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ScienceSoft delivers full-cycle Salesforce consulting services to help you embrace the world’s leading CRM platform in the entirety of its benefits for your business.

Salesforce consulting partner - ScienceSoft

You are welcome to tap into a 10 year-experience of our Salesforce consultants. We have worked with a variety of industries, delivering precise solutions to grow sales and customer engagement in IT, Business Services, Manufacturing, Finance, Media and Internet, Retail, Healthcare, Public Sector and more.

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ScienceSoft’s team is qualified to deliver Salesforce flagship products, including:

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud, named a leading CRM application for 11 consecutive years (Gartner, 2006-2017). Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive sales automation toolkit, from visualized sales pipeline to customer data insights driven by AI – all that is needed to win more deals and boost your sales team’s performance.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud, one of the world-leading tools for marketing automation (Gartner, 2017). Marketing Cloud allows marketers to orchestrate cross-channel marketing campaigns, manage marketing assets and customer journeys, as well as get actionable reports to attain both strategic and tactical marketing goals. The toolset suits marketing needs in B2C and B2B (Pardot) contexts alike.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud, a leading customer engagement center for 9 consecutive years (Gartner, 2008-2017). Service Cloud lets service agents be proactive and more productive at work by giving them tools to deliver personalized customer support via a variety of channels.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud, one of the leading retail and ecommerce software products (Gartner, 2016-2017). Commerce Cloud allows retailers to create unique buying experiences across communication channels. It includes tools to stimulate sales growth, from order management to personalized shopping experiences powered with AI.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud, one more Gartner’s leader starting 2015. Community Cloud is designed to bring together communities critical for you – partners, vendors, job applicants, volunteers or customers. This platform allows creating branded portals to deliver personalized content and self-service features from any device.

Salesforce IoT Cloud

IoT Cloud, a platform for storing and processing massive piles of sensor data generated by connected devices. Powered by Thunder, it allows to capture, filter and respond to events in real time. As a result, businesses can get a more comprehensive perspective on how customers use their products to get meaningful insights and even introduce new revenue models.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein, which brings Artificial Intelligence to Salesforce Clouds in the form of predictive analytics, natural language processing, and smart data discovery. Einstein helps companies get more data-driven insights in sales, marketing and service.

Salesforce products for specific needs

Salesforce products for specific needs, such as Pardot,, Chatter, Quip, and Salesforce CPQ.

We not only implement Salesforce solutions, but also solve your business challenges by drawing on our industry and platform expertise. ScienceSoft’s Salesforce consultants make the most out of the Cloud-based sales and marketing automation technology. As a result, you get a scalable, high-performing solution designed with your daily tasks and business strategy in mind.

Salesforce add-ons

An important part of any Salesforce deployment, add-ons extend the platform’s functionality and bring additional value to your marketing and sales activities. We can support you in choosing your own option out of third-party add-ons, including those available on AppExchange, and bring to life unique Salesforce components along with your needs.

Cost-effective Salesforce solutions

As your Salesforce consulting company, we will help you decide on the most suitable license option according to the scope and demands of your business. You will get the project price estimate immediately after we gather and analyze your requirements.

Challenges we solve

We have a number of successfully solved CRM challenges under our belt, such as:

  • Customer or partner data scattered across systems and departments.
  • Poor user adoption of the CRM system.
  • Inefficient sales processes, low sales productivity.
  • Low lead conversion rate.
  • Lack of personal touch in marketing activities.
  • Deficient alignment between sales, marketing and support teams.
  • Opaque sales team’s or partners’ performance.
  • Inconsistent customer service across regional departments.
  • Inconsistent shopping experience across channels.
  • Slow customer service due to a large case volume and lengthy case resolution process.   

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Our Salesforce Demo Versions
Salesforce Demo: Lead Management
Salesforce Demo: Lead Management
Salesforce Demo: Opportunity Management
Salesforce Demo: Opportunity Management
Salesforce Demo: 360-degree Customer Profile
Salesforce Demo: 360-degree Customer Profile
Salesforce Demo: Marketing Campaign
Salesforce Demo: Marketing Campaign


To tackle the CRM challenges, our consulting team helps to unlock the following capabilities of the Salesforce platform:  

  • Sales automation. Visual, easy-to-navigate pipeline management of leads, opportunities and customers.
  • Contact management. Your single point of truth for customer data, including social.
  • Lead management. Lead nurturing from the first email to the opportunity.
  • Opportunity management. Visualized sales path, intelligent alerts, convenient activity management and team collaboration.
  • Sales forecasting. Data-driven, reliable forecasts and calculation of sales quotes.
  • Contract management. Full visibility into contracts, management of approvals, renewals and deviations, contract workflows and task assignment.
  • Performance management. Transparency of sales reps’ progress and closed deals for managers.
  • Marketing automation. Extensive digital marketing capabilities to build personalized journeys for each customer.
  • Team collaboration. Access to documents, expertise and discussions for the marketing and sales team members.
  • Partner management. Complete view and management of channel partnerships.
  • E-Commerce. Classic to cutting-edge digital commerce modules, from omni-channel customer journey management and customer data integration to AI-powered personalization.
  • Customer and Partner Self-Service. Branded self-service portals for customers to access knowledge articles and connect with experts, and for partners – to accelerate your procurement and sales channels.
  • Case Management. Automation and visualization to streamline service processes, including omni-channel case routing, comprehensive case consoles for agents, and service history tracking.
  • Einstein Analytics. Insights and recommendations for efficient sales, marketing and service team performance, as well as for intelligent cross-selling and proactive service.
  • Reporting. On-demand analytics via simple, customizable dashboards.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile App. Powerful, branded, and device-responsive mobile apps for the convenience of your employees, customers and business partners.

Multi-disciplinary approach

Our clients have a unique opportunity to benefit from the multi-disciplinary expertise we have generated for the past 29 years on the global IT market. Beyond Salesforce consulting and customization, we pursue innovation in mobile sales app development, collaboration solutions, customer and sales data analytics, as well as customer and partner portals. This helps us assure our teams’ skills and capacity to address challenges of various complexity.

Salesforce multi-disciplinary approach


With in-depth awareness of the platform, we deliver well-grounded Salesforce consulting services to our clients. Reach out to learn how you can benefit from this world’s leading CRM platform and get a free initial consultation on your request. 

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