Salesforce Demo: Interactive Guided Tours

Watch our guided tours to explore lead and opportunity management, targeted marketing campaigns and preparation to personalized customer outreach. Witness a business efficiency increase in your sales and marketing tasks with Salesforce assistance.

360-Degree Customer Profile

360-Degree Customer ProfileDiscover how a comprehensive customer profile created in Salesforce acts as a single information source for efficient customer communication. Gaining profound knowledge about your customers allows you to define customer segments, create personalized customer experience, and design targeted marketing campaigns.


See how creating an all-round customer view works 


Sales Cloud: Lead Management

Sales Cloud: Lead ManagementFind out how to manage and convert your leads efficiently to see a tangible sales increase in the long run. See how a structured lead management process brings you such benefits as time saving and a productivity increase in lead communication and conversion.


Uncover the secrets of efficient lead management



Sales Cloud: Opportunity Management

Salesforce demo: opportunity managementLearn how to move your opportunities through sales stages with maximum attention to your sales process peculiarities. While processing an opportunity, your sales reps may need to get a clear view of products and their prices, predictions of winning an opportunity and guidance on the way to closing a deal. See how to make use of these capabilities with Salesforce opportunity management.


Find out how to manage opportunities for higher sales rates 


Marketing Cloud: Email Marketing

Marketing Cloud: Email MarketingSalesforce marketing campaign helps to segment customers, improve their experience with personalization and increase their loyalty. See how to design a personalized marketing campaign to achieve these benefits.


Learn how to design a personalized marketing journey