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Integration Testing Services

Entrust Integration Testing to Experts

Having 35 years of experience in software testing, ScienceSoft helps find defects and unwanted behavior in integration points (between code modules/individual applications), however complex test cases and voluminous test data are needed.

Integration Testing Services – ScienceSoft
Integration Testing Services – ScienceSoft

Integration testing services are required to determine if combined software parts or individual applications function together correctly and find defects and troublesome behavior in integration points.

Why ScienceSoft

  • 35 years in software testing services and 23 years in test automation services.
  • 730+ successfully completed testing projects since 2010.
  • ISTQB-certified test engineers.
  • Experience in testing software for 30+ industries, including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistics, professional services, healthcare, financial services, oil & gas, telecommunications.
  • ISO 9001-certified to guarantee service quality.
  • ISO 27001-certified to guarantee your data security.
  • Adherence to standardized defects description, test cases design, and test reporting.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Integration Testing Deliverables

During service delivery, ScienceSoft provides you with the following documentation:

  • A detailed plan of integration testing activities with designed test cases and written automated test scripts.
  • Test execution reports (on a build/daily/weekly basis or any other); a list of defects found and submitted to the defects tracking system.
  • A test metrics report based on the defined metrics and a test summary report.

Software ScienceSoft Tests

Different types of software

  1. Web, mobile and desktop apps.
  2. Enterprise software (ERP, CRM, BPA, HCM, SCM, PPM, BI, data warehouses) & SaaS.
  3. Microservices and SOA-based apps.
  1. IoT, big data applications, blockchain, AI/ML and others.
  2. Software for medical devices, PoS, ATM, VR, etc.

Custom and platform-based software

Including the following platforms:

  1. SAP
  2. Oracle
  3. Dynamics 365
  4. Salesforce
  5. Adobe Commerce (Magento)
  1. SharePoint
  2. Sage
  3. Acumatica
  4. NetSuite
  5. ServiceNow, etc.

Different deployment models

  1. Cloud-based, on-premises and hybrid servers.
  1. Computers, mobile devices, wearables, PoS servers, medical devices, ATMs, VR devices.

Entrusting Integration Testing to ScienceSoft You Get

Up to -50% testing costs

due to:

  • Instant scalability of testing teams.
  • Flexible pricing policy.
  • Ability to select the right testing competencies and experience for your project.

-18% testing time

due to:

  • Optimal testing resources allocation.
  • Self-management and reliance on best practices gathered through 730+ completed testing projects.
  • Testers’ hard and soft skills most appropriate to the required tasks.

Your Questions about Integration Testing Services Answered

Will I be able to retain control and visibility over the integration testing process?

ScienceSoft regularly provides testing metrics and tailored testing reports so that the customer is able to keep track of all the testing activities and testing tasks progress.

My project requires a lot of domain and business knowledge, will you be able to ensure effective testing?

ScienceSoft has worked with 30+ industries and tested multiple solution types. Besides, our testing teams can establish effective collaboration with other project teams and stakeholders.

Entrusting testing to a vendor poses security risks. How do you ensure the security of the data you get access to?

To prevent customers' data from disclosure to a 3rd party, ScienceSoft uses VPNs, SSLS, and encryption protocols combined with multiple internal security measures. Being ISO 27001 certified, we guarantee the safety of your data.

Integration Testing Services We Provide

Continuous integration testing during the entire app lifecycle

ScienceSoft’s team:

  • Plans and runs software integrations testing every iteration during development.
  • Cooperates with the business, development and maintenance teams.
  • Provides integration testing result reports every sprint.
  • Tests internal and external integrations during software evolution.
Go for testing during app lifecycle

Continuous integration testing during agile SDLC

ScienceSoft’s testing team:

  • Plans and runs integration testing every iteration throughout software development.
  • Provides per-sprint reports.
  • Collaborates with business and development teams.
Go for testing during SDLC

One-time integration testing

ScienceSoft’s team:

  • Designs a test plan and tests integrations after software implementation.
  • After defects fixing by the development team, conducts retesting and regression testing.
  • Provides integration testing results report.
Go for one-time integration testing

Explore ScienceSoft’s Integration Testing Projects

Testing of a B2C Ecommerce Solution for a Multi-Industry Company

Testing of a B2C Ecommerce Solution for a Multi-Industry Company

ScienceSoft ran requirement-based and integration tests to ensure that the Customer’s new B2C store correctly integrates with the Customer’s ERP and BI modules and the B2B e-store created earlier.

Automated Web Application Testing for a US-based SaaS Provider

Automated Web Application Testing for a US-based SaaS Provider

Within rather tight timelines, ScienceSoft tested integrations between a new briefing editor web application and a CRM system. Automated integration testing helped to deliver a fully functioning web application on time.

Testing of a Web and a Mobile Application for a Care Management Solutions Provider

Testing of a Web and a Mobile Application for a Care Management Solutions Provider

In parallel with the development process, ScienceSoft carried out integration testing of a web and a mobile application for health information exchange to ensure the correct flow of data between the app’s components and the database. Test engineers employed Postman and a custom tool for testing and validating HL7 interfaces.

The Scope of Integration Testing Services by ScienceSoft


Software requirements analysis


Test planning and test design


Test execution and results reporting


Continuous optimization

Approaches to Integration Testing ScienceSoft Applies

Big-Bang Approach

After all software modules have been deployed and integrated, we test them as a whole at once.

Best for: small-sized projects with fewer integrated modules.

Bottom-up Approach

We test lower-level modules first gradually moving towards high-level ones.

Best for: object-oriented systems and systems with strict performance requirements.

Top-down Approach

We start with testing high-level modules and gradually progress towards the lower-level ones.

Best for: structure- or procedure-oriented systems.

Sandwich Approach

A combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches.

Best for: large projects with many subprojects.

Best practice: ScienceSoft increases integration test efficiency and decreases testing costs by:

  • Minimizing test suites.
  • Prioritizing test cases.
  • Automating test cases.
  • Adopting open-source tools (considering security risks in each particular case).

Technologies We Use

Need to Test Software Internal & External Integrations Fast and Effectively?

ScienceSoft’s team will go into the details of your project and validate your software internal and external integrations.