Salesforce guided tour: 360-degree Customer Profile

Learn how Salesforce can boost your sales by creating 360-degree customer profiles and gaining deep knowledge about customers.

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Why companies should build complete customer profiles

At ScienceSoft we understand that gaining deep knowledge about customers is one of the primary challenges for companies striving to build long-term customer relationships. In this regard, a suitable CRM system can be of immeasurable service, since it represents a centralized storage of customer information. Our team has prepared this Salesforce demo for a bank to show you how the platform can help you create 360 degree customer profiles. Since Salesforce allows you to customize out-of-the-box customer profiles, you can make them look according to your company’s needs.

essential data components

Below, you can find a list of essential data components to build a complete customer picture with Salesforce:

  • General customer information – includes location, birth date, marital status, number and age of family members, current credit score, etc.
  • Data about the financial situation of a customer and the whole household – shows the average income, current account balance, etc.
  • Information about banking and financial products a customer already has, including checking, saving or IRA accounts, all current loans, CDs as well as purchased financial services or downloaded banking apps.
  • Transactional data – allows banks to trace where and how a customer prefers to spend money.

gaining additional insights

Some retail banks may want to gain more insights about their customers by discovering a person’s buying and behavior patterns. For this purpose, they may need the following data sets displayed in our Salesforce CRM demo:

  • Customer lifecycle information – sheds light on a customer’s life stage and corresponding preferences for financial products.
  • Interaction history – allows banks to see the frequency and content of all previous communications with a particular customer throughout all communication channels.
  • The history of a customer’s reactions to marketing campaigns – shows the progress and the outcomes of outreach activities.
  • Information from social media – displays what customers say about certain banking products, customers’ personal likes and dislikes.
  • Sales reps’ comment – includes sales reps’ best practices and valuable insights into how to deal with a customer.

Benefits of 360-degree customer profiles

Using these customer-centric CRM data sets, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Create a single information source about customers for different departments.
  • Increase transparency between departments.
  • Define the most profitable customers and focus on them.
  • Work out appropriate rules, and standards of communication with different customer segments.
  • Provide personalized customer journeys and design highly targeted marketing campaigns.

We at ScienceSoft think that the more information a company collects about its customers, the easier it becomes to provide products and services that a particular customer wants. In this regard, our Salesforce demonstration shows that Salesforce has all the components needed to create 360-degree customer profiles that can become a centralized hub of a company’s knowledge and insights about its customers.

If you have any questions regarding presented demo, you’re welcome to ask our Salesforce consulting team.