Salesforce Support & Administration

support services to ensure stability of your Salesforce

Anticipate performance issues and react in time to keep customer relationships outstanding.

A sound health of your Salesforce is the key to keeping a high quality of customer service. ScienceSoft’s experts in Salesforce technical support and maintenance apply 10 years of CRM experience to ensure a stable performance of your system.

From user training and troubleshooting to identifying improvement areas, tuning the system, and implementing custom features, our Salesforce support team will do whatever it takes to make your CRM experience smooth. If necessary, we will fill a gap in your internal IT resources scaling up the team quickly.

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Salesforce challenges we solve

  • Salesforce complex performance issues
  • System downtime and recovery periods
  • Changing business requirements
  • Poor user adoption

Salesforce support and maintenance services

Ongoing administration

Ongoing administration

Remote and secure handling of day-to-day issues, including user management, security management, routine maintenance and reporting.

System monitoring

System monitoring

Anticipating system issues via performance tracking and proactive measures.

Bug fixing and issue resolution

Bug fixing and issue resolution

Reviewing the architecture, indicating and eliminating errors in the code, fixing performance issues, tuning misconfigured features and add-ons.

Feature enhancements and customization

Feature enhancements and customization

Upgrading the system to constantly improve the dialogue with customers and keep up with CRM trends.

User assistance

User assistance

Increasing CRM adoption via assisting users to let them get the most out of Salesforce’s features.


Salesforce consulting partner - ScienceSoft

Being a Salesforce consulting company, ScienceSoft assigns adept Salesforce certified experts to your technical support project. Our consultants comprehend your CRM from both technical and business perspectives so as not only support your daily experience but also give you sensible advice on day-to-day improvements and strategic changes.

Salesforce support delivery models

ScienceSoft offers flexible technical support packages based on the following cooperation models:

Salesforce technical support delivery models - ScienceSoft

  • Time and Material (T&M). Ongoing Salesforce support with minor system customizations, monthly billing for the work done.
  • Bucket of Hours. Ongoing Salesforce support with minor features development, fixed sum charged in advance for a bunch of hours at a reduced rate.
  • 24/7 Help Desk. Ongoing follow-the-sun Salesforce support, monthly billing at a reduced rate.

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No CRM issue should hinder your sales effectiveness. Turn to our Salesforce tech support consultants to ensure an error-free performance of your CRM system. 

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