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How Much Will Your Data Project Cost?

A full-service IT company with 35 years of experience in data management and analytics, ScienceSoft ensures precise and transparent cost calculation and provides free, non-binding ballpark estimates to help our potential clients accurately plan their investments.

How Much Will Your Data Project Cost? - ScienceSoft
How Much Will Your Data Project Cost? - ScienceSoft

Use our service-specific calculators to get a ballpark cost estimate for your data initiative and see if ScienceSoft's price ranges fit your budget.

Managed IT Service Cost Calculators

Our experts help ensure that our customers’ data solutions and IT infrastructures are always up and running.

QA and Cybersecurity Cost Calculators

Bringing 21 years of experience in information security, we help our customers establish the robust protection and achieve regulatory compliance of their data solutions.

Explore Our Sample Cost Ranges

Development costs for data analytics & BI solutions

  • $30,000–$200,000: Developing a separate data science component (for forecasting, optimization, anomaly detection, etc.).
  • $70,000–$200,000: Implementing a data analytics solution with basic capabilities.
  • $200,000–$400,000+: Building a business intelligence solution that features predictive analytics.
  • $600,000–$1,500,000+: Creating an enterprise-level analytics system powered with big data and AI/ML.

Costs for security and compliance services

  • $5,000–$20,000: Compliance pre-audit (HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.).
  • $20,000: Infrastructure security testing for a midsized organization.

Managed IT service pricing

  • $14–$40: per ticket L1–L2 IT support.
  • $3,000–$16,000+/month: Software maintenance and L3 support.

Why Companies Entrust Their Data Initiatives to ScienceSoft


  • Since 1989 in data management, analytics, and AI.
  • Since 2005 in business intelligence and data warehousing services.
  • Since 2013 in big data.
  • 750+ experts on board, including data engineers, solution architects, software developers, business consultants, compliance experts, and project managers.
  • Practical knowledge in healthcare, banking, lending, insurance, investment, retail, manufacturing, and other industries.
  • Quality-first approach based on a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system.
  • Robust security management supported by an ISO 27001 certification.
  • Partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and other technology leaders.

Our Customers Share Their Experience of Building Data Solutions with ScienceSoft

bioAffinity Technologies hired ScienceSoft to help in the development of its automated data analysis software for detection of lung cancer using flow cytometry. Our project required a large amount of industry-specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software connected to EHR/LIS systems, which ScienceSoft’s team handled well due to a profound understanding of laboratory software specifics and integrations.

We first contacted ScienceSoft to get expert advice on the creation of the centralized analytical solution. After we got a clear project roadmap, we commissioned ScienceSoft to develop a part of the solution, covering invoicing. The system automates data integration from different sources and provides visibility into the invoicing process. We have already engaged ScienceSoft in supporting the solution and would definitely consider ScienceSoft as an IT vendor in the future.

We needed a proficient big data consultancy to deploy a Hadoop lab for us and to support us on the way to its successful and fast adoption. ScienceSoft's team proved their mastery in a vast range of big data technologies we required: Hadoop Distributed File System, Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Hive, Apache Ambari, Apache Oozie, Apache Spark, Apache ZooKeeper are just a couple of names. ScienceSoft's team also showed themselves great consultants.