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Software Quality Audit and Assessment

Software Quality Audit and Assessment - ScienceSoft

Quality assessment can provide a quick insight into the software code quality or the solution’s compliance with specific standards.

ScienceSoft’s quality assessment experts validate software compliance with industry-specific standards (HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS, GLBA); perform manual code review and automated code audit to ensure the code’s quality and adherence to coding conventions.

Get Software Code Quality & Compliance Validated!

In software development and QA services since 1989, ScienceSoft evaluates your software quality, provides a comprehensive quality report, and a set of recommendations to ensure software is up-to-date, cybersecure, and complaint with relevant regulations.

When You Need Software Quality Assessment

We especially recommend quality assessment in the following cases:

The problems with a software product may threaten users’ security and even lives

Software failures can cause more than inconveniences for users. In some cases, sensitive information can be compromised (e.g. with banking and retail software glitches) and even human lives can be put under threat (e.g., glitches in software for medical devices). If pure testing may be not enough, we suggest option for code review to discover the reasons for the defects in software functionality, security, usability, and other aspects.

You consider the purchase of exclusive software product rights

Purchasing the software product rights, it’s important to understand real product quality and potential. We conduct quality assessment to help you avoid unexpected glitches in a solution’s functionality, security and other aspects. We also identify beforehand which parts of the product will need improvements and what time and budget will be needed to implement them. It helps you prevent customer complaints and lost marketing opportunities.

You want to avoid high investment risks and/or improve cost management

With huge investments in updating the one already in use, it’s prudent to take an additional step to be sure of the quality of this solution. A high-quality software product based on a reliable and flexible architecture costs less to maintain and is easier and, consequently, cheaper to update. We are ready to conduct comprehensive quality assessment and detect the drawbacks and defects in the solution’s code and architecture. The earlier such defects are identified and fixed, the better it is for every project stakeholder in terms of time and ROI.

You face the choice of whether to support legacy software or create/buy new solutions

In such a context, there’s a need to assess the quality of your legacy software and analyze whether it can bring benefits if updated and what risks will accompany this decision. We are ready to help you detect the weaknesses that need to be fixed to prepare your solution for an update. Being aware of potential costs and risks, you can make an informed decision whether it’s reasonable to implement updates or whether it’s better to buy new software.

What We Offer

Within the framework of software quality assessment, our specialists assess an IT solution’s quality from different angles: complete or partial code review including its compliance with widely used coding standards or stick to the standards a customer prefers.

We can also verify the compliance of your software with needed standards and regulations (for example, HIPAA, GAMP, PCI DSS). Our professionals prepare a report featuring the issues identified in your software and their influence on your solution’s quality and advice on improvements, if needed.

  • With 35 years in IT, we guarantee the understanding of users’ needs and expectations by selecting specialists with the domain expertise for every project.
  • Get most value from our quality assessment services that are based on the ISO 9001-confirmed mature quality management system: established and vetted practices, result-driven QA professionals and transparent service delivery.
  • Your data stays safe on our side - we rely on our ISO 27001-backed information security management system based on continuously improving security policies and processes, security-savvy teams and industry regulation compliance.

3 Stages to Software Quality Assessment

Our approach to quality assessment comprises the following stages:


Assessment planning


Assessment implementation


Assessment report

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