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Data Warehousing Consulting Services

Since 2005, ScienceSoft helps companies across 30+ industries consolidate disparate data into highly automated, scalable data warehouse solutions that enable timely, accurate analytics and streamline enterprise-wide decision-making.

Data Warehousing Consulting Services - ScienceSoft
Data Warehousing Consulting Services - ScienceSoft

Data warehouse consulting is expert guidance on planning, implementing, supporting, and upgrading a data warehouse in accordance with an organization’s particular needs. ScienceSoft has deep expertise in traditional and cloud DWH technologies. Our proficiency is proved by official partnerships with Microsoft, AWS, and Oracle.

Why ScienceSoft

What You Get

Data warehouse design

  • Engineered data warehouse requirements.
  • Business case, recommendations on optimizing data warehouse implementation and operation costs.
  • Data warehouse solution architecture and selected DWH platform.
  • Data governance policy and design. Data governance includes:
    • Data quality
    • Data availability
    • Data security
  • Data model and ETL/ELT design.

Data warehouse development and QA

  • Customized DWH platform.
  • Integrated data sources.
  • ETL/ELT pipelines.
  • DWH performance testing and DWH launch.
  • After-launch DWH support.

Data warehouse migration / optimization / evolution

  • DWH migration / optimization / evolution strategy and plan.
  • DWH solution redevelopment on a new platform.
  • Data and metadata transfer to a new data warehouse.
  • Data completeness and accuracy assessment.
  • Data administration services: data quality and security rules and policies setup, new data sources integration, ETL/ELT processes adjustment.
  • DWH performance control: monitoring query performance, data transformations correctness, data availability.
  • DWH issues resolution.

Highlights of Our Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Multidisciplinary expertise

Our data warehouse consulting team consists of:

  • Project managers.
  • BI consultants.
  • DWH architects.
  • Data quality experts.

Effective communication

  • One-to-one sessions with project stakeholders.
  • Meetings with several or all stakeholders to reconcile conflicting expectations.
  • Presentations of important project decisions, deliverables, risks, or project milestone results.
  • Cross-departmental workgroups to solve complex problems (e.g., related to data quality, master data management).

Our Featured Data Warehouse and BI Projects

Our Customers Say

We first contacted ScienceSoft to get expert advice on the creation of the centralized analytical solution. After we got a clear project roadmap, we commissioned ScienceSoft to develop a part of the solution, covering invoicing. The system automates data integration from different sources and provides visibility into the invoicing process. We have already engaged ScienceSoft in supporting the solution and would definitely consider ScienceSoft as an IT vendor in the future.

We commissioned ScienceSoft to build a flexible database with user interfaces for managing our test data stored as time-based CVS files. ScienceSoft delivered a fully functioning solution regardless of the new requirements that appeared during the project. We are planning to extend the logic of our reports and dashboards and data processing options in our solution, and we’ll definitely be considering ScienceSoft as our partner in this initiative.

bioAffinity Technologies hired ScienceSoft to help in the development of its automated data analysis software for detection of lung cancer using flow cytometry. Our project required a large amount of industry-specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software connected to EHR/LIS systems, which ScienceSoft’s team handled well due to a profound understanding of laboratory software specifics and integrations.

Head of Data Analytics Department, ScienceSoft

Having expertise in various data storage solutions, like on-premises and cloud data lakes, data warehouses, and data lakehouses, we don’t promote any as a universal problem-solver. For instance, a data warehouse is excellent for BI and analytics needs, but it will definitely fail to provide a cost-efficient storage for multi-structured data. That is why, ScienceSoft’s best practice in data warehouse projects is to make sure that data is handled in an optimal way along all the stages, including data ingestion, raw storage, transformation, and aggregation. And we choose the best-fitting techs depending on multiple factors (e.g., data volume, complexity, and diversity) and customers’ unique processes.

Technologies We Use

ScienceSoft USA Corporation Is a 3-Year Champion in the Financial Times Rating

Three years in a row (2022–2024), the Financial Times has included ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the list of 500 fastest-growing American companies. This is the result of our dedication to driving project success despite any constraints and disruptions.

Costs & Pricing Models

The cost of data warehouse consulting services may range from $10,000 to $50,000. The exact number will depend on DWH complexity and the type of expected deliverables (e.g., architecture design and toolset selection will be in the higher pricing tier compared to recommendations on cost optimization).

During cost estimation, we carefully research our customers’ needs and offer a pricing model with an optimal cost-to-benefit ratio.

Fixed price

  • Small DWHs or DWHs with simple data sources.
  • Short-term (up to 4 months) fixed-scope engagements.

Time & Material

  • Midsize and large data warehouses or data warehouses with complex architecture.
  • End-to-end DWH consulting.

Learn a More Precise Figure for Your Case

Use our free online calculator to get a tailored estimate. Just answer a few simple questions about your business needs, and our experts will calculate the cost based on the provided information.

Choose Your Service Option

Data warehouse implementation / migration / optimization consulting

We offer advisory support or complete project management to help you:

  • Implement a cost-effective DWH solution under set time and budget.
  • Migrate your legacy DWH solution to the cloud to achieve dynamic scaling of the DWH infrastructure and optimize DWH performance and costs.
  • Upgrade the existing DWH solution to meet new business needs (e.g., add real-time analytics).
Go for consulting

End-to-end data warehouse implementation

We help you:

  • Consolidate disjointed data sources into centralized storage.
  • Ensure uninterrupted data flow via planning and implementing the required integrations with other systems (e.g., with an enterprise data lake).
  • Achieve high data quality.
  • Ensure data security and compliance.
Go for implementation

Data warehouse support and evolution

We help you meet newly arising analytics needs by:

  • Reducing data latency.
  • Solving performance and concurrency problems.
  • Lowering storage and processing costs.
  • Achieving DWH stability.
  • Ensuring timely and quality data flow for business users with near-zero DWH downtime.
  • Providing complimentary services (e.g., AI/ML services, data lake consulting, BI and visualization services).

Go for optimization

How Consulting Helps Reduce Data Warehouse Costs

  • 30%

    project time and budget cost reduction due to thorough project management.

  • Up to 60%

    less IT staff time to deploy, administer and support a DWH solution due to choosing an optimal DWH platform.

  • Minimized

    infrastructure costs. No risk of infrastructure overprovisioning due to choosing proper DWH architecture, software, cloud vendor, cloud service configurations, etc.