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ScienceSoft – Global IT Company

ScienceSoft is a global IT consulting and software development company providing full-range IT services. With 34 years in software testing services, ScienceSoft has built deep expertise in manual and automated testing of complex enterprise and customer-facing, cloud-based and SaaS software.

Our proactive testing experts can dive into your project within 1-3 days and thoroughly validate every aspect of your software: functional, integrational, compatibility, performance, usability, and security.

ScienceSoft in Brief

  • 75+

    test engineers

  • ISTQB-certified

    testing professionals

  • 730+

    successful testing projects

  • ISO 9001-certified

    quality management system

ScienceSoft's Geography

Headquartered in the US and operating internationally, our QA team ensures software quality for companies globally. We deliver testing services to our customers in the regions:

North America

Office locations: USA

Europe and the UK

Office locations: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

The Gulf

Office locations: UAE, Saudi Arabia

Note: ScienceSoft ensures the on-site availability of our testing experts in these regions, if required.

ScienceSoft’s Story









Scope of ScienceSoft’s QA Services

Software testing services

We offer manual and automated testing activities within one-time and continuous testing engagements that include such testing types as:

  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Localization testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing

QA outsourcing

We take charge of the entire quality assurance process:

  • Designing the QA strategy and test plan.
  • Estimating the relevancy of test automation for the project and calculating its ROI.
  • Integrating all relevant testing activities into the SDLC and performing them.
  • Providing regular test reports and reports on the QA team’s performance.
  • Managing the testing team and enhancing its performance.

QA consulting

We help eliminate QA process constraints, achieve higher QA maturity by:

  • QA process setup.
  • QA process audit and improvement.
  • QA consulting to obtain software, process, or QA maturity certifications.
  • Advising on efficient test automation implementation.
  • Advising on testing a specific software type (e.g., IoT, big data, SaaS software).
  • Training the in-house QA team.

ScienceSoft’s Customers

We have collaborated with 1200+ businesses from 71 countries. Some of our prominent customers include:

During 34 years of software testing services delivery, ScienceSoft’s testing professionals have accumulated expertise in 30+ industries, including:

After looking through numerous candidates, we set our choice upon ScienceSoft and, over the course of our close cooperation, we haven’t regretted the decision. In terms of … automated testing services, they fulfilled our expectations and became very valuable for the projects.

At the present moment, their specialists are working together with our employees in mixed teams smoothly, just as well-integrated units. We would definitely recommend working with ScienceSoft as a long-term partner.

Norbert Nagy, Co-Founder and CEO, GuideVision

Highlights of ScienceSoft’s QA and Testing

QA consultants with 8-15 years in QA management.

80% of test engineers with 10+ years of experience in software testing.

Comprehensive set of testing deliverables:

  • Test suites, test cases, and test automation scripts.
  • Regular defects and test execution reports.
  • Testing summary report and report on testing KPIs fulfillment.
  • Test artifacts compliant with ISO/IEC 29119.

High testing quality ensured by the KPI-based control over the testing performance.

In-house Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) accumulating testing best practices and quality metrics, reliable testing frameworks, and testing guidelines to ensure high QA and testing performance.

ScienceSoft’s Cooperation Models for QA and Testing Services

Self-managed testing teams

We provide from 1 to 10 testing teams comprising an experienced test lead and a flexible number of test engineers (from 2 to 5) to handle the full range of QA and testing activities within your project.

Managed testing teams

We provide a testing team to take over a part or the whole scope of testing activities within your project under the control of your in-house QA manager.

Team augmentation with test engineers

We offer a flexible number of testing experts (from 1 to 60 at a time) with required expertise (e.g., Senior and Middle Test Engineers, testers experienced with specific testing types) to complement your in-house QA team.

Pricing Models for QA Services by ScienceSoft

Fixed fee

Best for:

  • A definite scope of required testing services (e.g., one-time UAT or major release testing).

Time & Material

Best for:

  • QA consulting.
  • A changeable scope of needed QA and testing services.
  • Long-term QA partnerships (e.g., testing goes in parallel with complex software development and/or evolution).

Get Expert Testing Services of Your Choice!

ScienceSoft’s testing professionals can carry out full-range testing activities (from test planning, test cases design and execution, to test reporting) for you to optimize testing budget and time and ensure no defect sneaks into production.

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