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In our previous demo, we explained how Salesforce helps to create 360 degree customer view. Bringing all knowledge about customers into a single place allows companies to design targeted marketing campaigns. In this demo, we show how to target the right customer segment, create personalized marketing journeys, send emails, as well as track results right in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

How Salesforce Helps to Design Email Marketing Campaigns

In Salesforce, you can make use of Segmentation Dashboards that allow you to find cues for your marketing campaigns.

If you run a number of complex marketing campaigns and want to reach your customers in a more personalized way, you can use Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its most commonly used components, such as:

  • Journey Builder – to outline personalized journey paths for customers
  • Email Studio – to create and send personalized emails.

You can also make use of Salesforce Sales Dashboard to track hot opportunities and leads as well as find the best cross-selling suggestions for them.

Benefits of Creating Marketing Campaigns in Salesforce

As seen in our demo, companies can reach the following benefits with Salesforce:

1. Segment and prioritize customers. Salesforce allows companies to target customers based on the following common criteria:

  • Geography
  • Title
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Product interest and personal preferences
  • Previous campaign and response history, etc.

By evaluating each of the segments, companies can prioritize which customer targets are the most valuable and determine the most profitable opportunities to go after with personalized outreach.

2. Improve customer experience with personalization. Mass marketing can feel impersonal and even irrelevant for a company’s customers. On the contrary, personalized marketing ensures that customers will get only appropriate content that reflects on them as individuals.

3. Decrease costs. By focusing their attention on a specific target segment, companies have high chances to create a match between customers’ needs and a campaign’s message thereby reducing time and money wastes.

4. Increase brand loyalty. When consumers provide information, they expect to be treated as unique individuals with specific preferences. If companies dedicate time and resources to designing personalized marketing campaigns, they have more chances to succeed, because such campaigns make customers feel more connected to the brand.

How Segmented Email Marketing Improve a Company’s Productivity

Below you can find research results that support these ideas:

  • Marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns (Campaign Monitor).
  • Some brands have recorded 8x improvement on click-through rates with a personalized video versus standard outbound email campaigns (Marketing Land).
  • Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened (Campaign Monitor).
  • Personalized emails improve click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversion rates by 10% (Aberdeen).
  • 79% of consumers say they are only likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand (Marketo).
  • By 2020, 51% of consumers expect that companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact (Salesforce).
  • Lack of content relevancy generates 83% lower response rates in the average marketing campaign (Constellation Research).

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