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Dmitry Kurskov

I supervise the provision of managed security services at ScienceSoft.
Head of Information Security Department,

Having started his IT career in 1994, Dmitry joined ScienceSoft as a system administrator in 1997. From 2004 to 2008, Dmitry has worked as ICT Support Team Lead mentoring the ICT support team. With the management experience he got during these years at ScienceSoft, Dmitry became Head of IT Department in 2008. Later on, considering the importance of cybersecurity in the fast evolving IT world, Dmitry decided to refocus on cybersecurity services ScienceSoft provided and develop this direction. In 2017, he became Head of Information Security Department.

At ScienceSoft, Dmitry manages the design and implementation of information security solutions within the company’s IT infrastructure and supervises the provision of managed security services to ScienceSoft’s clients. He’s contributed a lot to the development, review, and enhancement of the security policies applied within the corporate network. In 2018, Dmitry became an IBM Certified Deployment Professional. In the course of one of his recent projects, he applied the acquired skills and knowledge to manage the design, implementation and configuration of a SIEM solution for an American IT consulting and software development company.

Dmitry likes to say:

In our information security department, we understand that applying cybersecurity measures once and forgetting about them forever is not a good strategy. The corporate security level should be regularly monitored, assessed, tested, and improved.

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