load.

ScienceSoft’s performance testing experts apply proven tools to validate the solution’s performance metrics and provide an all-around view of its performance.

Performance Testing Types ScienceSoft Conducts

We check system behavior under a set of expected load variations that help identify a number of connections the system can handle while delivering a certain response time. We also detect system bottlenecks and determine which system element is causing them.

We identify the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load. Then we check whether it will perform sufficiently if the current load goes above the expected maximum. This helps to plan the potential outrages that can result in new system connections.

Scalability testing

ScienceSoft measures the capability of a system to scale as more load is applied to it. We help to understand at which point the system stops scaling and identify the reasons for this. Results of scalability testing can be used to plan for future growth and avoid over-investment in hardware.

Stability testing

ScienceSoft checks whether the system remains stable over an extended time span (including 24/7 operation). This helps evaluate the risk of downtime to plan maintenance activities.

The later a performance defect is detected, the higher the cost of remediation. Therefore, we start testing your idea from the planning stage to proceed into the development stage with confidence of getting the maximum ROI in your solution thanks to its fault-proof performance.

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Your Software Is in Good Hands – We Guarantee

A dedicated performance testing company, we test various software types:

Application types

  1. By nature: web, mobile, and desktop applications.
  2. By function: SaaS and enterprise software (e.g., ERP, CRM, BI).
  3. By deployment: cloud-based, on-premises and hybrid software.
  1. By key technology: IoT, big data, blockchain, AI/ML, etc.
  2. By architecture: all types, including microservices and SOA-based apps.


  1. Adobe Commerce.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  3. SharePoint.
  4. Salesforce.
  1. ServiceNow.
  2. SAP.
  3. Oracle.

Our Selected Stories

Our Performance Testing Deliverables

A defect tracking log that ensures visibility and facilitates management of the defect fixing process.

A suite of re-usable performance test scripts for regular control of software performance.

Performance test results report for profound understanding of software stability, reliability, and resource consumption issues and their root causes. The test results report includes:

  • Executed performance testing types with detailed description.
  • Performance test lab components and their characteristics.
  • Summary and numerical results of test outcomes in graphs and tables, and relevant comments for each executed performance testing type.
  • Final analysis and description of software performance KPIs, their visualization via graphs and tables.

Explore the Example of Our Performance Test Report

ScienceSoft provided performance testing as a service and carried out framerate, latency and bandwidth testing for Anydesk to find the opportunities for improvement, and compared the results with the competitors.

We Test Your Software with Flexible and Reliable Tools

Our Selected Success Stories

Load Testing of a Communication Protocol for a Networking Solutions Provider

Load Testing of a Communication Protocol for a Networking Solutions Provider

ScienceSoft performed multi-level load testing of a custom communication protocol. Testing included the protocol’s data transfer speed measurement under different network bandwidth and latency conditions.

Performance Testing of Corporate Intranet and Extranet Applications

Performance Testing of Corporate Intranet and Extranet Applications

ScienceSoft tested the corporate apps to find out their maximal number of simultaneous users, check whether the apps could handle 4000 users per hour, and detect system bottlenecks.

Performance Testing of a Personnel Planning Application

Performance Testing of a Personnel Planning Application

ScienceSoft carried out preliminary software performance monitoring to outline possible architectural bottlenecks, and proceeded with load and stress testing of a personnel planning solution under development.

Pre-release Performance and Functional Testing of a Secure VoIP Mobile App

Pre-release Performance and Functional Testing of a Secure VoIP Mobile App

ScienceSoft validated the mobile app’s functionality and performance under continuous and stress load for the Gulf leader in cybersecurity solutions development.

All-Around Testing of an Ecommerce Solution, CRM, and Data Warehouse for a US Multi-Industry Corporation

All-Around Testing of an Ecommerce Solution, CRM, and Data Warehouse for a US Multi-Industry Corporation

ScienceSoft performed overarching testing of a Magento-based ecommerce solution, a CRM, and a DWH, including the validation of each solution’s performance under peak, continuous load and load spikes.

Managed Testing of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software for a US Healthcare Provider

Managed Testing of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Software for a US Healthcare Provider

ScienceSoft carried out comprehensive testing of an HIE solution, including the validation of its scalability, data transfer rate, response time, and stable functioning under heavy load.

We Take Care of Every Performance Testing Step

Without a doubt, each performance testing project is unique and requires a custom plan. Still, we’d like you to have a general picture of how your testing project may look and share sample steps below.

1. Software requirements analysis.

2. Performance testing planning and test design:

  • Choosing an optimal performance testing tool.
  • Assembling a testing team.
  • Defining performance test scenarios.
  • Identifying performance test metrics and acceptance criteria.
  • Developing performance test scripts.

3. Preparing test data and configuring test environment.

4. Running performance test scripts.

5. Analyzing the results and identifying performance bottlenecks.

6. Preparing recommendations on the way to improve software performance.

7. Retesting the system after the bottlenecks are eliminated.

ScienceSoft Values Your Time and Provides Pricing Flexibility

Flexible pricing policy

We opt for pliability in our pricing strategy and offer a fixed price engagement model for small and medium projects and T&M model for projects with an unstable testing scope.

Time-effective service delivery

ScienceSoft will need just 1-3 days to dive into your software specifics and from 2 weeks to present you with first results on your app performance.

Benefits ScienceSoft’s Performance Testing Brings

  • All-around view of actual software performance under expected, continuous, and stress load, including such KPIs as:
    • Response time.
    • Hits per second.
    • Throughput.
    • Latency.
    • Errors per second.
    • Connect time.
    • Maximal number of users.
  • Project budget cost-saving due to timely detection of performance issues and bottlenecks.
  • Optimized testing time and budget due to a re-usable performance testing suite.
  • Zero software performance issues in production due to performance testing best practices, complete and clear test report.
  • High user adoption and satisfaction rates due to validated software stability under stress and peak load.
  • Security of entrusted business data guaranteed by ISO 27001 certificate.

Improve Your Software Performance Now!

Relying on a mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certification, our testing can reveal hidden performance bottlenecks for your software to remain fully functional, reliable, and stable.