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Salesforce Demo: Lead Management

Learn how you can effectively create, organize, qualify leads and convert them into opportunities, thus helping to increase sales in the long run.

Unveiling Salesforce Lead Management Process

Salesforce enables you to manage your leads in a systematic and structured way, thus increasing both the number of leads you generate and how many of those leads you convert.

1. Capture leads.

Your lead is automatically created in Salesforce from your website or social media. Salesforce data deduplication notifies you if there are any duplicates so that you can keep your CRM clean.

2. Qualify leads.

Relying on Salesforce guidance for success and Einstein AI, as well as collecting necessary information about your leads, you can identify the ones who are likely to convert, and focus on them.

3. Collect your lead’s details.

Salesforce allows filling in crucial details about your lead to help you identify if this business opportunity is real.

4. Engage with your lead.

After you’ve looked through your lead’s engagement history to know what it’s interested in, you can contact your lead without leaving Salesforce. Check your lead’s past activities and plan future steps to ensure efficient time management.

5. Convert a qualified lead.

By assessing your lead’s quality, you can convert it into an account, contact or business opportunity.

What’s the Value?

  • Visibility & transparency → it provides insights into lead management at all levels and guides you throughout the cycle.
  • Time saving & efficiency → check if your leads meet your qualification criteria and convert them into opportunities without wasting time.
  • Reliability → Einstein AI studies your lead’s engagement history using predictive factors, allowing you to qualify the lead correctly based on the result.
  • Convenience → call your lead right from Salesforce and make important notes during your conversation.
  • Comprehensiveness → you get a holistic view of your lead by filling in its details.
  • Systematization → you can avoid duplicates or incomplete records by merging them and creating one master record.

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