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Azure Synapse Analytics – Your Fast-Read Cloud SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Synapse Analytics – Limitless SQL Data Warehouse - ScienceSoft

Meet Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly Azure SQL Data Warehouse) is a cloud data warehouse by Microsoft, which provides a unified workspace for building end-to-end analytics solutions by bringing together enterprise data warehouse and big data analytics.

According to Gartner and Forrester, this product is among cloud data warehousing leaders due to near-limitless scaling of storage and compute resources, deeply integrated SQL engine, native integrations with Power BI and Azure ML, and advanced security. Newell Brands, Unilever, Deutsche Bank are among companies using Azure Synapse Analytics.

Azure Synapse Analytics Features

General features

Quick deployment

Deploying a DWH in a few clicks.

Data integration with ETL/ELT

Quick processing of data of different volumes and of different types.


Flexible querying with SQL of both relational and non-relational data.

Multilanguage support

Using T-SQL, Python, Scala, Spark SQL or .NET for both serverless and provisioned compute resources.

Automated restore points and backups

Ensuring high data availability and fault tolerance of the DWH.


Azure Synapse Analytics integrations

Integrations with Apache Spark

Ingesting big data, querying data lake with the supported languages.

Integrations with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning

Enabling BI and ML to discover powerful insights.

Integration with Azure Stream Analytics

Querying streaming data to conduct real-time analytics.

Integration with Azure Cosmos DB

Querying data in Cosmos DB with Azure Synapse Link to run near real-time analytics over operational data.

Integrations with third-party services

Integrating third-party solutions, including Tableau, SAS, Qlik, etc.



Near-infinite scaling of storage and compute resources.

Massively parallel processing

Coordinated query processing by multiple computer processors.

Workload isolation

Reserving resources for specific workloads by creating workload groups.

Result-set caching

Speeding up queries by delivering precomputed/cached results.

Clustered columnstore indexes

Increasing query performance and improving data compression by up to 10 times.

Security and compliance

Always-on data encryption

Data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Dynamic data masking

Limited access of unauthorized users to sensitive data.

Granular access controls

Column-level security and native row-level security.


Meeting national, regional, and industry-specific compliance requirements (HIPAA, ISO 27001/27002, PCI DSS, SOC 1 Type II, SOC II, SOC III, CJIS, HITRUST, ISMS, Germany C5, etc.).

Facilitate End-to-End Data Analytics with Azure Synapse Analytics

Querying both relational and non-relational data across diverse data sources

Seamless integration with Power BI and Azure Machine Learning

Automated threat detection and fine-grained access control


Price optimization

Optimizing Azure Synapse Analytics pricing with the service level choice, separate billing for compute and storage, possibility to reduce costs with DWH pausing.

Flexible pricing options

Choosing between pay-as-you-go and reserved capacity (allows saving up to 65%) pricing options.

Microsoft Gold Data Analutics Competencies - ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft provides consultancy, implementation and support for data warehousing solutions based on Azure Synapse Analytics to help companies integrate this cloud data warehouse service into their analytics environment with minimal cost.

Wonder if Azure Synapse Will Work in Your Particular Case?

ScienceSoft’s team will analyze your data storage and analytics objectives and provide you with Azure Synapse PoC.

Azure Synapse Analytics Use Cases

Enterprise data warehouse

Enterprise data warehouse

  • Data ingestion from disparate data sources: financial, marketing and sales, production, operational data, etc.
  • Scalable and secure data repository.
  • Enterprise-wide analytics and reporting.

Operational analytics

Operational analytics

  • Business process performance analysis.
  • Cause-effect analysis, bottleneck recognition.
  • Performance prediction and forecasting, what-if analysis.

Manufacturing analytics

Manufacturing analytics

  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Demand forecasting and inventory management.
  • Supply chain risk management.

IoT data analytics

IoT data analytics

  • Predictive marketing and customer engagement.
  • Predictive maintenance and asset optimization.
  • Streaming analytics of sensor data.

Customer analytics

Customer analytics

  • Customer segmentation and modeling.
  • Prediction of buying behavior, risks and churn.
  • Personalized recommendations and discounts.

Web log and clickstream analytics

Web log and clickstream analytics

  • Traffic and lead-generation analysis.
  • Sales funnel analysis.
  • User behavior analysis and pattern matching.

Fraud detection

Fraud detection in cash transactions and claims

  • Normal behavior and fraud modeling.
  • New account and guest checkout fraud.
  • Account and loyalty program protection.

Patient monitoring

Patient monitoring

  • Storage and analysis of patient data.
  • Defining trends and patterns in patient conditions, care-related threats.
  • Care plan recommendations.

Azure Synapse Analytics Benefits

Accelerated analytics and reporting

  • Quick DWH deployment.
  • No downtimes because of workload variations due to instant scalability and flexibility.
  • Reduced manual efforts for collecting, collating and building reports.
  • Data analysis democratization.

Infrastructure cost reduction

No data warehouse overprovisioning with the pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Increased IT staff productivity

  • Automation of infrastructure provisioning and administrative tasks (DWH setup and optimization, ongoing patching, maintenance activities, etc.).
  • Improved DWH security.

Azure Synapse Analytics Pricing

Microsoft Azure data warehouse service charges for storage and compute separately, and its pricing depends on:

  • The service level.
  • The pricing option – on-demand or reserved instance pricing.
  • Region of where data warehouse units (DWUs) are physically located.
  • Additional services (geo-redundant disaster recovery, threat detection, etc.).

Data storage: $23/TB/month ($0.04/TB/hour).

Data storage size includes data in your data warehouse and 7 days of incremental snapshot storage (repository with the files that capture incremental changes from the data stored in the DWH). Storage transactions are not billed.

Compute pricing: Provisioned Resources with Compute Optimized Gen2.

Service level




DWU (units of compute scale)

Pay as you go (per hour)

1 year reserved (% savings)

3 year reserved (% savings)

Note: The prices are relevant to the East US 2 data center region and may differ for other data centers.

Geo-redundant disaster recovery: disaster recovery storage billing starts at $0.057/GB/month.

Threat detection: $0.02/node/month for each protected SQL Database server.

Need Azure Synapse Analytics Price Estimation?

ScienceSoft can define an optimal configuration of the Azure Synapse Analytics data warehousing service for your particular case and provide you with the price information.