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Microsoft Business Intelligence to Drive Robust Analytics and Insightful Reporting

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Microsoft Business Intelligence tools is a suite of applications and services that enable data integration, modeling, visualization, reporting, and dashboarding for comprehensive analytics. Being a Microsoft Gold partner, ScienceSoft renders Microsoft BI consulting, implementation, and support services to help companies transform data into intelligent immersive visualizations.

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Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools by Groups

Microsoft offers a wide technology stack for implementing cloud, on-premises, and hybrid analytics solutions. The portfolio includes tools for data ingestion, storage, integration, quality management, processing, and building intuitive reporting.

Microsoft Business Intelligence tools by groups - ScienceSoft

Two Pillars of Microsoft-Based BI Solutions

The combination of Microsoft BI tools from the diagram above can be used to create a BI solution, though two names appear in real-life projects more often than others: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server

In 2018 (for the sixth year in a row), Gartner has positioned Microsoft with its SQL Server technology as a leader in operational database management systems.

Microsoft SQL Server is a database management system that:

  • Can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Allows storing and querying both traditional and big data. For example, the latest edition – SQL Server 2019 allows deploying a big data environment with advanced analytics and AI capabilities.
  • Enables both batch and streaming analytics (including real-time analytics).
  • Goes in bundles with multiple Microsoft products. For example, SQL Server 2016 goes in hand with SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Data Quality Services, and SQL Server Master Data Services.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

In 2019 (for 12 consecutive years), Gartner has recognized Microsoft with its Power BI tool as a leader in analytics and business intelligence.

A highly user-friendly self-service analysis and visualization tool, Microsoft Power BI allows:

  • Retrieving both traditional and big data from a variety of cloud and on-premises data sources (thanks to having over 100 out-of-the-box connectors).
  • Building reports and dashboards using a drag-and-drop technique (no coding mastery is required).
  • Providing advanced data analysis capabilities (i.e., natural language queries, what-if analysis, forecasting, and built-in machine learning features).
  • Building and sharing reports and dashboards by desktop, web, and mobile users.
  • Setting alerts on KPIs.

Microsoft Power BI in Action: Demo

View our demo to see how a BI solution implemented on Microsoft Power BI helps to run root cause analysis.

Microsoft Power BI in Action: Demo

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Pricing for Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools

Microsoft has several licensing options for different BI software: it can be billable per user (as in the case with Microsoft Power BI), per core (i.e., Microsoft SQL Server), or per hour (as most of the Azure cloud services).

Being an official reseller of Microsoft licenses and having 17 years of Power BI consulting and implementation practice, ScienceSoft can calculate the pricing of Microsoft BI platform that your particular project needs.

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Make Your Microsoft BI Toolkit Shine

Here’s the list of implementation stages you’ll have to go through to make your Microsoft BI toolkit shine:








Being a Microsoft Gold partner, ScienceSoft can help you tick all the above mentioned points.

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