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Offshore Software Testing Services

Get Cost-Effective QA from Pros around the Globe

In software testing since 1989, ScienceSoft gathers the best talents worldwide to offer mature offshore testing services that help reduce testing costs but never ask you to compromise on quality.

Offshore Software Testing Services - ScienceSoft
Offshore Software Testing Services - ScienceSoft

Offshore software testing is a widely adopted practice of outsourcing the testing processes to a vendor located in a different country and time zone, thus reducing testing costs and ensuring round-the-clock software testing.

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From North America to Europe and the Middle East – our testing talents are located worldwide to test your software quality 24/7.

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We Know How to Handle Software of Any Complexity

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Why Choose ScienceSoft as Your Offshore Software Testing Company

Over the past 34 years, ScienceSoft's team members around the globe:

  • Successfully completed over 730 testing projects.
  • Gathered vast expertise in testing for 30+ industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, BFSI, and telecoms.
  • Obtained ISTQB certifications to prove their professional approach to QA and deep knowledge of best industry practices.
  • Acquired ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 13485 certifications that support the maturity of our quality management system, guarantee full security of customer data, and prove ScienceSoft's expertise in testing medical devices and SaMD.
  • Never stopped honing their skills: 80% of ScienceSoft's test engineers have 10+ years of experience and have stayed on top of their game for decades.

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Why Our Customers Opt for Offshore Testing

-20-30% testing costs

With offshore QA and testing services, you avoid the costly process of hiring and training an in-house testing team and benefit from lower rates of offshore teams.

-10-15% software time to market

We establish follow-the-sun workflows, incorporate testing into your CI/CD pipeline, and introduce test automation to help you release quality software quicker.

On-demand testing expertise

You get quick access to our testing experts' skills and industry expertise and can easily pick the talents located in a convenient time zone.

Still Have Doubts about Offshore Testing? We Have Answers

Will you be able to establish smooth communication with the development team despite the time zone differences?

We schedule regular meetings adjusting to the time zone differences to ensure that our testing team and your development team stay on the same page.

What’s more, you can benefit from time zone differences: we apply the follow-the-sun model that helps reduce the time to market - while your developers wrap up for the day, our testers jump into action to have test reports ready by the time the development team gets back to the office the next morning.

How can we be sure you provide us with skilled specialists who will deliver high-quality services?

Our testing teams with ISTQB-certified test engineers on board deliver high-quality testing services backed by ISO 9001 certification. To ensure consistently high performance of our offshore testing teams, ScienceSoft accumulates best QA practices in the internal Testing Center of Excellence and follows our proprietary Integrated Manual and Automated Testing approach.

How can we reliably track the progress of an offshore testing team?

To ensure the full transparency of the testing activities, ScienceSoft provides regular detailed test reports following ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2021.

Can an offshore testing team ensure the security of our data?

We use multiple internal security measures, such as VPNs, SSL certificates, and encryption protocols, to guarantee the safety of the data we access. Our security processes are backed by ISO 27001 certification.

Always Know What You're Paying For

Throughout the testing process, we provide exhaustive documentation and regular reports. Among the main deliverables you'll receive from ScienceSoft are:

  • A detailed testing strategy and a test plan with transparent KPIs for the testing team.
  • Reusable test cases and automated test scripts that ensure optimal requirements coverage and high cost efficiency of testing.
  • Comprehensive test reports, including:
    • Test execution reports.
    • Test summary reports.
    • Reports with detailed defects description, classification, and root cause analysis.

We Use Only Reliable Technologies

Hire Offshore Experts and Get the Results You Want

Continuous testing

ScienceSoft can provide all-around testing services during software development and evolution, following frequent Agile releases.

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One-time testing

We can perform a single round of testing to confirm the quality of your software before it goes live. ScienceSoft can also conduct an independent quality assessment of already operating apps.

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QA Consulting

Our QA experts will evaluate the maturity level of your current QA process and implement the necessary improvements. We can also help set up the QA processes and CI/CD pipelines from scratch.

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Explore Our Testing Projects

Offshore End-to-End Testing of a Highly Ranked Mobile Banking Application

Offshore End-to-End Testing of a Highly Ranked Mobile Banking Application

ScienceSoft performed continuous Agile testing of an award-winning mobile banking app. The project has been live for 5+ years. The banking app ranks 4.8 in Google Play and is in the 50-100K range of downloads.

Full-Cycle Testing of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

Full-Cycle Testing of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

ScienceSoft performed full-cycle testing of a web app used to streamline the complex process of damage estimation for insured cars. The testing helped prove that the app worked as intended in the required browsers and languages and across the chosen platforms.

CRM Testing for an Automotive Enterprise Software Provider

CRM Testing for an Automotive Enterprise Software Provider

ScienceSoft performed functional testing of Microsoft Dynamics-based CRM software and helped launch a highly competitive customer and vehicle relationship system for the automotive industry.

Employee Portal Testing for an International Telecom Company

Employee Portal Testing for an International Telecom Company

ScienceSoft performed functional, data migration, and localization testing of an employee portal for an international telecom company, validating the seamless data migration and ensuring that the solution worked well from day one. ScienceSoft also verified that the portal's content was rendered correctly in the two target languages.

Testing of a Video Streaming Application

Testing of a Video Streaming Application

During 5+ years of collaboration, ScienceSoft conducted comprehensive testing of a video streaming app to ensure its stability, smooth operation on various screens and devices, and compliance with diverse requirements set by network carriers, broadcasters, and content owners.

End-to-End Testing of a Multifunctional Mobile App for a Large Retail Company

End-to-End Testing of a Multifunctional Mobile App for a Large Retail Company

ScienceSoft performed comprehensive testing of a multifunctional mobile app for a large retail company and ensured that the app was working smoothly across different mobile platforms. The app stably ranks 4.5+ in Google Play Store.

Testing of a Cloud-Based Citizen Service Portal

Testing of a Cloud-Based Citizen Service Portal

ScienceSoft performed end-to-end testing of a complex multi-user web application for utility services and ensured the platform's compatibility with popular browsers. The app is now widely used by over 30% of local government bodies nationwide.

Still Having Doubts about Offshore Software Testing Services?

With ScienceSoft, you don't have to choose between low costs and testing quality: we are ready to provide competitive prices while maintaining the highest quality standards required by ISO 9001 and ISTQB. Reach out to us today, and our mature testing experts will jump into your project within 1–3 days.

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