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We have developed more than 200 apps with over 360 millions downloads. Empower your business with a professional iOS, Android or Windows Phone app. 

Mobile services provided by ScienceSoft are designed to bring the company’s mobile technology expertise to customers. ScienceSoft mobile team consists of 75 professional mobile application developers with accumulated experience of 10 years in mobile application development and proved themselves as mobile experts that turn your innovative ideas into professional mobile applications.

All together we have successfully released over 200 custom mobile applications on such platforms and technologies as iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, WinMo, Symbian, J2ME, BlackBerry and helped our customers to achieve significant cost savings, increase productivity and enter the fast growing market of mobile apps.

ScienceSoft offers wide range of mobile services to cover all customer needs:

We are proud to say that we have excellent references and collaborates with Top 10 handset manufacturers, including Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola, and BlackBerry. Software developed by ScienceSoft is distributed by the world's largest mobile network operators such as Orange/France Télécom, Vodafone, TeliaSonera, Telenor, T-Mobile, Telefónica, Etisalat, Optimus Telecomunications and others.

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Selected Projects

Viber App

Viber chose ScienceSoft Inc to design and develop an app, which would allow users to call, text and send photos across the Internet, rather than the cellular network. ScienceSoft’s brief was to create a light app that required no account to be created.

To date, the Viber app has been downloaded more than 360 million times across the globe to allow its users to call, text and send photos worldwide. Designed and developed by ScienceSoft, Android and WP7 versions of the app have allowed Viber Media Inc. to significantly widen its market.

endless racing game

Endless Racing Game

Novocortex chose ScienceSoft to develop an iPhone game to promote one of its clients – the insurance company.

The aim of the game is to cross a freeway in 60 seconds trying to avoid enemies and clearing obstacles. The user can turn the car right or left by tilting a phone (accelerometer is used) as well as speed up and down by pressing two special pedal-buttons. Each level finishes by a bridge, which the player should jump over to reach the next stage.

big apes love blondes

Big Apes Love Blondes

Novocortex decided to widen its iPhone game collection with a new one. It turned to ScienceSoft to develop a game which aim was to catch runaway blondes and protect them from enemies. The game should support multi-touch technology to improve user experience.

Big Apes Love Blonds was published to the AppStore and became popular with players of all ages. The game not only caught users’ fancy, but also received Silver in the Mobile Games category at the W3 Awards in USA.

your nutrition matters

Your Nutrition Matters

You Deserve Better came to ScienceSoft to develop an app that allows users to get complete nutrition data for hundreds of foods and to purchase a diet depending on a blood type.

ScienceSoft designed and developed a set of apps (for iOS, Android and WP) that provides users with all the necessary information about products’ nutritive value: calories, protein, carbs, fat, cholesterol, sodium and Glycemic Index. The app not only allows users to check up on products’ nutritive value but also can advise a suitable diet depending on their blood type: the app tells the user whether a specific food is beneficial (indicated green), neutral (yellow), or to avoid for his blood type (red).

public transportation network

Public Transportation Network

The Customer needed to develop a mobile version of the tram schedule to implement existing online service. The app should provide passengers with current information for more comfortable and easy journey.

The app allows users to find the nearest stop and check up on real-time forecast of tram arrivals which is very convenient not only for locals but also for tourists. The app in addition to providing information about routes and schedule also can calculate fares between two stops which makes journey planning more accurate.

car racing application

Car Racing Application

The Customer came to ScienceSoft to create an application for car racing fans in order to provide them with convenient access to the real-time racing information.

The application was designed to provide users with free and paid services. Free version of the application allows users to get the information about drivers, their results in current season and historical data as well as experience real-time live race leaderboards. In addition, users have the access to news and media block, race schedule as well as are able to buy tickets to the races.

smart plan - a roof sketching tool

Smart Plan – a Roof Sketching Tool

ScienceSoft developed an app that produces roof sketches and accurate measurements in real time or can use saved images from the project library. The app uses the iPad’s GPS technology to locate and import an aerial site image or can sketch a roof diagram using “drag and drop” roofing components including roof shapes, chimneys, vents and more.

Smartplan measurement reports are immediately available to review, edit, print or email. Each personalized report includes roof section details complete with measurements (rake, eave, hip, ridge, vent, flashing), attributes (roof type, pitch, squares, facets), and wastage calculations.

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