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Alex Bekker

Alex Bekker

I manage all data analytics services ScienceSoft provides, including BI, big data and data science.
Head of Data Analytics Department,

With 25 years of overall experience in IT and data analytics, Alex has been in charge of ScienceSoft’s Data Analytics Department since 2010. Under Alex’s leadership, the department started business intelligence consulting and implementation practice and extended the service portfolio with big data, machine and deep learning. As the new practices evolved, the team of consultants, data architects, engineers and developers doubled.

Alex contributed a lot to developing partnerships in the data analytics area with technology leaders, such as Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon. 2 of 6 Microsoft Gold competencies we hold acknowledge the expertise of our data analytics team – Data Analytics and Data Platform. 

With 15 years of experience in project management, Alex has been heading multiple data analytics projects, from two months-long engagements to a long-term project that lasted 7 years. One of Alex’ recent projects is big data implementation for advertising channel analysis in 10+ countries, where such technologies as Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive and Apache Spark were used.

Alex shares his experience with businesses and data analytics experts, as well as popularizes complex data analytics and data management topics in his articles. For example, recently he has classified artificial intelligence into 5 different types and explained the typical architecture for real-time big data solutions.

Alex likes to compare getting insights from data to oil extraction:

Like one needs a drilling machine to get to oil, businesses need data analytics solutions to get valuable insights out of their data.

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Projects Alex Contributed to

Business Intelligence

BI Consulting for a Diversified Company with 30+ Businesses

Business Intelligence

BI Implementation for 500+ Nursing Homes

Big Data

Big Data Consulting and Training for a Satellite Agency

Big data

Big Data Implementation for Advertising Channel Analysis in 10+ Countries