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Apache Kafka Consulting Services

Our Expertise, Your Kafka Excellence

With 11 years in big data, ScienceSoft is a powerhouse of Apache ecosystem experts that optimize underperforming Kafka-powered apps and deliver efficient Kafka-based software.

Apache Kafka Consulting Services – ScienceSoft
Apache Kafka Consulting Services – ScienceSoft

Apache Kafka consulting services help businesses implement efficient and scalable software powered by Apache Kafka. With 11 years in big data, ScienceSoft provides expert consulting, modernization, and development services for Kafka-based apps. We don’t just fix granular Kafka issues — our goal is to leave you with a high-performing, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain system optimized for your business needs.

What We Cover

Apache Kafka use cases

  • Real-time big data processing pipelines.
  • Real-time streaming analytics.
  • Apache Kafka for microservices.
  • Apache Kafka for databases.
  • ETL/ELT with Apache Kafka.
  • Apache Kafka for fault tolerance (data replication across node network).

Apache Kafka deployment options

  • Open-source Kafka clusters on Windows, Linux, and cloud platforms.
  • Apache Kafka on HDInsight.
  • Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK).

Apache Kafka alternatives

  • Amazon Kinesis Data Streams.
  • Azure Event Hubs.
  • RabbitMQ.

Our Services

Kafka consulting

  • Business needs assessment and solution planning.
  • Designing a performant, secure, and resilient Kafka architecture.
  • Technical and economic feasibility study.
  • Redesigning legacy software for Kafka implementation.
  • Advising on Apache Kafka supporting or related technologies.
  • Configuring Kafka.

Kafka optimization

  • Kafka performance tuning (e.g., adding more threads, increasing batch size, adjusting consumer groups, producer and consumer parameters, adding more instances, adjusting partitions, tuning TCP buffer sizes, and more).
  • Picking the right instances for Kafka clusters to maximize throughput and resiliency without over-provisioning.
  • Setting up a Kafka cluster that enables mirroring to multiple regions to provide disaster recovery.
  • Setting up a virtual private cloud (VPC) and subnets to survive a single availability zone failure.

Kafka implementation

  • Implementing high-speed, cloud-native apps or microservices, including custom front-end and back-end parts.
  • Testing Kafka-based apps.
  • Setting up Kafka monitoring and log aggregation to tracking and management services, like CloudWatch.
  • Automating routine tasks like Kafka backups and updates.
  • Automating VPC, Subnet, Placement groups.
  • Securing Kafka data at rest and in transit.

Kafka support and troubleshooting

  • Application modernization.
  • Migrating to cloud versions of Kafka, integrating on-premises and cloud-based parts.
  • Application monitoring and support.
  • Emergency and strategic troubleshooting, upgrades, and geo-replication.
  • Disaster recovery management.

Haven’t Found the Kafka Service You Were Looking For?

With over a decade of experience with Apache ecosystem, our engineers are no strangers to unique Kafka implementations and are always eager to take on a new challenge. Even if your needs aren’t listed in the table above, drop us a line: chances are, our specialists can accommodate your request.

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What Makes ScienceSoft a Trusted Apache Kafka Consultancy

  • In software development since 1989.
  • Building end-to-end big data solutions since 2013.
  • Building microservices architectures since 2016.
  • Proficiency in AI/ML and blockchain.
  • 750+ experts on board, including big data solution architects with 7+ years of experience, Kafka developers, data scientists, DataOps engineers, security experts, QA engineers, and more.
  • Since 2013 in DevOps, providing all necessary automation for successful software development and evolution.
  • Established project management practices to deliver projects on time, on budget, and within the agreed scope regardless of arising constraints.
  • An ISO 9001- and ISO 27001-certified quality and information security management systems to guarantee consistent service quality and full protection of our customers’ data.

Some of Our Related Success Stories

Development of a Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers

Development of a Big Data Solution for IoT Pet Trackers

ScienceSoft delivered a scalable IoT data management solution with a stream data processor based on Apache Kafka. The solution processed 30,000+ events per second from 1 million devices.

Implementation of a Data Analytics Platform for a Telecom Company

Implementation of a Data Analytics Platform for a Telecom Company

ScienceSoft developed a platform to gather and analyze telemetry data in real time. The solution relies on Apache Kafka as a streaming platform, Amazon S3, and Amazon Redshift.

Apache NiFi Optimization for a Biotechnology Corporation

Apache NiFi Optimization for a Biotechnology Corporation

ScienceSoft provided configuration, troubleshooting, and enhancement for a laboratory data processing solution running on Apache NiFi. The data processing speed increased 10x, and the system's stability increased from 50% to 99%.

Our Big Data Tech Stack

Let Us Show You the Best of Apache Kafka

Without a solid strategy, Kafka implementation often results in data inconsistency, security vulnerabilities, performance issues, or scalability and integration challenges. We’re here to prevent it – or fix an already deployed Kafka app that isn’t working to its full potential.