Salesforce managed services

With 10+ years of CRM experience, ScienceSoft is ready to become your official Salesforce managed service provider (MSP). We take on the challenges of supporting and maintaining your Salesforce org and give you more time to focus on your business.


Salesforce managed services enable you to:

  • Avoid unwanted investments and commitments. To manage Salesforce performance without external help, you naturally need a dedicated team of in-house Salesforce experts. Forming this team, satisfying their professional needs and keeping an eye on their performance require substantial efforts and considerable resources. Hiring managed services is a much more lightweight and flexible solution.
  • Make Salesforce keep up with your changing business needs. To have Salesforce always in line with your business requirements, you need to do slight adjustments and improvements ‘on-the-fly.’ Salesforce managed service providers can do it on an ongoing basis, while your in-house team may be constantly overloaded with performance-related tasks and, thus, lack time for making such adjustments.
  • Ensure great Salesforce performance. If your in-house team doesn’t boast excellent Salesforce knowledge, you risk to misuse or even neglect most of the possibilities Salesforce can bring. With an MSP’s skilled team, this risk is out of the question.
  • Safeguard security and compliance. MSPs set aside enough time for security-related activities to let you enjoy a breach-proof and compliant system. Their expert teams recurrently assess vulnerabilities in Salesforce solutions and make sure to deal with uncovered potential threats.

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Here is what makes ScienceSoft stand out from other Salesforce managed service providers.

End-user support

End-user support

We don’t cooperate with your IT department only. Instead, we go directly to your end users and make sure that their functionality-focused wishes are heard and feature-related questions are answered.

Customization support

Customization support

To grant a seamless Salesforce experience for your users, we make sure that all of your customizations and third-party apps continue working as intended, stay bug-free, and contribute to your platform’s efficiency.

Integration support

Integration support

We support all Salesforce integrations for you to retain the ease and convenience of using your solution’s ecosystem. This includes communication with vendors who support your integrated systems.


To begin our cooperation, we conduct a remote health check of your Salesforce solution. During this phase, we perform:

  • Overall performance assessment.
  • Customizations review.
  • Integration testing.
  • Custom apps performance analysis.
  • Salesforce security audit.

As a result, you get a comprehensive health check report that describes the state of all your system’s components, reveals performance issues and gives recommendations on how they can be removed. In addition, we can eliminate the uncovered limitations of your system.


Our Salesforce managed services presuppose the following:


Plan options

ScienceSoft offers three plan options: around-the-clock coverage (24/7), comprehensive weekday coverage (12/5) or essential weekday coverage (9/5).

Help desk

User support

To ensure your users’ seamless experience with the platform, we work as a help desk. So, if your users have any questions regarding the use of Salesforce, our specialists will be happy to guide them and help them to fully explore the platform’s potential.

User training

User training

We can organize user training to increase the overall Salesforce user skill in your company.

User administration

User administration

Any change with your sales/service/marketing staff should be reflected in Salesforce, be it a new hire, a promotion or a termination of employment. We create new users, assign more rights to existing ones, delete unneeded user accounts and perform other user administration activities to keep your Salesforce up-to-date.


Quick SLA-based resolutions

If a performance issue occurs, our team promptly assesses it by analyzing its impact on the regular flow of your business processes. The more serious the impact, the higher the issue’s priority. Then, the issue gets assigned to an appropriate tech specialist and handled. Your Salesforce performance issues are managed based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Data import export

Data import and export

You may need to use your legacy system’s customer data in your current Salesforce org. Or you may want to carry out a comprehensive analysis of all your departments’ performance in an external analytical system. Regardless of the purpose, ScienceSoft will help you have your data where you need it by performing data import and export.


Ongoing improvements

According to an agreed bucket of hours, our certified Salesforce specialists can configure and customize Salesforce objects, fields, workflows, and reports. This will quickly help your org meet your new business requirements. For example, if you want to change your opportunity management process, we can rearrange its existing stages or add new ones.

Salesforce monitoring

Constant Salesforce monitoring

To ensure your solution’s smooth work, ScienceSoft will monitor your org’s state by watching over its vital parameters. For instance, we check the average wait time reports to see if the platform is handling its workload well and swiftly deal with related problems, if there are any. Or we analyze event logs to understand whether any errors took place and need immediate fixes.

Performance checking

Ongoing system performance checks

We closely analyze Salesforce performance to uncover possible system malfunctions. For example, our specialists see occasional performance drops in your org and investigate them. As a result, they find that a report with too much attached data runs on all sales reps’ dashboards at the time of the drops. To fix it, they slightly tune report schedules, which improves your solution’s performance.

Monthly security check

Monthly security check

Our specialists will perform a monthly security check of your Salesforce solution to uncover any potential threats to your system. You will get a detailed report on your solution’s security state. And if we find any possible security holes, we will immediately fix them.


ScienceSoft provides two kinds of reports for you to stay on top of our Salesforce managed services:

  • Weekly status reports. You see the details on how exactly your Salesforce is being managed.
  • Monthly health reports. You see the details of your solution’s performance and the steps planned to improve it.

A bit more info on our services’ scope

Here is what you need to know about our Salesforce managed services’ scope.

  • We cover the following Salesforce functionality list:
  • We maintain your system’s customizations regardless of their complexity. It can be anything from having a few custom fields on your forms to using a deeply customized version of Salesforce.
  • We support your third-party apps regardless of their number. It can be simply GetFeedback or a whole set of apps like Formstack, HelloSign for Salesforce, Mediafly, etc.
  • We manage all the integrations your system has. For example, the ones that connect Salesforce clouds with each other, add communication channels to the platform or connect it with other solutions like SAP, QuickBooks, HubSpot, Magento, SharePoint, etc.

Bonus service

If your company is going to plan a major Salesforce-related change, you can use our Salesforce consulting services available on demand. We can help you better analyze your needs, match them with the right Salesforce functionality and propose ways to solve your problems.


The major price-influencing factors are:

  • The number of Salesforce users in your company.
  • The plan option you choose.
  • The complexity of your system’s customizations.
  • The number of your system’s integrations.

For more information, you can click the button below and have your cost estimated. We will be happy to answer any question you have.

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