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ScienceSoft’s Approach to QA & Testing Services

Since 1989 in software testing, ScienceSoft provides QA consulting, manual and automated testing services ensuring high testing quality and transparency, as well as time- and cost-effectiveness, our customers’ data security.

ScienceSoft in Numbers

  • 75+

    test engineers onboard

  • 35

    years in software testing services

  • 22

    years in QA consulting

Highlights of QA Services by ScienceSoft

High testing quality

ScienceSoft relies on a mature quality management system confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate, measures the testing progress and performance of test engineers against tailored KPI sets, and shares regular project reports.

Our typical KPI suite includes the following testing metrics:

  • Test coverage.
  • Average and total number of created, executed, and updated test cases.
  • Average and total number of found defects.
  • Ratio between actual and estimated testing efforts.
  • Defects leakage, etc.

Testing cost-effectiveness

ScienceSoft’s QA team maximizes the efficiency of testing services due to:

  • Advising on the optimal test coverage.
  • Designing testing matrices and easily maintainable test suites.
  • Checking the feasibility of test automation and ensuring its effective establishment.
  • Opting for up-to-date and re-usable testing frameworks and tools.
  • Developing and maintaining data- and/or keyword-driven testing frameworks.

As a result, our customers may have a 20-40% reduction in testing costs.

Time-effectiveness of testing services

ScienceSoft’s QA team adheres to streamlined testing processes and best practices to comply with rigid deadlines. It usually takes us:

  • 1-3 days to fulfill project analysis and onboarding.
  • From 2 weeks to perform all testing activities planned for an iteration.
  • From 3 weeks to introduce test automation to a project.
  • 1-2 hours to validate urgent software fixes.

Testing transparency

ScienceSoft’s test engineers provide a comprehensive set of test artifacts and reports, including:

  • Test strategy and plan.
  • Test cases and test automation scripts.
  • Reports on found defects with clear defect descriptions.
  • Test execution reports.
  • Reports on the fulfillment of KPIs.
  • Testing summary reports.

Note: If required, ScienceSoft’s testing team can transfer knowledge and/or provide training to your in-house or third-party testing team.

Flexible cooperation models

ScienceSoft’s customers can choose the cooperation model best fitting their testing requirements and project specifics:

  • Self-managed testing teams – from 1 to 10 testing teams (test lead + test engineers) to handle QA of the entire software /software module.
  • Managed testing teams - from 2 to 5 test engineers in a team to be governed by your in-house QA manager.
  • Team augmentation - from 1 to 60 individual test engineers can complement your in-house QA team.

Close collaboration with the development team

ScienceSoft’s test engineers align the testing activities with project specifics (e.g., iteration deadlines, urgent testing tasks, changing requirements) to ensure:

  • Testing time reduction.
  • Adjusting testing activities to DevOps practices.
  • Efficient implementation of risk-based testing.

Business data security

With 21 years in cybersecurity services, ScienceSoft ensures the security of business data entrusted to us based on the information security management system certified by ISO 27001.

Steps of the Software Testing Process by ScienceSoft

To deliver full-cycle QA and testing services, ScienceSoft’s testing experts perform:


Requirements analysis and test planning


Test design


Test execution and reporting

Pricing Models ScienceSoft Applies for Software Testing Services

Fixed fee

Best for:

  • A definite scope of required testing services (e.g., one-time acceptance testing or testing before a major release).

Time & Material

Best for:

  • QA consulting projects.
  • A changeable scope of needed QA and testing services.
  • Long-term QA partnerships (e.g., testing during software evolution).

Need a QA Partner with Robust Testing Practices?

ScienceSoft can help ensure smooth functioning, flawless integration, high performance and security of complex software within optimal testing time and budget.