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Business intelligence and business analytics services - ScienceSoft

Business intelligence (BI) services help companies gain deep visibility into their business processes and advance their decision-making with consolidated analytics.

ScienceSoft renders a full range of BI services aimed at leveraging business analytics to drive cost savings and improve performance.

Tired of Inefficient Use of Business Data?

ScienceSoft can help you gain deep visibility into your processes and improve your decision-making with consolidated analytics.

Why Choose ScienceSoft

  • 15 years of BI consulting and hands-on practice.
  • 31 years in data analytics.
  • A member of the Microsoft Partner Network with 8 Gold competencies, including Data Analytics, Data Platform and Cloud Platform.
  • AWS Select Consulting Partner.
  • A member of the Oracle Partner Network.

Functional areas our BI services cover

Areas of analysis ScienceSoft covers

Our industry expertise

We have experience in 23 industries, including:

  • Retail, Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecoms
  • Professional services
  • Healthcare
  • Energy: oil & gas, electric power

Choose Your Option among Our Business Intelligence Services

BI as a service

BI as a service enables you to quickly turn your data into actionable insights and minimize your involvement in the process to paying a monthly subscription fee and reviewing regular reports on the service progress. Within 1-5 days after our cooperation starts, ScienceSoft provides you with:

  • Access to predefined reports.
  • Self-service analytics to enable ad hoc reporting.
  • Alerting.

BI consulting

With BI consulting services, we:

  • Analyze your business needs and voiced-out and hidden problems to create an implementation/improvement/migration strategy.
  • Design a cloud/on-premises/hybrid BI solution.
  • Help you migrate of the existing solution to the cloud.
  • Advise on the processes and procedures to ensure data quality and security.
  • Elaborate implementation and user adoption strategies.
  • Deliver a proof of concept (for complex projects).

BI implementation

With BI implementation services, you get:

  • A centralized BI system covering all BI components (a data lake, a data warehouse, extract-transform-load processes, online analytical processing cubes, reporting) that integrates data from internal and external data sources and converts it into insights.
  • Data science capabilities (including machine learning and deep learning) to provide you with advanced analytics that enables forecasting and business processes optimization.
  • Data quality management procedures to ensure the high quality of data.
  • Data security policies to map user roles and their permissions and set up role-based access to data.

BI support

We help you ensure your BI solution always stays healthy and in line with your business needs.

  • Development support covers troubleshooting (i.e., handling problems on the code level) like rewriting a faulty ETL process, and evolution, like adding new data sources or creating new reports as your business needs change.
  • Administration support includes such activities as updating software, adding new users, handling permissions, as well as administering data.
  • Power BI support services.

Check ScienceSoft’s Hallmark BI projects

Managed Analytics Services to Support Strategic Market Analysis
BI as a Service for a US Management Consultancy

ScienceSoft provided managed analytics services that allowed a management consultancy to derive valuable insights from the 10-year history of data.

BI Consulting for a Diversified Company with 30+ Businesses

ScienceSoft suggested solution architecture and a technology stack for a conglomerate to get insights from the data generated by all of the 30+ previously disconnected businesses.

BI Consulting for an Outsourcing Company with 1000+ employees

ScienceSoft provided high-profile consulting on how to get actionable insights out of disintegrated enterprise data sources.

BI Implementation for the Producer of Phytotherapy Products

ScienceSoft developed and implemented a full-scale BI solution that allowed improving the Customer’s decision-making due to company-wide analytics and ad-hoc reporting.

BI Implementation for 200 Healthcare Centers

ScienceSoft created software that helps 200 US healthcare centers and retirement homes process, analyze and promptly report patient and medication data.

BI Implementation for an International Real Estate Developer

The BI solution delivered by ScienceSoft allowed the Customer to integrate the data from disparate sources and better understand their business with a comprehensive financial analysis.

BI Implementation for a Multibusiness Corporation

ScienceSoft delivered a centralized business intelligence solution that allowed getting a 360-degree customer view, optimizing stock management, and assessing the employees’ performance.

BI Implementation for Advanced Sales Analysis

The BI solution delivered by ScienceSoft helps a multinational FMCG corporation to distribute 100 SKUs through 10 large retail chains and 10,500 stores.

BI Support for a Software Company

ScienceSoft upgraded reporting to SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 for a suite of software products to aid risk management in the upstream petroleum industry.

How You Benefit from BI Services by ScienceSoft


While delivering BI & analytics services, we make time our priority. To allow you to make informed decisions promptly, we deliver:

  • First analytical insights in 1-5 days (in case of outsourced data analysis).
  • A functioning BI solution with the essential functionality in 1 month (due to the iterative approach to BI implementation).
Result-driven collaboration
  • When providing BI as a service, we set up collaboration in the course of which ScienceSoft’s analysts achieve data completeness and its correct interpretation due to obtaining information from both – data sources and people.
  • When building or improving your BI solution, we elicit fragmented business needs to design a centralized BI solution that will correspond to your short- and long-term objectives.
Facilitated insights
  • With BI as a service, we provide you with flexible and diverse forms of analysis results – PowerPoint or PDF presentations, Excel or Google Sheets tables, Power BI reports and dashboards – to help you get a quick insight into your business operations.
  • When we develop or improve your BI solution, we advise on dashboards layout and recommend reports and KPIs that can give a broader view of your business. Besides, we blend business intelligence with business analytics so that your BI solution could create forecasts and even prescribe actions.

It’s High Time to Resort to BI Services!

Quickly gain the BI capabilities with BI as a service or get your own robust analytical and reporting system to:

  • Eliminate the guesswork out of your business processes.
  • Improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience.
  • Uncover trends and identify new profit opportunities.

Must-Watch Business Intelligence Demo

ScienceSoft shows how a couple of customized dashboards can tell you the whole story about your company’s health and performance.

Use BI & Analytics to Drive Better Outcomes NOW!
ScienceSoft’s team will help you deliver the right information across your company to enhance your decision-making and achieve the above benefits.