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Trusted Resources for Building Up Your Knowledge in Software Testing

Lead Test Engineer and QA Consultant, ScienceSoft

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Editor’s note: ScienceSoft’s QA team composed an overview of essential software testing resources helping you start in software testing or expand your expertise in the domain. And if you are a company looking for assistance in the operational or strategical aspect of software quality assurance, you are welcome to consider ScienceSoft’s offer in QA services.

There is a wealth of information related to software testing being scattered on the web. If you are new in the domain, it may be difficult to differentiate between the trustworthy and the unreliable information. My colleagues and I hand-picked the best-quality resources, which will catch you up on QA best practices methodologies, opinions, and software testing trends.

And those of you in search of reliable resources covering test automation are welcome to check a separate blog post.

Software testing resources

Blogs to read

Among the blogs our QA team recommends for reliable software testing insights are:

  • Sogeti’s research blog, where you will find reports highlighting current QA trends, recommendations to QA teams, and the challenges faced by the software testing domain.
  • Satisfice Blog by James Bach comprises blog posts covering a wide range of QA-related topics: test automation, software testing certifications, management aspects, risk analysis, and others.
  • Black Box Software Testing Blog by Cem Kaner, where the author shares his view on the context-driven approach to software testing and the practices it entails.
  • The Ministry of Testing, a digital magazine and a series of individual blog posts prepared by software testing professionals shedding light on the areas of their expertise.
  • Better Software Magazine from StickyMinds covers a range of topics related to increasing software quality with the focus on continuous testing, DevOps, and agile testing practice.
  • LogiGear Magazine offers infographics, surveys and blog posts all around software testing.

Channels to watch

For visual learners, we recommend the following YouTube channels:

  • EvilTester: step-by-step tutorials, hands-on tips, and software testing techniques from Alan Richardson, Agile testing and test automation coach.
  • QASymphony: in-depth webinars from a provider of enterprise-level testing tools.
  • Udacity: a series of short and entertaining, yet informative tutorials on test design and execution.
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Podcasts to listen

To conveniently integrate learning in your daily life, consider these testing-specific podcasts:

  • Software Testing/QA Podcast from the Ministry of Testing: engaging interviews with renowned software testing and QA professionals. Along with covering the technical aspect of software testing, the podcast dwells on such issues as diversity and inclusion in the software testing community.
  • AB Testing Podcast: Alan Page, QA Director at Unity, and Brent Jensen, Data Scientists at Microsoft, talk about the key aspects of modern testing.

Profiles to follow

Finally, we suggest subscribing to the accounts of these QA evangelists in order to get fast access to the recent testing news, events, and best practices:

  • Alan Page: QA Director at Unity, who has been Director of Testing Center of Excellence at Microsoft for 22 years. The author of the book “How We Test Software at Microsoft”, host of the AB Testing podcast.
  • Richard Bradshaw: CEO at Ministry of Testing, a learning network dedicated to software testing and QA, public speaker.
  • Michael Bolton: Software testing evangelist, co-author of the Rapid Software Testing methodology.
  • Sandra Parker: Head of BizDev at QArea, software development and QA company.
  • Bria Grangard: Product Marketing Manager, who manages four software testing products (including CrossBrowserTesting, Hiptest, and QAComplete) with an audience of 6 million users.

Make testing a success!

Software testing and QA requires the foundation of knowledge and skills, which you can expand relying on the resources above. However, if the operational aspect of testing is not your realm, ScienceSoft’s QA team will be glad to offer you the required assistance, just leave us a request.

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