Salesforce is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM created by, Inc., a cloud computing company. Salesforce is used for customer relationship management in sales, marketing and customer service.

ScienceSoft leverages its 13-year CRM experience to deliver Salesforce flagship products, including:

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is CRM for sales automation, sales process design, reporting and forecasting, which assists both sales managers and reps with the platform’s rich functionality.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a solution for omni-channel customer service, helping to make customer support quick and efficient.

Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation software, which helps businesses to improve the efficiency of their marketing activities.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud is an online social platform for companies to create branded sites connecting customers, employees, and partners with each other.

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud is a platform for advisors, personal bankers, telllers, etc., helping them to interact with clients in a personalized and proactive way.

Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud is a solution helping nonprofits to track and measure their activities in real time, raise more funds, and engage with their constituents better.

Want to see Salesforce clouds working for you?

If you’re not interested in general capabilities of Salesforce clouds and want to see how they can address your business needs, request a personalized demo.

Interactive Guided Tours

Watch our guided tours to explore lead and opportunity management, targeted marketing campaigns and preparation to personalized customer outreach.

360-Degree Customer Profile

Lead Management in Sales Cloud

Opportunity Management in Sales Cloud

Email Marketing in Marketing Cloud

Salesforce customers benefit from the CRM by getting:

  • +27% 

    lead conversion rate

  • +28% 

    sales revenue

  • +26% 

    win rate

  • +27% 

    lead volume

  • +30% 

    lead conversion

  • +25% 

    marketing ROI

  • +45% 

    customer retention

  • +47% 

    agent productivity

  • +31% 

    speed of case resolution