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Independent Testing Services

Benefit from Impartial Testing of Your Software

With established Agile and DevOps cultures and 35 years in software testing, ScienceSoft provides independent testing services to ensure software quality and security and accelerates the release of new products and software builds.

Independent Testing Services - ScienceSoft
Independent Testing Services - ScienceSoft

Independent testing services aim to deliver an impartial software quality check by professional testers related to neither the developers nor consumers of the software. Entrusting the testing process to an independent test team ensures reduced testing costs, lower risks and improved flexibility of the testing process due to the team’s expertise and scalability.

When You May Need Independent Testing by ScienceSoft

You need to ensure regulatory compliance

Your Agile team works in regulatory compliance environment, and independent software testing is required by law.

You need to check the quality of a contractor’s work

You outsource some or all development functions and need to validate a vendor’s work.

You work in a complex high-risk domain

You develop life-critical software or a financial derivative processing solution, etc. and need uninfluenced testing that covers domain specifics and risks.

You work in a complex technical environment

You work with multiple technologies (including advanced techs like big data, IoT, AI). Due to the complexity and quantity of the constituents, it can be difficult to test your system.

Your project involves distributed teams

You have several development and testing teams working on different system components. An independent testing team is necessary to verify the system as a whole.

Scope of Independent Testing Services by ScienceSoft

Testing types

  • Functional (including regression and integration).
  • Usability.
  • Compatibility.
  • Performance.
  • Security.

Application types

  • By nature: Web, mobile and desktop applications.
  • By function: Enterprise software (e.g., ERP, CRM, BI) & SaaS.
  • By key technology: IoT, big data, blockchain, AI/ML and more.


  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Adobe Commerce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • SharePoint
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow, etc.

Selected Projects by ScienceSoft

Independent Web Application Testing for Mobile Nursing Service Providers

Independent Web Application Testing for Mobile Nursing Service Providers

Delivering continuous testing services to the Customer for 5+ years, ScienceSoft performed functional and regression testing during the application life cycle thus helping the Customer to deliver a fully functioning, comprehensive web application that facilitates mobile nursing providers’ work.

Independent Testing of Health Information Exchange Software for US Healthcare Providers

Independent Testing of Health Information Exchange Software for US Healthcare Providers

ScienceSoft tested HIE software to ensure its smooth and sufficient functionality, proper integrations with varied EHR systems, compatibility with required web browsers and versions of mobile OSs, and the system’s performance under continuous load and simultaneous utilization by multiple users.

Independent End-to-End Testing of a Highly Ranked Mobile Banking Application

Independent End-to-End Testing of a Highly Ranked Mobile Banking Application

ScienceSoft performed continuous Agile testing of an award-winning mobile banking app. The project has been on for 5+ years. In the 50-100K range of downloads, the app ranks 4.8 in Google Play.

Impartial Full-Cycle Testing of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

Impartial Full-Cycle Testing of a Web Application for Car Insurance Claim Estimation

ScienceSoft performed a comprehensive full-cycle testing to ensure the Customer’s app works as intended in the specified browsers, across the chosen platforms, and in the specified languages.

Independent Testing of a Video Streaming Application

Independent Testing of a Video Streaming Application

During 5+ years of collaboration, ScienceSoft conducted comprehensive testing of the Customer’s app to ensure its compliance with diverse requirements set by the Customer’s end users, stability and seamless operation on multiple digital screens.

Unbiased Full-Range Testing of a 3G/Wi-Fi Connection Management Software

Unbiased Full-Range Testing of a 3G/Wi-Fi Connection Management Software

As a result of ScienceSoft’s full-scale testing activities and close communication with the on-site team, the Customer significantly improved the app’s security and functionality and managed to release multiple custom versions of the basic application for mobile operators in Europe and Asia.

Impartial Performance Testing of Corporate Applications for a Wood Product Manufacturer

Impartial Performance Testing of Corporate Applications for a Wood Product Manufacturer

ScienceSoft carried out robust performance testing of the Customer’s corporate sites and helped find and eliminate main bottlenecks in the corporate apps performance.

ScienceSoft as an Independent Software Testing Company

  • 35 years in software testing services and 23 years in test automation.
  • 730+ testing projects.
  • ISTQB-certified test engineers.
  • Experience in 30+ industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, retail, telecom, etc.
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified to ensure test data protection and testing services compliance with an established quality management system.
  • Strong QA management able to coordinate and control project-wide/enterprise-wide QA and testing processes.
  • ScienceSoft is a 3-Year Champion in The Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies Rating by the Financial Times.

Value of Independent Testing by ScienceSoft

Up to -30%

testing costs due to:

  • Access to our testing best practices, test environments, and tools.


time to market due to:

  • Incorporating testing into a CI/CD pipeline.
  • Relevant test automation.


software maintenance costs due to:

  • Defect detection before a software release.

Independent Software Testing FAQ Answered by ScienceSoft

1. Being isolated from the development team, will an independent testing team be able to correctly prioritize test cases?



ScienceSoft carefully plans testing activities and prioritizes test cases based on the possible damage that a certain software defect can cause.

To reduce communication silos and achieve effective collaboration between the development and independent testing teams, the development team should regularly make their working builds available to the independent testing team. The independent test team does not need a detailed requirements specification, although they may need architecture diagrams, a scope overview, and a list of changes since the last build.


2. Will an independent testing team be able to comply with our tight deadlines?



To meet tough timeframes, e.g., of an Agile project, we can run independent testing in parallel with development:

Independent testing schema - ScienceSoft

* The scheme by Disciplined Agile Consortium

Where test automation is feasible, ScienceSoft applies a reasonable share of test automation and reusable test scripts to reduce testing time and keep with the deadlines.


3. How can an independent testing vendor ensure all the necessary testing competencies?



To ensure the high quality of ScienceSoft’s services, our Testing Center of Excellence accumulates testing best practices in multiple domains, reliable testing frameworks and tools, a comprehensive set of testing KPIs, as well as our unique testing guidelines. Our testing services are compliant with an ISO 9001-certified quality management system.


4. How can a vendor ensure the transparency of all independent testing activities?



ScienceSoft always documents all the testing activities and provides regular and detailed test results reports in accordance with ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119-3:2013.


Tools ScienceSoft Employs for Independent Software Testing

ScienceSoft’s Approach to Independent Testing

1. Analyzing the software requirements and the developed functionality.

2. Designing an independent testing strategy and a test plan.

3. Carrying out test design: specifying the number of tests to be performed and the test conditions, creating test suites.

4. Designing and prioritizing test cases.

5. Conducting test automation feasibility study.

6. Developing test automation scripts, if applicable.

7. Choosing and configuring testing tools.

8. Setting up the required test environment.

9. Executing manual and/or automated tests.

10. Reporting on the testing activities and results.

11. Continuous testing process optimization.

Independent Testing Deliverables by ScienceSoft

  • A detailed testing strategy and a test plan with defined KPIs for the testing teams.
  • Designed test cases grouped into test suites.
  • Written automated test scripts.
  • Detailed testing reports:

    • Test execution reports.
    • Test summary report.
    • Reports with defect descriptions and a root cause analysis.
    • Regular performance reports.

Independent Software Testing Services by ScienceSoft

Continuous testing during app life cycle

ScienceSoft’s team runs full-scale testing during the entire application life cycle: development, support and evolution.

Go for testing during app lifecycle

Continuous testing during SDLC

ScienceSoft’s team continuously runs comprehensive testing throughout the software development process.

Go for testing during SDLC

One-time testing

ScienceSoft’s testing team performs a single-round set of comprehensive testing activities to ensure the customer’s software solution complies with functional and quality requirements before going live.

Go for one-time testing

Interested in Unbiased Testing of Your Software?

We will bring in our experience and best practices to impartially validate the quality of your software causing no bottlenecks to the pace of development.