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QA outsourcing can help ensure high software quality within optimized testing time and budget and let you focus on business and project goals.

Since 1989, ScienceSoft has been providing comprehensive QA and software testing services to help our customers deliver smoothly and fully functioning, stable, scalable, secure, and user-friendly software solutions.

Don’t Know How to Make QA Work for Your Project?

ScienceSoft’s QA team will take the software testing burden off your shoulders. We will cover the whole scope of your QA needs, increasing the cost-effectiveness of QA activities by up to 30%.

  • 75+ full-time QA professionals experienced in complex projects.
  • ISTQB-certified QA engineers.
  • Self-managed teams ready to cater to a continuous software testing process and possible QA issues.
  •  Efficient quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certificate.
  •  Customer information safety ensured by ISO 27001 certification.
  • QA in line with popular software development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, CI/CD, and more).

Why Outsource QA

Depending on the project complexity, delegating software testing to an experienced QA outsourcing company can save

20 - 30% of a project budget and 10 - 15% of time to market.

Here are some other reasons to turn to outsourced QA.

An optimal QA team

With outsourced QA and software testing, you get the team of a precisely needed number and expertise. A service provider takes off the burden of both looking for a qualified QA professional or a test engineer and educating the existing ones to obtain competence in the project specific testing types or tools.

A shorter development life cycle and quicker QA improvements

Choosing a reliable outsourced software testing company, you get the best testing practices, test automation tools and frameworks to reduce testing time and efficiently address your project requirements and deadlines. Additionally, with QA outsourcing, you can get to a higher QA maturity level and reach your software quality management goals much quicker and easier.

A fresh approach

A quality assurance outsourcing company can introduce an outside perspective and a set of professional practices that tend to be several-fold more effective than just relying on your in-house resources. Also, the involvement of an external team psychologically encourages both the developers and the employed QA staff to find and eliminate possible defects.

Forefront tools

QA outsourcing providers rely on advanced test management, bug tracking, and test automation tools and technologies to make the testing process faster and more efficient. Among the most popular test automation tools in use are Selenium, Appium, Ranorex, Microsoft Coded UI Tests, etc.

Predictable costs

Getting a professional team of balanced number and qualifications along with transparent quotes helps to make the QA and testing budget coherent and predictable. If the project scope allows automated testing, the efforts and thus the costs will get another reduction.

Our Selected Success Stories

QA Outsourcing for an International Video Streaming Services Provider

QA Outsourcing for an International Video Streaming Services Provider

ScienceSoft performed functional, usability, and compatibility testing of a video streaming application and its numerous customized versions on 15+ target devices.

Managed Testing Services for a Global Digital Imaging Leader

QA Outsourcing for a Global Digital Imaging Leader

We carried out automated functional testing of an innovative cross-platform desktop application for image processing and validated its integration with third-party tools.

QA Outsourcing for a European eLearning Leader

QA Outsourcing for a European eLearning Leader

ScienceSoft’s team did functional, usability, and integration testing of an LCMS product line comprising web, mobile, and desktop apps, and verified their compatibility with SCORM.


Cooperation with ScienceSoft unfolds as follows:


Transition stage


Service delivery stage


Evolution stage


Product-level QA outsourcing

Multi-product QA outsourcing

Complete QA outsourcing

Transformational QA outsourcing

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ScienceSoft will set up an optimal QA process, as well as execute and manage relevant QA and testing activities for you to deliver quality software fast.