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Salesforce Customization and Configuration Services

Salesforce customization services - ScienceSoft

Salesforce customization and configuration services are aimed to tailor Salesforce products to business-specific sales, marketing, service needs. Delivering CRM services since 2008, ScienceSoft helps companies configure and customize their Salesforce systems to enhance revenue and sales productivity.

How We Tailor the Salesforce Platform

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to tailor your Salesforce solution in two ways, which differ from each other by the level of impact on the platform, the degree of complexity and costs.

Salesforce configuration

Level 1. Salesforce configuration

We suggest opting for Salesforce configuration when the modification of UI, data model and business logic of your Salesforce solution with point-and-click tools is enough to meet your requirements. The list of possible configurations includes creating reports and dashboards, workflows and validation rules, tabs and apps (collections of tabs grouped to present them to users) with default Salesforce tools; installing AppExchange applications, etc.

Salesforce customization

Level 2. Salesforce customization

If you need specific Salesforce functionality impossible to obtain with configuration, we offer Salesforce customization. It implies modifying your solution with code. You need to resort to customization, when:

  • You have large amounts of data and complex business logic that can’t be fully covered with default Salesforce functionality.
  • Default or configured reports/dashboards do not reflect all the necessary data about your business processes.
  • The integration with external systems (like ERP, an ecommerce system, etc.) is crucial for your business.

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Why Choose ScienceSoft

Salesforce Configurations and Customizations Delivered by ScienceSoft

Depending on your business needs, the complexity of your internal processes and the amount of data you use, we modify your Salesforce solution with default tools or custom development using Lightning Platform.

Custom objects, fields, and records in Salesforce

We add custom objects, fields, and records to your Salesforce solution, to make it reflect data beyond its standard functionality. Say we are to customize the Salesforce solution of a real estate company, whose needs to track property for sale can’t be addressed with default Salesforce objects. For this, we introduce a custom object “property” with custom fields inside it.

CRM business rules

We embed business rules into CRM using Apex triggers, which helps to automate sales, service and marketing processes making them easier to observe and manage.

Daily task automation

We automate daily and recurring tasks with workflows and Apex triggers, like sending email notifications and assigning follow-up tasks. Using workflow tools, like Workflow rules, Process Builder, or Apex code for such automation supports your employees’ productivity and spares them from a significant part of their manual duties.

Bulk data processing

We enable bulk processing of data, which is a best practice to support the growing Salesforce solution with operations like mass update of records, weekly leads evaluation and other tasks. For this, we load and delete large sets of data in your Salesforce solution and perform multiple record updates with bulk triggers.

Custom email templates

We create custom email templates. They make your emails look as you want them to due to a custom style sheet. You can enable custom style sheets and manage email attachments easier due to Salesforce customization capabilities.

Custom reports and dashboards

We create custom reports and dashboards for sales, marketing and service professionals when they need better visibility into specific figures, which can’t be properly reflected with standard reporting functionality of Salesforce. We can complement custom reports with Apex instructions to retrieve this data and present it on the report page.

Salesforce Einstein AI

We complement your Salesforce with Einstein AI, and further customize it in compliance with your requirements. AI-powered features ensure valuable insights for sales, marketing and service needs of your business due to suggesting next-best sales actions, scoring the likelihood of marketing emails’ success, automatically classifying and routing service cases, etc.

Salesforce integration

We perform Salesforce integration with third-party systems, for instance, with ERP, ecommerce systems, social media, email, etc., which can tangibly facilitate collaboration in your organization. We use REST/SOAP API web services and a range of default tools (like Files Connect) or custom tools developed from scratch to make such integration possible.

Our Salesforce Projects

CRM Customization Benefits 

ScienceSoft knows how you can win from Salesforce customization. Here’s the list of benefits obtained as a result of tailoring your solution to your business needs:

  • Revenue increase. According to Salesforce Relationship Survey, using Salesforce helps a deals win rate to grow up to 24%. We can help you achieve even better results with Salesforce customizations. They’ll ensure that all the CRM-related processes are fine-tuned, necessary integrations are provided, and customer communication is efficient and personalized. All these factors can’t but contribute to a tangible revenue increase.  
  • High ROI. According to a Nucleus Research study, every dollar spent on CRM returns as much as $8.71 in sales revenue. ScienceSoft has seen even bigger numbers of ROI as a result of our successful Salesforce customization projects.  
  • Productivity increase. According to Salesforce Relationship survey, using Salesforce leads to sales productivity increase of up to 25%. Salesforce customization by ScienceSoft, performed with user convenience in mind, can help to witness more tangible productivity growth.

Salesforce Products We Can Customize

ScienceSoft’s experts are ready to customize the following Salesforce products:

We know how to customize these products for sales, marketing and service success of B2B and B2C businesses, with a view to the specifics of each business type. Thus, B2B users engaged in complex sales will manage long sales cycles and deal with multiple stakeholders more efficiently. And those operating in B2B transactional sales will benefit from closing the deals quicker within a shorter sales cycle, and make sure they are performed correctly. As for B2C businesses, our customization services can help them witness better customer retention, efficient cross-selling and upselling.

Cooperation Models

To cater to each customer’s needs, ScienceSoft’s professionals offer several cooperation models.

One-time project

In case of one-time cooperation, ScienceSoft’s team:

  1. Considers the customer’s requirements (discussions with customers, documented requirements).
  2. Comes up with a relevant Salesforce customization plan.
  3. Tells how proposed customizations may help.
  4. Implements the ideas on improving the customer’s solution.

Continuous support

Regardless, whether ScienceSoft provided the initial customization, or it was done by a third-party vendor, we may offer the following support and evolution activities:

  1. A comprehensive health check performed at the beginning of the cooperation.
  2. Ongoing customizations, which help to meet frequently changing business needs.
  3. User training and support helping to adopt new system functionalities.
  4. Constant system monitoring and a timely performance check to ensure seamless work of the Salesforce solution and prompt response to potential performance problems.

Technology Stack

  • Apex code
  • Lightning Components
  • Visualforce
  • Lightning Platform
  • Site.com
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • Lightning Web Components
  • Salesforce 1

Make the Most of Your Salesforce

Don’t let the lack of Salesforce customization stall your business growth! If you need all-around assistance in expanding your Salesforce solution beyond its default functionality, we will be glad to help.