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Salesforce Service Cloud has rich functionality that can be tailored to your business needs to speed up case resolution, increase customer retention, and boost service agents’ productivity. Follow an example of case resolution in our Salesforce demo to assess Service Cloud benefits in action.

Benefits You Get with Service Cloud

Automated case procedures --> shorter resolution time

Productivity of your customer service agents increases with automated case assignment, prioritization, and escalation, as well as quick knowledge search, macros and message templates.

Integrated communication channels --> no information missed

Service Cloud brings cases from all your communication channels (web, email, phone, live and video chats, social media, and community sites) into one place to give a complete overview of your customers’ problems with no details missed.

Self-service communities --> better focus on complex cases

You can create self-service communities with one of the templates to let the customers access your knowledge base and interact with each other to resolve their cases independently. As a result, your service agents will have more time to deal with complex cases.

Advanced Service Analytics --> data-driven actions

Service Analytics provides insights on the performance of service agents and the ways to improve it, analyzing such parameters as CSAT, alignment with service benchmarks and goals, and service case trends to predict future issues.

Integration with other Salesforce services --> seamless workflows

Service Cloud connects to Sales Cloud and Field Service to help service teams collaborate with sales teams and field workers to provide integrated customer service and get a deeper customer understanding.

Want to Improve Your Customer Service?

ScienceSoft is ready to configure a Salesforce Service Cloud solution to your specific needs to ensure it brings maximum value to your business.